Ruger SR9 I Need help I WANT IT

Ruger SR9 I Need help I WANT IT

This is a discussion on Ruger SR9 I Need help I WANT IT within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Ruger - SR9™ Pistol I have read several articles about this pistol. It will be my way of easing in to the tupperware (no offense). ...

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Thread: Ruger SR9 I Need help I WANT IT

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    Ruger SR9 I Need help I WANT IT

    Ruger - SR9™ Pistol

    I have read several articles about this pistol. It will be my way of easing in to the tupperware (no offense). I have been drooling over it for a while and have decided that after I ask Yall, then I will make my final decision. All I have right now are .45 ACP and I figure it is time to check out the 9mm, My father swears by it. He has a Glock 19 and I am not really a fan. So Basically I am asking is, Has anyone shot them and had any type of malfunctions? How was it to carry? And Last but not Least, How do I talk my Wife into letting me get it?

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    If you can carry a full-size 1911 comfortably, the SR9 will be NO problem. The grip angle is the same as a 1911, and feels really good in my hand. If you're coming off a steel framed gun, the lighter frame may take some getting used to, but popping a full mag in helps

    Trigger pull on mine has always been smooth, but a little heavy. Your mileage may vary. By most accounts...mine included...the trigger improves with use.

    The only issue I've had is a potential mag release issue. I'm actually awaiting a return call from Ruger on it. I've had mags drop unexpectedly. Once was when my brother accidentally hit the mag release, we think. Another I'm not sure of. I'm thinking the mag release may be sticking slightly, and the mag isn't seating 100% at times. Never happened with an empty mag.

    Others have had problems with the mag release sticking, and Ruger has sent them a new mag release for free, so I'm hoping to get the same deal. It also may just need a good cleaning after removing it.

    Nice, inexpensive gun. 9mm is MUCH more affordable to shoot. I've shot 115gr FMJ and 147gr JHP and have had no ammo-related malfunctions. Feeds and ejects everything fine. Right now, the gun shoots better than I do, but I'm working on it!

    Definitely get a feel for it before you buy...some people find the thin grip TOO thin. I like it.

    Any other questions, ask away.


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    How do you talk the wife into letting you get this gun. Wow, this could be a problem. You could tell her you found it on the street somewhere or a little old lady sold it to you for $30 and you had just found $43 on the street before you met the little old lady. But then the wife would want to know why you didn't use the $43 to take her, the wife, out to dinner. You can see how impossible these things are.

    I recommend that you buy the gun without discussing it with your wife knowing full well that God surely wants you to have it otherwise He wouldn't have put such a tremendous desire within your heart to posess it. I guess I should add what my son in law always says, " Its easier to ask for forgivness than permission."

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    On Saturday, I went to buy either a Ruger SR9 or a Sig 250 but they didn't have either one.

    I've never fired the SR9, but I've heard it has a similar feel to my P345.

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    Picked up one a couple of weeks ago and completed the breakin this week. Natural (to me) pointer, very low recoil impluse and appears to be reasonably accurate. kept all 200 rounds in the center of a IDPA target at 7 yards. These were primarily moderately fast singles and doubles from the draw. The trigger is not that bad, about like my XD, sure beats the Sigma I had rented.

    The downside was the thumb safety, easy to take off, hard to put back on safe without turning the weapon slightly in the hand and using the tip of the thumb to push upwards. I am happy to say that it got better with time and usage.

    A couple of oz. heavier than my K9 when unloaded still under 30 oz. with 17 rounds of 124 gr Golden Sabers. The grip are slimmer than my 1911s, XD's, even the K9. I don't think that she will become my primary OWB carry, the CW9 fits that bill perfectly. However she has become my favorite vehicle pistol. Interestly she fits perfectly in a holster that Jim Spiedel made for my XD 4 inch and in a Wild Bill's Fusion Paddle made for a 345.

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    Has anybody heard if Ruger is gonna bring out .40 or .45 versions of this pistol?
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    I handled one at a show, very comfortable, I like 1911s, this thing felt very familiar, but slim and light. I may be taking a second look as I don't currently have a 9mm pistol.

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    I had made up my mind to get one, when I got to the shop, they had just got in a P228 in excellent shape. It had 6 hi-cap mags and a Blackhawk holster. So I got the Sig at a super deal. However I had made my mind up to get the SR9, and proably still will. All good things that i have read. Hey 17rds in a slim package is really a selling point for me. FWIW, G&A mag put 12,000 rnds thru it with no problems.

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