Help with or keep?

Help with or keep?

This is a discussion on Help with or keep? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I'm hoping I can get some of your opinions on this particular situation. A few weeks ago, my wife, for my B-day, allowed me to ...

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Thread: Help with or keep?

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    Help with or keep?

    I'm hoping I can get some of your opinions on this particular situation.

    A few weeks ago, my wife, for my B-day, allowed me to put a Springfield XD-9 Service model on layaway. I am almost in a position to pay it off and bring in on home. I'm expecting that it will quickly become my primary carry weapon.

    Currently, I mainly carry my Sig P232, mainly because my Beretta 92 is a little big for everyday, and I haven't found the right holster for my 1911.

    That said, I have been contemplating trading in the Sig, mainly because I just don't like the .380 round all that much. I don't shoot the sig as often as shoot the others, and the only reason I have carried it is because of the size. Since the XD Service model is basically the same length, and only slightly wider, I don't think the transition to carrying the XD will be all that difficult.

    Now that I am in a position to finalize the transaction, I am having second thoughts on trading in the SIG, simply because it was my first pistol. I have no other attachment to it besides the sentimental value. I have bought and traded many guns over the years with no problems, but now with this one I'm struggling a bit.

    My question to everyone is, have you ever sold a gun, with that type of sentimental value, and not regretted it? An employee at my local gun shop is already looking forward to picking up the Sig for himself and asked me to let him know when I would be trading it, and if it wasn't for that, I would have no problem keeping it, but it would then just sit around, most likely, collecting dust since I don't shoot it much.

    I don't need to trade it get the XD out, although the extra $$$ would certainly come in handy for other things, like the new IWB holster, but ....but.... but.... it was my first pistol..... ahhhhahahjfgkfghiufghrgjk!!!!!!!

    Well, there ya go.... I think you can tell that I am vexed. Any thoughts might help me weigh this out once and for all.
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    I recommend never selling or trading a gun unless it is unreliable.

    I've only broken my recommendation once in the past five years. That was so I could get a Colt 1917 Revolver, and the wife was wanting me to use of of my guns as a "trade". I did it to "keep the piece" so to speak and it's paid for itself many times over already.

    The gun I traded? It was a Glock 34 that I hadn't shot in three years. Since then I've picked up a few more guns and I have a happy wife. That means I'm happy.


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    My take is that you are wanting to be talked out of selling your Sig, so I say dont sell! I wont sell my first pistol just because it is my first ( I have kept things for dumber reasons)

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    If you do get rid of it your sellers remorse will only get worse. Keep it and save for your other needs. Once it's gone, it's gone and you've broken the circle. You may get it back later but it won't be the same.

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    I rarely go wrong following my gut instinct, but I often screw up when I ignore it. What does your gut tell you? Fear can make me make bad decisions - in this case, fear of not taking the opportunity to get some money out of the gun.


    If you're having second thoughts, keep it. You can always decide to trade or sell at a later date, when you're not having second thoughts.


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    I too have sold or traded many handguns. I regret selling my G26 and 17, but I had to for financial reasons. But my first handgun was a SW model 60. I will never sell it becuase it was my first. That may sound a little corny, but oh well. Maybe when my son is old enough it can be his first handgun as well.
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    I have never had to sell of gun, mainly because I have my first one now. However, I have watched many that have regreted selling there "baby" just because. Sometimes if you hold on to it for a little while, you will a reassurance feeling that it is ok to sell it. If you can hold on to it, I would, its not like you can't get rid of it later. Just my 2 cents.

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    If you are not comfortably with thinking about trading it and I am guessing you are NOT, then don't will regret it. I have regretted every gun that I have ever traded or sold unless there was a problem with it.
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    Keep it!
    If you need the money sell it, if you don't really need the money keep it.
    You will regret selling it at some point!! You never know when you need a BuG!!

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    I agree with the others here. Also not sure if you meant trade in or not , but selling will always get you more for you gun. trading means they will mark up for re sale from you trade in price.
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    I regret every gun I have ever had to sell. I don't plan on ever selling or trading another gun. If I want a new one, I will just save up for it.
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    Keep it!
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    Keep it--based on what you're saying I'm sure you'll regret parting with it.

    I've sold several pistols/revolvers, and there's one I deeply regret selling. It's not a pleasant thought...
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    Quote Originally Posted by foreveryoung001 View Post
    I am having second thoughts on trading in the SIG, simply because it was my first pistol. I have no other attachment to it besides the sentimental value. I have bought and traded many guns over the years with no problems, but now with this one I'm struggling a bit.
    Aside from momentary lust, the only sentiment I've ever really had towards a firearm was desire- as in strongly desiring one on my person when I could, for one reason or another, not have one.

    The 232s are nice guns, and worth keeping if you like the overall design, or have a big stock of .380. Otherwise, I'd sell.

    Had to add: many folks talk about regretting selling something. I've never really understood that. A "thing" has no relational value (unless inherited/awarded/etc..). Its a tool. A 232 is not a Ljutic Space Gun, Hammerli comp pistol, or Sig 210. Your experience may be different. I'd go for fulfilling a function. (A second XD; good holsters for the XD, Beretta and 1911, or mags & parts, etc..)

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    Keep it , it is the best 380 out there . I was going to sell a pistol once
    but when the phone rang , I changed my mine .

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