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The Superduper Snubbie thread

This is a discussion on The Superduper Snubbie thread within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Here is my recently acquired snubby, the S&W 649 in 38spl....

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Thread: The Superduper Snubbie thread

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    Jul 2008
    Here is my recently acquired snubby, the S&W 649 in 38spl.
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    Mar 2009

    New addition

    I'm not much of a snub shooter, but this was an impulse buy recently...

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    Feb 2009
    Northern Kentucky
    I have carried a S&W 442 airweight for some time now. Its not the only gun I carry but it is te one that I carry most often. Its light easy to conceal in a pocket holster which is generally how I carry it. With practice I have become pretty accurate with it. I use Cor Bon 110gr DPX +P which is a good defensive round. For me there is one drawback to this snubbie and that is it is only five shot. Its important to be proficient with these and having a speed strip also helps reloading fast.
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    My Smith & Wesson left to me by my Dad.

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    I love this thread, it just keeps coming back.

    Nice snubs!
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    I love snubs. Keeps giving me the itch to want one.
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    This old Charter Arms makes its way into my pocket more and more these days.

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    The ONLY BUGs you'll ever like!!

    ["I want a snubbie...I want a snubbie!!!!!"B]***Be FOREWARNED if you own a J-Frame or other quality snubnose....KEEP IT !! I Did NOT(S&W's 36,60 and 640 over the years)and now I have to go shopping again.***[/B]
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    Apr 2009
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    Colt Snub

    I have not figured out how to show the large pictures, but here is my snub. It is a Colt Lawman MKIII 357 mag. I hope to increase my inventory in the near future with the S&W 642 or 442.
    My collection: Glock G34, G34OD, G17, G26, G26; Ruger KP90; Ruger Blackhawk .357mag; Ruger Standard Auto; Sig P6; Colt Lawman MKIII .357 snub; S&W 642; Hawes Montana Marshal .44mag

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    Apr 2009
    I have a Taurus 85 ultralite in .38sp., and a Rossi 641 in .357. Oddly the Rossi is one of the best shooting snubs I've ever shot. I also have a Smith 65 with 3' barrel in .357 that I absolutely love. All three of these have had trigger jobs.

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    Jul 2007
    Orlando, Florida
    i wish ruger would come out w/ a 6 shot .357 again. i want something like my dad's security six snubbie. grrrr but he bought that back in 1979 before i was even a thought, hell he didn't even know my mom back then haha

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    Gilbert, AZ
    Started off with a Taurus 85 in stainless for when the 1911 was off at the gunsmith for a few weeks, then it became a constant companion. Got a second one, an "Ultra-lite" with the hammer shroud, and that's in my pocket a *lot*.

    There's a Colt Detective Special that I picked up used a year ago, and it's on the Colt specialist's waiting list for a DAO conversion, cylinder chamfering and refinishing. Lastly, there's a S+W M64 snub with a factory DAO conversion; this one now wears Eagle 'Secret Service' grips.

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    South Carolina
    This is a nickel S&W 10-5.

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    How did I miss this thread for so long?

    Here is the love of my life(don't tell hubby):

    It's an awful pic and I will post a better one soon.
    This was orignally Dad's first handgun, purchased new in 1972 and I finally talked him out of it a month ago. Total rounds in it's lifetime, 1100 to date and it shoots like a dream. The day after it came to live with me, went to the range to get reaccquainted. 20 rounds at 21 feet produce a gapeing hole in the center of the target just a little under 2" in diameter

    Today I went to the same fun shop/range and tried on a S&W 686 plus, seven rounds of .357 and a 2.5 inch barrel, Oh My, love at first trigger pull. I think "Smithy" will be getting a brother soon. I reserved the next one they get in the door
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