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Very Discouraged with my glock

This is a discussion on Very Discouraged with my glock within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; And when you get thru all that.......if you haven't improve.........I'll give you 100 bucks for the Glock......

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Thread: Very Discouraged with my glock

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    And when you get thru all that.......if you haven't improve.........I'll give you 100 bucks for the Glock...
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    All good advice so far. Only things to add:
    Have you eliminated any possibility of problems with the pistol by having someone else shoot it or firing it from a solid rest?
    and -- don't discount paying for some instruction if your problems can't be overcome through "self-help". With the cost of ammunition today, the cost of individual instruction could be cheaper than shooting hundreds of rounds that don't correct the problem.

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    When I am off-target like that its usually because I am anticipating the shot/recoil or trying to "push" the bullet on the shot. With a revolver this is easy to diagnose - just have a buddy put a couple of empty cartriges in the cylinder - so I won't know where they are in the sequence. When things are right, the hammer will fall on the empty and the sight stays right on the target. When things are wrong, the sights move - sometimes a lot. This works for me.

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    here's what I would do: DVD's and advice online can only go so far; What you really need is some instruction backed up with practice. The cheapest most fun way to accomplish this is to find an IPSC or IDPA club near you and contact them. They will give you safe weapons handling instruction and along the way, you will find plenty of Master or Grandmaster level shooters who will be happy to share their wealth of knowledge and experience with you. In the long run, this is by far the cheapest way to travel.

    Give them 6 months and they will cure your accuracy problems.
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    I know you don't want to spend a lot of money but I would strongly suggest you seek out some sort of qualified help. It won't help you to continue to practice if you continue to practice improper and flawed techniques. It would be one thing if you knew what the problem is but right now you don't and you may spend a lot of range time and ammo trying to diagnose it yourself which will ultimately cost you more money and result in further aggravation. Just my opinion!

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    No gun is all things to all people. It may be that your specific hand anatomy just isn't compatible with the Glock grip / trigger position.

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    We'll work on this when I see you in Flagstaff on May31/June 1

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    I know that Glock makes a great product. But for some reason, I can't shoot well with them either. For me a Sig 220 just points naturally. I really don't have to put much thought into it, it just works even at longer distances.

    I would definatly try a few of what other posters have mentioned, and maybe seek the help of a professional. But if it don't work it don't work. You might just need to trade it in for something else.

    Is there any way you can try out other brands?

    My range rents Glocks, Sigs, Springfield, Kimber, Steyr, S&W, and a few others.
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    Quote Originally Posted by jarhead79 View Post
    Well, here is some basics of marksmanship:

    Sight alignment - Having your front sight post centered properly in your rear sights.

    Sight picture - With sight alignment, having your front sight centered on your target. The target should be fuzzy, as should be the rear sights. Your focus should always, ALWAYS be on your front sight.

    Natural point of aim - Find a comfortable position aimed at the target. Close your eyes and take a few relaxed breaths. Open your eyes and see where you are pointing. Adjust your position, namely your feet, to the target. Up/down, is just in the arms. Once you've found the most natural position in relation to the target, use it. It's hard to notice, but a lot of shooters actually twist their torso one way or the other while shooting. After fatigue begins, it's harder to keep on target. Fatigue comes fast while shooting.

    Trigger control - Slow, steady squeeze. You should be surprised when the gun goes off. Pull slowly to the rear, while maintaining sight alignment/sight picture. If you're not surprised, focus only on your trigger pull until you actually surprise yourself. Then add the sight stuff.

    Breath control - more for rifles, but applies for handguns, too. You want to breath slow and steady. There is a natural pause at the end of an exhale. This is prime time to take a shot. DO NOT hold your breath for more than 5 seconds or so, or you will begin to shake, you're human.

    Follow through - After your shot, you should hold the trigger to the rear and allow the recoil to sort of dissipate. After you find yourself back on target, release the trigger then look up from the sights. If you elaborate this, it will help. Looking up too early will contribute to anticipation of the shot, and wanting to see the impact. If you have correct sight alignment/sight picture and good trigger control, when you are surprised by the boom, you'll know where the shot went.

    Practice these methods and there will be others posted. For trigger control, you might want to balance a coin on top of your slide and make sure it stays there while you're pulling your trigger. Not so hard with a Glock, but if you need it, you need it. Also adjust how much finger you put on your trigger. Try moving it in and out. Judge only the results, not how it feels. It will likely be awkward when you find a good position.

