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The Superduper Snubbie thread

This is a discussion on The Superduper Snubbie thread within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have finally read this whole thread. I have a 442 and a question What is good practice ammo? I settled on Speer short barrel ...

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Thread: The Superduper Snubbie thread

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    I have finally read this whole thread.

    I have a 442 and a question

    What is good practice ammo?

    I settled on Speer short barrel for carry.

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    My LCR. Love this gun. Looking forward to the .357 version of the LCR.

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    Let's keep this going.....

    What we've got here is failure to communicate.

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    I love this thread !
    Keep'em coming !

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mardet65 View Post
    Here's my 638-3 with a set of S&W, 1980's grips I found on ebay last week. I'm still waiting for a set of Grashorn's Elk grips and a Tyler T adaptor.
    Sweet love the grips....I so miss my 638

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    I just the the LCR 357 listed on the Ruger website... be interesting to know how one shoots... it is worth bumping this cool thread up, I love the snubs on here, great guns guys and gals!

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    Yeah.. great thread! I have a S&W 640 DAO that I am thinking about selling to fund a 3" Ruger SP101, and then would also pick up an airweight smith.. like a 442. Anyone own a .327?

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    If the LCR .357 is anything like my S&W on tight.
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    Honestly, I've been waiting a long time to participate in this thread

    I went shopping looking for an LCR or SP101; but happened upon this used S&W 442-1, with no internal lock, for a good deal

    I'm having a heck of a time trying to figure out what lighting is good, or not.

    The Superduper Snubbie thread-s-w-airweight.jpgThe Superduper Snubbie thread-s-w-442-streamlight.jpgThe Superduper Snubbie thread-s-w-442-muzzle.jpgThe Superduper Snubbie thread-s-w-streamlight.jpg
    Trust in God and keep your powder dry

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    S&W Mods. 32-1, in caliber .38 S&W. I load them with 200g bullets that I cast from a Lee version of a Lyman 358430 195g bullet. After casting, I flatpoint them with an inexpensive but effective custom die--I call it "smushing" them. The resulting bullets, loaded at or near only 600 fps, will drive straight through 6 water-filled gallon milk jugs. Although it shoots a bit high, that's irrelevant at snubbie SD ranges, so I put my money on penetration, momentum, and rapid shot recovery. I believe that these would devastate any bone they happened to hit, and any BG's boiler room is at risk, from any angle.

    (Below) .38 S&W (not .38SPL) cartridges (L-R):
    1. 200g Remington .35 rifle bullet, actual wt. 214g. A super-penetrator!

    2. 195g Lyman 358430, from Lee mold, actual wts. range 193-200g. Duplicates old factory .38 Super Police load.

    3. Same as #2, but "smushed." This flatpoint drills thru water in a straight line, whereas the LRN curves & deviates in its course.

    4. 158g Lee LSWC, actual wt. 161g. Great combination of accuracy, trajectory, controllability and penetration. Heavier than a 148g .38 SPL LWC, and loaded slightly faster to boot. Power and bullet profile probably give effectiveness partway netween .38 SPL LWC and 158g LSWC standard-pressure loads.

    5. 150g Lyman LSWC, actual wt. 157g. Slightly below power & effectiveness of a .38 SPL LSWC standard-pressure 158g load.

    6. 140g Lee LSWC, actual wt. 147g. Factory duplication load at 690fps, but penetrates straight-on with its superior SWC profile.

    7. 146g Remington factory cartridge. Relatively light bullet at low vel, to accommodate old breaktops.

    8. 178g FMJ Mk. 2Z cartridge, a British Army WWII load made by CIS (Singapore?) This round, whose potency has been inaccurately ridiculed due to defective wartime manufacture and/or heat-related degradation of propellant. tests in my revolvers result in initial penetration, then a hard-hitting tumbling action that bursts the 3rd plastic jug in a line of water-filled jugs and continues on. When shot through one water jug, it slams sideways into a pine tree and buries itself into the wood. I suspect this behavior gives results analogous to hollowpoint expansion, i.e. far greater tissue damage than a LRN bullet.

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    Great post LouisianaMan, featuring snubs that are just a little bit different and interesting loadings of the .38 S&W.
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    Theodore Roosevelt, The Wilderness Hunter, 1893

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    This is one of my absolute favorite threads!!!! Love the old S&Ws. los and Pink Lady are bringing the bling!!!!
    Know Guns, Know Safety, Know Peace.
    No Guns, No Safety, No Peace.

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    Do 2.5" N-frames count?

    My 325 Night Guard.
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    Quote Originally Posted by tkruf View Post
    My LCR. Love this gun. Looking forward to the .357 version of the LCR.

    You got to love the LCR.I want one in 357 too.
    Have Fun and Shoot Straight !!

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    I love them snubbies. I'm rarely without my 642 .38 Spl in a Mika or Nemesis pocket holster. Speed strip or two in the off pocket. Gun and speedstrip loaded with 135gr+p Gold Dot short barrel rounds.
    One Riot, One Ranger. Long live the Republic of Texas.


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