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Help with or keep?

This is a discussion on Help with or keep? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I would not trade it for three reasons: • Sure today, you may want to carry your new XD, but in a few years you ...

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Thread: Help with or keep?

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    I would not trade it for three reasons:

    • Sure today, you may want to carry your new XD, but in a few years you may change your mind.

    • I like to hide a pistol a couple places around my house. That way I don’t have to carry at home.

    • And I regret trading in my old S&W 38 chiefs special. While I’ve traded a bunch of guns, I miss that one because it was the first gun I carried all the time.

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    I sold off one of my guns once and I have regretted it ever since. It wasn't even worth much, just the fact that it was my first hand gun. I would keep it.

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    It depends on the gun. I've got special meaning guns, unique guns, discontinued guns, custom guns. I wouldn't trade or sell any of them. If there's nothing unique in the gun, it doesn't matter. If you've seen one G-17, you've seen them all.
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    It sounds as though you are trying to talk yourself into keeping. With that said, I wouldn't trade it. Besides you can never have too many pistols!
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    If you like it, save a little longer so you can pick up your XD 9mm without selling your Sig. Like most of the others, I regret selling most of my previous guns. Once they are gone, they're gone. Only one did I get back: sold my Mossburg 12 gage when I joined the Army to a friend. Bought it back from him 15 years later. 2 others I wish I still had. Heck, add to the collection!
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    Keep it. Guns are like money, no such thing as having enough!!

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    I am a gun trader so i am the wrong person to ask . The wife however has few that are " her guns " ( comparably ) but wont part with one for any reason . Her Browning hp finally got roughed up enough i had to have it refinished , her choice of finish ..... Re blue it , i couldn't even talk her into a better finish. On the upside it now has that rich blue that is comperable to the OLD S&W revolvers due to recipe/process a smith i use a lot has . I had a german Walther ppks i traded into done on the same batch and it went from a beater to nearly a bbq piece , but no one so far wants to pay enough for it lol .

    If your attached to the little sig then keep it and if nothing else refinish/regrip it to be somewhat a show piece that you can point to as your first gun . Gun ownership isnt about allways being practical , nor is it about hording them , Its about what guns YOU enjoy enough to keep around for whatever reason .
    Make sure you get full value out of today , Do something worthwhile, because what you do today will cost you one day off the rest of your life .
    We only begin to understand folks after we stop and think .

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    I sold a 4" 686 and felt bad (my second gun) until I found a Model 10 for $125......

    Did you ever get you hand caught while disassembling the 232? If you did.....think about how much that hurt as you hand the gun to the next guy and he hands you some dead Presidents!
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    Thanks for all your help. After a good nights sleep, I ended up keeping it and picking up the XD for cash this afternoon. I may not shoot the Sig much, but I am glad I kept it. I'll get some pics and a range report after I get the XD cleaned up and out to the range this weekend.
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    I spent every penny I made a while back on my XD-9 and CHL.

    I want a pocket gun so badly I can't see straight, but I just don't have the money to buy one when I've got to change my residency and get an all new CHL + class time... AND I still haven't bought a good gun belt, whose purchase my largely negate my need for a pocket gun.

    I could never sell my first pistol... she's been too good to me. Glad you kept yours, and enjoy the XD!
    Half measures availed us nothing...

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    Absolutly Keep the Sig. I will never get rid of my first handgun.

    Theres no such thing as owning to many guns.

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    I would say dont get rid of it. Like any other person that loves guns, they are just like kids. Especially if it is the first handgun ever bought. You wouldnt sell one of your kids would you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by STITCH View Post
    You wouldnt sell one of your kids would you?
    Ebay won't let me!

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    You made a wise decision. I've sold or traded several of my guns over the years and in all of them, there was only one that I DIDN'T regret getting rid of. My first handgun was an absolute tack driver and stone cold reliable. It was nothing more than a run of the mill Ruger P-89 that I bought for less than $400 NIB (about 15 years ago).

    One of my co-workers was in desperate need of a sidearm while out in his woods as he'd seen wolves and bobcats there. He was a friend and I just had to have a Beretta 92fs, so I sold it too him with all the related gear I'd accumulated for a great price. I still regret selling it to this day but at least it went to a friend in need. And the Beretta? Well, that was the one gun I never regretted selling ... go figure!

    Besides, unless I'm mistaken, that Sig is a good bit thinner than the XD? It's always good to have a gun that works well for deep concealment. My 642 still gets carried in that manner at times even though I've got much more effective choices in my collection.

    Most importantly, assuming the little girl in your avatar is your daughter, then I'm sure having her Dad's first gun will someday mean even more to her than it does to you.

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    Keep it! Keep it! Keep it! Keep it! Keep it! Keep it! Keep it! Keep it!

    Got it?

    (You will regret it if you don't...)
    Proverbs 27:12 says: “The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.”

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