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I see, thank you sir.

I'll have to disagree with your friends, I have a number of $600 Colt's that needed nothing done to them to be excellent carry guns.

I'll second that. The only thing I ever had to do to my Colts was swap out the grips. Out of the box accuracy was beyond my ability to outshoot them and reliability was 100%. Grip changes are usually the only thing I'll do to my guns, it's a personal thing and nothing more than that. The most I've spent customizing a 1911 is roughly $100 (grips and quality spare mags).

While I've had a bit of trouble with two SAs, I know several people who swear by them and have ZERO problems from day one. I don't have any experience with Kimber or the S&W 1911s ... yet! I'm considering my next 1911 as we speak and planning on either: Colt, Kimber or S&W depending on price, how well they fit my grip and features.