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My first love... (not 56k friendly)

This is a discussion on My first love... (not 56k friendly) within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Wow, good info guys. Thanks for the links, especially. The camera is a Nikon Coolpix 2500 . We've had it for a few years and ...

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Thread: My first love... (not 56k friendly)

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    Wow, good info guys. Thanks for the links, especially.

    The camera is a Nikon Coolpix 2500. We've had it for a few years and got it pretty inexpensive (we didn't pay near what it looks to sell for today), and this is the first I've ever really used it for more than quick photos of friends or cool things.

    nutz4utwo, thanks for the lesson in lighting. The angle I got in that first shot was quite intentional; I liked the way it looked, and tried to mimic the shot facing the other direction to highlight the rear of the gun. Even when I was younger I always liked the angled shots because I found them more engaging than flat-on side shots, and that carried over into these newer pictures. Shots like this one are the ones I want to graduate up to, in time.

    The angle and shadow are muted (softer, like you described) and with more subdued lighting than I was using in my own pictures. Granted, I was trying lighter pictures as opposed to darker pictures, but that picture is an example of what I want to be doing with lighting and shadows.

    I think I've heard of Rockwell, and I think I'll enjoy reading through that sight.


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    Quote Originally Posted by BAC View Post
    The angle I got in that first shot was quite intentional
    Good. It is always a good sign when someone independently sees what you intended! I had one of those Nikon Coolpix with the twist opening lens a few years ago. Worked fine.

    Ken Rockwell's site is great. It probably has as much info on cameras and shooting photos as we have on concealed weapons and shooting bad guys.

    That is an incredible shot of the AR and vest. The arrangement and lighting is fabulous. It is likely that the photo has been cleaned up in photoshop as well. Might not be quite as stunning looking at the raw shot.

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    Very nice! makes we want to try
    I believe in gun control...... Thats why I use TWO hands.

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    Looks good to me!

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    So! Been a while, eh? I haven't forgotten this topic, and finally had the time to just sit and take pictures. Very little natural lighting; most of our lighting was actually done by some very hot construction lights we've had for years and have always found creative use for. Same little Nikon Coolpix. The goal of the night: playing with shadows and camera settings.

    Without further adieux (or something like that), then, I present a little more of my work and some new gear.

    Buck Ghost Rider

    Comp-Tac Single Mag Carrier

    Liger Gun Belt

    Surefire 6P LED Defender

    To be quite honest, I'm very happy with how the pictures turned out tonight. They are a lot better than I hoped they would be. The contrast between pictures taken in "close-up" and picture taken in "portrait" are pretty stark: close up has more normal color, portrait has the slightly aged look. I like both, but I really like the aged look. My next post will have kit pictures to show what the actual get-up looks like.


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    More updates!

    So how 'bout them kit pics.

    Of those pictures, the first is by and large my favorite, the last being my second favorite.

    Now, I was also feeling generous in addition to feeling experimental with the camera, so I snagged some of Dad's swag and let the camera rip on them, too. Points for figuring out the lighting in the third pic.

    Since I'm not the only one with a new Surefire (which came right quick, thanks Grant), here's my shots of Dad's kit. The belt comes in a couple days. The pictures are real similar, only a slight difference of angle, but I prefer the second one. The differences are easier to see in a picture viewing program where you can scroll from one to the other.

    And yes, I've kept my word to Mom, she gets her pictures too.

    I'd include pictures of the two Surefires, but that exceeds my picture-per-post limit. If anyone's interested, I'll add them in a separate post.

    Picture Gear Review

    The camera's doing a lot better than I thought it would for the kind of picture's I'm taking. It's a good confidence booster to know that I might be able to finally max out my photography potential on this sucker before moving up to a more dedicated camera (one that won't be in my price range for quite a while). Since I'm getting better at distance and angle to take the shots, my last major complaint is the size of the screen. At this point, it's been useful only as a general reference of location and not much more. I'm doing a lot of moving the card between camera and computer to see how my pictures are turning out, which is why I started taking pictures in different modes back-to-back.

    The backdrop is good, but I think might be a bit small. I was having a little trouble keeping the pictures contained within the fabric. The PVC rig I used in the opening post is useful for some things, but not for others; for tonight it wasn't used at all. A couple clamps and two dinner chairs and viola, instant picture set. I think the biggest limitation with the PVC rig is that it can't really do angles well (the size of the backdrop fabric limits this, too).

    As for the lighting... well, the industrial lighting is nice. We have one of those towers like what I linked in the above post (not that model, though), and a couple of the single hand-portable units. Only problem is they're hot, and that problem is remedied by removal of a button-up shirt.

    The subjects of the pictures are getting uppity. The Glock is naturally top heavy and harder to take pictures of, so we've taken to using loaded magazines (empty chambers) just to balance the weight. My 1911 doesn't have that problem. The boxes of ammo were the only way we could get the Glock + Safariland and my whole gun-belt-combo to work, since they wouldn't balance otherwise.

    And there we have it. Advice or criticism? Tips or tricks?

    Edit to add: A special thanks to the folks at Comp-Tac for amazingly fast completion of my order and a lot of personal service I hadn't asked for, and Tim Weaver of Practical Tactical for helping me with that belt.


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