The Superduper Snubbie thread

The Superduper Snubbie thread

This is a discussion on The Superduper Snubbie thread within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I got bit by the snub bug, and I've noticed others have recently too. Lets have a thread thats anything snubbie. I think I'm going ...

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Thread: The Superduper Snubbie thread

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    The Superduper Snubbie thread

    I got bit by the snub bug, and I've noticed others have recently too. Lets have a thread thats anything snubbie.

    I think I'm going to try and get really good with my M36 this summer just because it sounds like a nice option for carry.

    I want to see pictures, (esp. if you fancied yours up) and hear about your snubs... the pros, the cons everything. Smiths, Taurus, Rugers, Colts... whatever, they are all welcome here.
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    I will learn how to post pics oneday. I carry my snubs quite a bit. All of them. Wife has a M60 Hogue grips, daughter a 442 Ladies of the NRA, custom engraved with Ivory grips. I had an action job done on that for her, by a S&W smith.It has one sweet trigger. I carry my M36, and once in awhile the M686 Plus, magnaported, Performance Ctr 21/2 snub, with cocobolo grips. Call that one Mr. Nasty. They are great for CCW. I only have S&W's, not a knock on any other mfg, I just like them the best.

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    Here's a couple.
    Taurus 85 Ultralight
    S&W Mod 36 round butt
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    The Superduper Snubbie thread-pop_wm_710425.jpg  

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    I think snubs are one of the best carry options around. They pocket carry so easily I almost forget I'm carrying at all. I only have a S&W 642 right now, but I definitely plan on adding some others to my collection. It's only about 1 year old, but it has a surprisingly smooth factory trigger. Since my back surgery in November, pocket carry is the easiest on me, when carrying all day.

    This is my first attempt at posting pics, so bear with me. Here's my 642.

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    While I may have posted these pics earlier in a different thread, here they are again, with some comments in keeping with this thread.

    First of all the 642 w/Crimson Trace. Bought this one for my wife, since she prefers revolvers for their simplicity. The CT grips were available, she liked the idea, so we went with them. It's turned out to be her constant companion, either purse or jacket pocket in the Mika Pocket Holster.

    It's a great little gun, given its 15 ounce weight (empty) and controllable .38 recoil. The trigger was rather heavy, so we had our local gunsmith put in a different spring kit and smooth things out a was $42 well spent.

    I recommend the 642 as a great value. When you check them out, they are reasonable in price, light in weight, and carry enough punch to get them out of the mousegun category.

    Now for my snubby, an S&W nickel 36, .38 with rosewood of 300 put out by S&W. It weighs in at 5 ounces heavier than the wife's 642, which is quite noticable when carrying in the pocket, much to my surprise. It still pocket carries nicely, and I've found that I carry it a lot more than I planned when I first got it a year ago at Christmas.

    Since I planned on it being a workhorse, I had the trigger job done on this one too, and the outcome was great. It's a bit lighter, not to the point of any danger, but it is certainly smoother.

    We love our little family of snubbies!

    Another pic of my 36, "Rosie", with a little more lighting.

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    My favorite snubby

    I have 3 snubbies, but this one is my favorite - a S&W model 66-3 in .357 magnum. It has a very good trigger, adjustable sights, and conceals easily although it weighs 32 ounces empty. The weight absorbs .357 recoil quite well, and it is accurate.

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    Post OK I Found This

    It was still in the gallery from CombatCarry dayz.
    My ivory grips with the inlay bronze eagle.
    They have since been sold.
    In fact I think this is the only surviving pic of them.
    I need to make another set in ivory. I really miss not having them.
    I'm pretty sure the rig is a new but, cosmetic defect Galco that I used for the pic.
    I don't have that anymore either.
    I still have the snubbie though.

    OK Here ya go. Scary Art Photo.
    Skull, SOG, & Stainless Snubbie.

    Oh...In response to a member question that came to me in forum mail.
    No...I am not digging people up in my backyard.
    The skull is intended for and used by serious students in "Figure Construction & Anatomy" advanced art/drawing classes and the photo was taken on the porch of museum right as the sky started darken up and it started to thunderstorm.
    Sort of neat to see the wind blown droplets of water beaded on the Stainless S&W.
    It all made for quite the bizarre photograph.
    This particular skull has suffered some ethmoid bone and other minor nasal bone damage and the snubbie hid that nicely.

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    I love my snubbie. It took me many hours of dry fire and live fire practice to get good with it, but I have found it made me an all around better shooter. I have also found that nothing in my collection beats it for concealability.

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    I think this is the only picture I have of my old 642 with Barami Hip Grips.

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    Hmm my snubby has a slide .. guess it don't qualify ?? LOL
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    I like my Dick Special a lot. I had one decades ago, then got this one last year when my right arm was broken. I felt much more competent operating a revolver one-handed. This is a 4th issue model, on which the Pachmayr grips came standard. They're very comfortable for shooting and carrying. I usually use a Bianchi Model 100 IWB for it.

    Also pictured below is the Cobra I gave my young bride for her birthday last year.

    Colt Detective Special

    Colt Cobra
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    I have two snubbies available for use as needed. The Smith is mostly used as a summer time piece; when I don't feel like getting "harnessed up" with my regular EDC, I'll go with the Colt in a coat pocket.

    S&W M60, D.O.M. 1966.

    Colt Cobra, D.O.M. 1963.

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    My S&W 642 with factory installed Crimson Trace stocks and a K&K Cochise Defender holster. I trimmed away a tad bit of the stocks on the left side for easier insertion of Safariland speedloaders.

    I have over 1500 rounds through it, none of which were +P .

    If you get a chance, attend Michael's class with Excellent class specific for snub revolvers. Lots of info not incorporated into Glock-ian type training.

    I couldn't refuse the deal I got on this Taurus 85. She's a backup gun for the S&W 642

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    Here's the snub I go to if I want a wheelie on me as a backup or in the very hot summer months here in the Sonoran Desert of Az as a primary as long as I'm not working the gun shop that day.

    It's a first year production 640-1 357 with a 2 1/8" barrel. The hip grip has been on this one since I purchased it sometime in the mod 90's or thereabouts.

    Funny I just saw this thread and it's content. I was at the shop this morning and put another model 36 away in the safe. This ones a 36 no dash with flat latch. It's been fired but not enough to put but a hairline turn line on the cylinder. Guns a good 99% condition and the price was right [ my price was 210.00 out the door, but it was tagged at 310.00 in the case ].

    Snubs presently owned besides the two mentioned above would be another 36 unfired from 1973 and a chief model 60 first year of production, also 99% condition

    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails The Superduper Snubbie thread-115-1600_img-2.jpg  

    The Superduper Snubbie thread-116-1601_img-2.jpg  

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    I just orderd my snubbie from Dbracin and cant wait to get home and get it. I guess i was bit by the bug also

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