I Cant decide?

I Cant decide?

This is a discussion on I Cant decide? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I had my mind completely made up on a sig p220 combat , when a friend of mine threw a wrench in the whole works. ...

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Thread: I Cant decide?

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    Question I Cant decide?

    I had my mind completely made up on a sig p220 combat , when a friend of mine threw a wrench in the whole works.
    She is a Michigan State Police Trooper and they are updating there service pistols.
    She said they have the option of buying their own back and she doesn't want it, so she'll sell it to me for $500, and she said she barely fired it except for practice and such. I think it is a p229 in.40.
    What should I do?

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    The P229 is a good platform and if she took care of that Sig at all it may be worth it. I owned a 229 for a couple of years and had zero difficulty carrying it concealed.
    It's still a used sidearm so check it out and put a box or three of ammo through it if you can. Now if your heart is set on the 220 don't compromise yourself.......worst case get both of 'em
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    You can buy CPO (certified Pre-owned SIGS) for about $500 dollars therefore if you trust her yeah I would do it, PS ASK FOR EXTRA MAGS!!!!
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    P229 vote

    A barely used P229 in .40 for $500 is an attractive price. That is what I paid for mine 7 years ago in slightly used condition, and I thought I got a good deal at that time.

    In terms of dimensions, the P229 is a little shorter in the slide and grip than a standard size P220. It might also be marginally wider, although not by very much. The P229 .40 magazine holds 12 rounds, while the P220 magazine holds 8 rounds. Personally I would probably go with the P229 just because the price is right and it is a great gun. If you still want a P220 perhaps you can buy one later on.

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    Ask her if you can bring it to the range for a 100 or so rounds... you should shoot it for yourself to see if you like it. If it looks likes it's in good shape, inside and out, then $500 sounds like a good price (not great, but good). Break it down and look at the outside and inside of the barrel as well as the upper and lower sections.
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    The reason I cant decide is the price. The p229 is a little more than half of what Id pay for the 220. Another thing thats not a big deal, is this p229 has the Michigan state police symbol laser etched in the top of the slide. I think it looks super cool.Oh yeah and she also told me there are after market sights put on them especially for the state police, probobly night sights. She said they cost about $100 extra at the time

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    a brand new 229 will cost you about $740.00. That is our off the shelf price at sportsmans. $500 is a good deal as most have said, but you can also if you are so inclined do sigs CTU plan for 129.99. They basically strip and clean you pistol and replace parts prone to wear, I think it also gives you a 5 year warranty. Here is the link:

    Customer Service
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    You might as well buy the "special" P229 now. The P220 isn't going anywhere. Sigs are habit forming and if you are like most ( I think ) Sig owners you are going to end up with more than one model.
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    Something makes me recall that Michigan State troopers carried the P226, not the P229. At my age though, the memory can't be totally trusted!

    I'd suggest you try out a SIG with the DAK trigger before you buy; I found it to be to my liking if I should buy a SIG in the future.
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    it is a p226, I just read this on the sig website
    today the P226 is in use by the Federal agents, and numerous law enforcement agencies including the Texas Rangers, Ohio State Highway Patrol and the Michigan State Police to name a few.
    Is that still a good deal?

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    If you can buy the gun from a friend, and you know it's not "hot" that is what I would do.

    Most of my guns are bought at a dealer, thus there is "paperwork" attached to them.


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    Buy the 226. That is what I would do were I you.

    Buy a 220 later on.

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    Ask her if any other Troopers have any extra mags they want to part with.

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    Assuming it's in good condition then yes, it sounds like a very good deal to me.

    Again, try it out! Put a box of ammo through it at the range, inspect it it for any obvious issues, or if you're not intimately familiar with the workings of that particular firearm have someone you trust give it a once-over as well.

    I would definitely take it.
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    Here's a page where you can do some price comparisons if you like.

    Sig Arms Sigarms, Sig, Arms, Hammerli, Sauer, Pistols, Handguns, Pistol

    I have no affiliation with the site, but have visited the store here locally and patronized them.

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    I think it really depends on what you like. A good deal doesn't mean much if you don't really like or want a particular model.

    Personally I really like .45 so I'd pass, that's just me. Can you shoot both models before you decide? Maybe rent them at a range?
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