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This is a discussion on Porting a J Frame within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I voted no. However, I did consider porting my 340PD before I got rid of it. But I just put larger grips on it and ...

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Thread: Porting a J Frame

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    Jul 2006
    I voted no. However, I did consider porting my 340PD before I got rid of it. But I just put larger grips on it and delt with the punishment. I still have my 60 and 640 (not a .357) that are comfy to shoot with +p loads.
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    Quote Originally Posted by semperfi.45 View Post
    It does look cool though!
    Buy an HK P7M8 and get it hard chromed. It looks cool, and won't cause damage to you.

    Let me put it this way: think about fending off a big guy using a 1/2" drive Craftsman wratchet to beat on you, using your raised weak side arm and hunching your head to keep said head safe. You draw, point and fire. Which way is your hand canted, in this reflexive, crouched posture? Thaaas riiiight. Heel of the hand close to the chest, placing the ports right in line with, and close to, your face.

    For a cool pocket blaster, go for it. If you plan to carry, I wouldn't. FWIW, I've had MagnaPorting on long guns, and like it.

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    USA, where else?
    I had a model 60 357 ported. I only recently let it go.

    First off, on a 38, I'm not sure you will see much difference. Maybe with a hot +P...

    Next off, any ammo that has minimal muzzle flash still has minimal muzzle flash in a ported gun. Mine was a Magnaport, and I fired it several times in the dark. The loads mattered a bunch. nothing I handloaded was any good. Most ammo flashed brightly.

    Look over as many forum as you can, and pick an ammo that is known for minimal flash.

    Also, the ports are angled to keep whatever flash there is, away from center, where your attention will be.

    Lastly, I'll add that the BIG downfall, in my opinion, is the kind of shooting where you do not extend the arms. Firing "from the hip" pretty much guarantees muzzle blast heading right for your face. It's not gonna feel good once it gets there.

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    VIP Member Array tns0038's Avatar
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    Oct 2007
    Considering the mild report of a 38-special, I just don’t see a reason. But I like the looks of your gun.

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    Distinguished Member Array snowdoctor's Avatar
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    Nov 2005
    I feel it is unnecessary to port a jframe...no rounds coming out of the firearm is too excessive that porting is needed...yes shooting 357 mag rounds isn't fun, but I am not going to shoot over 50 rounds through it at any time anyway, and in a defensive situation, most likely only 5-6.
    also +1 on the night vision.

    --people ask why I carry, and I show them this picture. I think it says it all.--

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    VIP Member Array Stetson's Avatar
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    Dec 2004
    I wouldn't port a gun period. I see no benefit.

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    Member Array richardoldfield's Avatar
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    Nov 2006
    Southeastern Michigan
    I voted no because, in the past, I have been told that a J-Frame 38 Special +P or 357 Mag isn't that punishing to shoot. My self, I have a long history of avoiding the ornery little beasts. Regards, Richard

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    Member Array TerryD's Avatar
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    May 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by wht06rado View Post
    I voted no. I would never port a defensive weapon, which is pretty much all a j frame could ever be. You may need to use your weapon at night and the muzzle flash from a ported gun will pretty much ruin your night vision for a little while.

    As far as pro's and con's from what I can see.
    - Reduces recoil.
    - Looks cool.

    - Could ruin your night vision in a fight and give the BG the upper hand. This is a HUGE downside for me and in my mind would rule out porting it.

    Just my .02. Best of luck in what you decide.

    Wht :hand10L
    I have heard this argument quite a few times, and it might be a valid one.

    But if your shooting at night your gonna loose your night vision, regardless if it's ported or not. It might be a little brighter if ported, but at that point I don't think it would matter. The muzzle flash can't be avoided.

    Just my $0.02.
    "Nice grips, weird choice of etching" Rocky

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    VIP Member Array sass20485's Avatar
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    Jul 2006
    Central FL
    NO, for all the reasons already mentioned.

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    Aug 2006
    Probably make you deaf and blind.

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    VIP Member Array crzy4guns's Avatar
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    Oct 2007
    I voted yes if the J frame is a .357, the recoil can be downright brutal on one of those little buggers.

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    Senior Moderator
    Array bmcgilvray's Avatar
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    May 2007
    No porting for me. I'll leave all the contents of the barrel to exit the muzzle as it should. No gas, particles, noise, or flash needed anywhere it doesn't have to be.

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    Member Array johnisaly's Avatar
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    Jun 2006
    Columbus, Ohio
    I would not port a snubby, but I do own one. The only reason I have it is because I got it for a song.

    It is a Taurus 85 CHULT (.38 +p Concealed Hammer Total Titanium Ultra-light) that was factory ported. It does not kick quite as bad as my non-ported snubs. I don’t notice anymore muzzle flash from it than my non-ported snubs. That may be due to the ammo I’m running through them (Gold Dot +P short barrel ammo)?

    I tend to worry about getting a face full of hot burning gas should I ever have to fire it out the car window from the seated position, therefore I seldom carry it. It usually serves duty as my desk gun.
    John -
    "The story you are about to hear is true; the names have been changed to protect the innocent."

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    This Ported thread from the past traveled through a Time Portal and landed into the Present from 2008. It came through a port.

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    Mar 2010
    Have anyone ever shot a ported gun? At night? There will be no change in night vision from a ported gun vs non-ported gun. Also, recoil will only be reduce a little. I would never port a gun because its useless.
    Sig Sauer: P938 9mm Smith and Wesson: Sigma SW9VE 9mm

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