    With what you said about being all over the target, that is usually caused by not focusing on the front sight. This is crucial for marksmanship. It's hard to learn for some (it was for me, and still can be). You must focus on the front sight.

    Flashbacks to USMC boot camp ... Camp Pendleton's rifle range ... Hair standing up on my arms ... LOL. Thanks for the memory, Nate, and a fantastic reminder / primer on finding some repeatable accuracy from the standpoint of marksmanship 101. It's almost always about body control and the front sight.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AzQkr View Post

    We'll work on this when I see you in Flagstaff on May31/June 1

    Sounds good brownie. I'm very excited.

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    The Gripmaster is +1 ! I've been using three different weight units on a daily basis for years. It's the best "group-tightener" out there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SilenceDoGood View Post
    Is there anywhere I can find Missology less expensive?? 40 bucks is a few days at the range.
    To my knowledge, you can only get it from Tactical Response. Yeah, it's $40 but that's about what you'll spend for 200 rounds of ammo and it's definately worth the money.

    Someone else mentioned shooting at small targets...good suggestion. I use the little file/index stickers from the office section at wal-mart. They're about 3/4" in diameter and you get a couple-hundred for about $2. Stick them on a piece of paper and shoot from about 5-7 yards (at that range, they appear to be about the same size as your front sight which, for me at least, helps me focus on the front sight).
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    If a gun range is nearby you might try renting a different pistol and try shooting with that one to see if it is you or the gun. You will know right away if you shoot better. Have you checked the bore on your gun? Sometimes excessive leading and copper fouling, pits in the bore or just good old fashioned powder residue will adversely affect accuracy. You may also try a different brand of ammo and see if that will improve accuracy. A lot of pistols are finicky about which ammo they like regardless if that the ammo feeds well. A good thorough cleaning and switching to a different inexpensive brand of ammo are cheap easy fixes that just may surprise you.

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    I've shoot the G17 only a couple times, and I never really felt comfortable with it and since I was shooting my G23c very well a friend suggested that I buy the G19. I definitely shoot the G19 better than I shoot the G17.

    If you like the feel of Glock and the reset points, you should consider trading your Glock for a different Glock. Go to a range and rent a different model, like the G19, and see if you like it before you buy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Plan B View Post
    Flashbacks to USMC boot camp ... Camp Pendleton's rifle range ... Hair standing up on my arms ...
    I too had a flashback. In Navy boot camp, back when company commanders & drill sergeants were supposed to swear at you, (the more colorful the language the better) small arms training was furnished to us by the Marines. Before we started the Gunny screamed "Awright listen Up! All you f-ing four-eyed fa--ts get your a$$e$ down in the butts. You're gonna learn how to pull targets!" "And that goes for all you left handed ladies too!"

    After we pulled targets for a while, a bunch of recruits, the ones with the most 'granny's drawers', relieved us so we could go shoot.

    After receiving our instructions, all of us four-eyeds & lefties got into prone position. Being both left handed and wearing glasses, I came in for some very choice remarks. "Well, whadda we got here?" "We got a G--D---, left-handed, four-eyed, bed-wetting fa--t!"

    Boy, was I scared. I'd hunted & practiced a lot w/an '03 Springfield w/open sights, but never fired an M1. I dialed in 200 yds and hoped that it was at least half way zeroed. To my amazement, I put the entire first clip into a 6" group centered in the black. "Jes--Chr--- four-eyes! How in the He-- did you do that?" "I can't believe that $#!+." "Do it again!"

    I put in another clip and put 8 more, right on target. "That's outstanding sailor!" "I bet you think you're pretty hot $#!+ don't you!" (at least he wasn't calling me four-eyes anymore). I didn't say a word. There's no right answer for those kinds of questions.

    He took the M1 from me, wrapped the sling around his arm, put in another clip and from the standing position, ripped off four rounds, all inside mine. Then he switched sides and put the rest of the clip right on top of his first four, left handed!

    I had graduated from "f-ing left-handed, four-eyed fa---" to "sailor" and for the rest of the course, I and some others who had done particularly well got to be first to shoot all the small arms and we didn't have to pull targets again. Shooting the BAR was the coolest.

    At the end of the course the Gunny said "Well, if I had a few more weeks, I could turn some of you sailors into fairly decent marksmen!" I thought that was high praise coming from a Marine.

    It was far and away my favorite memory from boot camp.
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