I've almost decided

I've almost decided

This is a discussion on I've almost decided within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; So, I went to the gun shop today and got to feel the Kimber Covert 4" model. I absolutely loved and adored the gun. I ...

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Thread: I've almost decided

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    I've almost decided

    So, I went to the gun shop today and got to feel the Kimber Covert 4" model. I absolutely loved and adored the gun. I really think that I am either going to go with the 3" Kimber or the Springfield EMP. I may be leaning more heavily toward the EMP though because:
    1. I own a great .45
    2. The 9mm ammo seems to be much less expensive.

    Any thoughts? Does anybody have any experience with either gun?

    Oh, and by the way, to make sure that my wife doesn't remove a card carrying NRA member from the gene pool, I'll gladly accept any donations...

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    If you loved the 4" bull barrel (and I do), why go with a 3"? That additional length provides a longer sight plane, better accuracy, higher velocity, and is no harder to carry.
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    I decided not to purchase an EMP because the size and weight is no different than a 3" .45...and if I am going to carry a firearm that is the same size and weight as a .45...it might as well be a .45...I am only looking on the EDC aspect of the conversation.

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    In a 1911 design, the shorter the slide...the more likely the jam. Even with the dual-captured (Seecamp) recoil spring set-up (Springfield, Kimber, etc. 3" 1911 designs). I've owned them both & now (personally) prefer all my 1911-style pistols to have at least 4" of barrel & slide. Your mileage may vary.
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    Springfield has downsized the magazine to fit the 9mm cartridge. This was a source of a lot of the malfunctions in 1911 guns. They also have made the pistol smaller in other areas to fit and function better with the 9mm. A lot of people that own these guns think that they are the best of the concealable 1911 9mms.

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    go with the 45.

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    Go with what works for you! Two different animals here...
    First of all the mantra that 3" 1911's don't work won't necessarily apply to the EMP, It's a 9mm and it was designed around that cartridge. Initial feedback from users seems to be very very impressive regarding reliability.

    Second. I doubt anyone can shoot a 4" 1911 .45 the same as a 4" 1911 9mm. The recoil is significantly different.

    Third, the capacity is different. 10 rounds versus 7.

    If you can shoot the 9mm more accurately, faster, etc. and like 10 vs 7 rounds then there's a lot of good reasons to pick an EMP over a .45. However, If you handle the recoil of the .45 well enought that it's not a big deal, then I personally would choose 7 rounds of .45 over 10 rounds of 9mm.

    I like 4" barrels for shootability but 1" makes a difference for CCW period, always has, always will. How much difference is YOUR subjective call. I can feel the 4" poke where the 3" does not.

    Your call, both good choices but I do agree that the smaller a .45 1911 gets the more likely you are to have teething problems, however, I feel too many just repeat the mantra of sub 4' 1911's being unreliable without considering how the industry has worked on this for quite some time and has sold a lot of them.

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    I think that Gideons words above make a great deal of sense. I would not hesitate going with the 9mm EMP as it conceals well and with the right defensive ammo and ten rounds you do have plenty of firepower. Make sure you shoot a 3" 45 prior to purchase as the recoil is different than on a 5" government model. My smallest carry 45 is a CCO with the commander slide (4 1/4") and officer grips. Its all steel and with +P loads its manageable but you can certainly tell a difference between it and its full size brothers. Good luck with your purchase.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AZ Husker View Post
    If you loved the 4" bull barrel (and I do), why go with a 3"? That additional length provides a longer sight plane, better accuracy, higher velocity, and is no harder to carry.
    +1 AZ!
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