Walther PPS Magazine Release

Walther PPS Magazine Release

This is a discussion on Walther PPS Magazine Release within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; From what I'm reading, the magazine release on a Walther PPS is on the trigger guard...can anyone see a problem (or experianced a problem) with ...

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Thread: Walther PPS Magazine Release

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    Walther PPS Magazine Release

    From what I'm reading, the magazine release on a Walther PPS is on the trigger guard...can anyone see a problem (or experianced a problem) with this? I'm just imagining making a slip and the magazine falling out...

    (I may just be an idiot and find out that the lever on the trigger guard isn't a magazine release...)

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    I've shot the PPS and saw no problem with the release. It is on the trigger guard and it is very similar to HKs just longer.

    I found it easier to hit with the middle finger of my shooting hand instead of my thumb but other than that there was no issue with it for me.

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    I think you less likely to accidentally hit the PPS's mag release than a normal mag release. I hit it with my middle finger as well.
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    I have the Walther P99 with the mag release on the trigger guard. Its normal to me because its the pistol I have shot the most. When I shoot pistols with other releases they seem awkward.

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    Its the same as my P99C and I like it.
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    If you aren't familiar with the relaease you'll find it a little awkward until you get use to it. Like anything else, after a little practice you adapt to it. For me, I adapted but not overly thrilled with it.

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    My wife has the PPS. If you have small hands, you will have to shift your grip to work the lever. Otherwise, its no big deal.

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    I need two hands to work the PPS magazine release. No worries about premature discharge here.
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    Once you get used to this style of release you'll like it. Walther and HK have both adopted this method. I've come to prefer it and have never had an accidental mag release.

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    I like the mag release on my Walther P-99 and P-22. No problem.
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    Thats the only thing I was really weary about with the PPS before I bought it. Using my middle finger I find it very intuitive and natural!

    I really like it now
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    I have had no issues with it.

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    I bought my PPS, fully aware of the different style mag release. I'd played around with it at a LGS and felt that it was something I could learn to like. Problem is, the more I use it in defensive drills, the more I find that it will present some problems.

    I find the mag release lever to be impossible to manipulate without removing my middle finger from the grip, or at least loosening my grip enough to allow the release lever to pivot down without binding against my middle finger. I do not like to release my strong hand when I drop a mag, and holding the gun with only my ring and pinky fingers while swiping with my middle finger makes for a very unstable maneuver. Forget using the strong-side thumb.

    Right now I've found the best technique for me is to loosen my middle finger slightly, bring the gun to a ready position with both hands supporting it (working to keep the weak hand away from the magwell... and swiping the lever with my weak side thumb. Not tactically ideal, as it ties up my weak-side hand, and requires some fine motor control (of the middle finger) that may go south in a SD situation, regardless of how much I practice.

    Maybe this gun (more precisely, this style of mag release) is not for me. I like everything else about it, so if someone could tell me how to drop a mag while maintaining a firm one-handed, strong-side grip, I'd appreciate it.

    One thought I had is an after-market lever that extends the bottom out so that the index finger has something to push against without having to insert it into the trigger guard so far. That still wouldn't solve the problem of having to loosen up the middle finger.

    Oh, by the way, I'm new here, and hope to learn a lot.

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    Own a PPS and a PPQ and have zero issues with the mag releases. In fact, for my short thumbs, they are far faster and allow me to keep the weapon more "in-line" then a traditional western button release. Drilling with them has made it so I have no issues quickly changing mags, with out any stability issues.

    On the PPS I find that using my middle finger is faster and easier to manipulate it, on the PPQ my trigger finger.

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    Quote Originally Posted by MilitaryPower View Post
    I think you less likely to accidentally hit the PPS's mag release than a normal mag release. I hit it with my middle finger as well.
    This is exactly right. It may cause issues if you shoot and carry others guns with different releases however. I find I am not instinctively pressing the release due to its different style.
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