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This is a discussion on Porting a J Frame within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I voted no as well. As others have said, the costs don't outweigh the gains....

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Thread: Porting a J Frame

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    I voted no as well. As others have said, the costs don't outweigh the gains.

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    Toss me into the NO category. Don't see it as needed on a carry weapon.
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    Just a comment on a common misconception. Porting does not reduce recoil by anything considered measurable to the shooter. It can give the perception that it does because it reduces muzzle flip. Basic physics considered; Newton's law of motion. There is no way around it; whenever a first body exerts a force on a second body, the second body exerts a equal force on the first body ("To every action there is always an equal and opposite reaction: or the forces of two bodies on each other are always equal and are directed in opposite directions."). This happens far in advance of when the gases reach the porting.

    Consider the above statement in read. In fact, there is an argument that if you remove enough weight from the gun by removing metal to drill holes, you've probably negated any calculable benefit of porting on recoil reduction.

    Porting is snake oil for recoil reduction. Porting may be beneficial in controlling muzzle flip.

    I voted no. If you have ever seen a low-light shot of a revolver at the point of ignition, you see that gases (and unburned powder) already escape from the sides at the cylinder gap (except on a Nagant 1895 perhaps). For the purposes that a J-frame was designed for, it is not needed and probably even undesirable. Personally, in my eyes it reduces the value of the revolver; if I find one for sale at a good price that has porting, I keep walking. When I shoot a firearm, I want as much of anything coming out of it (noise, lead, flame, unburned powder, noise, etc.) going away from me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SIXTO View Post
    The whole night vision thing is the least of my worries about porting a defensive pistol... I'm far more concearned about where all that hot gas is going to go in a CQB situation; in my hand, in my side... that stuff coming out of the porting can and will do some nasty damage.

    No thanks, I dont want anything to do with porting, I prefer all the nasty stuff being directed towards the BG. Also, if I really think porting is going to help me, I need to shoot a smaller caliber or get some training, perferably both.

    ^^^^^^^I'm in this camp^^^^^^^^^^^

    on this one!

    Port a hunting handgun, rifle or shotgun, and maybe a competition pistol, but no for SD.
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    I would say no becasue I don't think you gain enought to offset what you risk, however, I did buy a ported barrel for my Kahr K9 and my experience suprised me. The fireball didn't happen. In fact I've heard a handful of times from guys who had ported guns tha there's didn't fire ball any worse than before. I think it has to do with the design of the port. On the Kahr it's a single half moon slit angled slightly up and the front.

    So, no fireball; at least none more than you'd get normally. To me ammo selection has more to do with the size of a fire ball in a short gun or J frame than the ports do.

    help with recoil and muzzle flip. As you likely know the Kahr K9 is already a soft shooter. But WOW did the ported barrel make a difference. It significantly reduced recoil but what I really liked was how it almost completely eliminates muzzle flip.

    Hot gases and particles. I did an experiement on this. I used clothspins to pin up a strip of toilet paper between two branches. I held the gun up right underneath it and fired. After each shot I brought the gun further to there rear so the muzzle got closer and closer to the paper. In theory this brought it more into a close to body position. The gas out of the port on the Kahr didn't touch the paper until it the port was actually a 1/4" behind the paper and the gun had to be close to the paper. If the gun was down an inch from the paper I had to have the barrl "back" almost an inch with the muzzle well behind the paper before the gas from the port hit the paper.

    I realize this is a very crude test but what I learned is that the half moon port and it's location on the Kahr barrel makes a lot of difference. If the gun is that close to your body then you're at risk from the bullet, not just the gas.

    I would guess (but don't know) that any porting that goes straight up in a cone could be worse as the cone could expand actaully reward towards the shooter.

    Best thing about the Kahr Ported barrel? It's out in front of the slide and it's a drop in part so you can swap/sell the barrel if you don't like it.

    I love how it shoots and feel this design absolutely minimizes flash and exposure to the gas. PS it actually sounded quieter than I expected. I expected it to be louder.

    I wouldn't get a snubbie done with holes in the top but if you got slits near the front of the barrel that vented up and to the front that might not be too bad but despite all my experiements, it's simply not necessary on a defensive gun.

    At the end of the day I like how my Kahr looks and shoots and I think the risk is very minimal but it was still unnecessary.


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    No for me.

    The only experience i have is with a .44magnum ported revolver.

    The porting made a pussycat out of the pistol but shooting it towards dark reminded me of the exhaust from an NHRA funny car during a nightime race.


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    I'm another one in the "NO" camp! Just don't see the need for it on a defensive weapon. Way too many negatives and no positives, IMHO.
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