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Looks to be a good shooter but ...

IMO - easy on +P useage ...... I don't personally rate a BHP platform as +P compatible, at least not in large quantity.
Thank you sir, and yes, I know about that and have taken the recommended precautions by installing an 18.5 lb recoil spring instead of the factory 17 lb spring, and also installed an extra power firing pin spring. This is the recommended procedure to protect the BHP platform from the +P loads. My next step will be a Buffer Technologies recoil buffer to give it even a little more protection. Even at that the gun will never see a +P+ round for that very reason. I don't intend to use this gun as a carry gun and will probably only fire standard pressure hardball in it. But I insist that it be ready and able for +P carry ammo if I should have a need to use it for defense. Thus the ramp job and tests. Thanks again for the reminder.