evolution BACK to revolvers?

evolution BACK to revolvers?

This is a discussion on evolution BACK to revolvers? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I guess I read more than I post, but it seems like the trend on the forum is people are starting to purchase and carry ...

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Thread: evolution BACK to revolvers?

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    evolution BACK to revolvers?

    I guess I read more than I post, but it seems like the trend on the forum is people are starting to purchase and carry revolvers more and more. the talk seems to be heading that way, more pics of revolvers, more comments...I switched my EDC to a j-frame almost a year ago, (from a kimber ultra carry), and love the convenience...
    Has anyone else noticed this? Has anyone else made the switch? How many people are considering it?

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    Revolvers vs. semiautos

    I have always shot and carried both revolvers and semiautos, depending on the circumstances. I don't have a real preference for one type over the other, feeling that both have strengths and weakness. I admire the good reliability of revolvers, as well as the variety of ammo types you can shoot in a revolver. Semiautos, on the other hand, offer the advantages of generally more capacity, faster reloads, and a flatter profile for concealment.

    But I think you are correct that there is a slow trend back to revolvers in the postings you read on this forum.
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    I shoot and carry both, depending on the situation. I have lately found myself carrying my 642 more than anything else. It is just so easy to carry in a pocket.

    It does seem there has been a trend in folks buying and carrying wheel guns more and more.
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    For me it's become seasonal. Plenty of cover garment use in cold weather means I have the firepower of a Glock 26 or 36. In summer I find that I'm pocket carrying a snubby most of the time; but I do miss the comfort of the more powerful Glocks during the warm season.
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    I think a lot of folks have always carried revos for personal use - it's just in "professional" use where they have lost almost all of their ground (never to return, I'm afraid.) The small, lightweight snubbies are pretty much the perfect gun for the "casual" CCWer - always have been, and probably will be for some time to come. Simple to use, simple to maintain, relatively inexpensive, small and concealable, very reliable - not much to complain about as long as you accept the capacity and reload restrictions.
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    I'll carry one as soon as they make it with a 15 round cylinder.
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    I carry a revolver when I'm not at work most of the time. It's an auto for work though
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    They certainly have their place.

    Here is an old thread that is similiar, it an interesting read;

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    I think it's a good idea to have at least 1 revolver in your collection, just in case Obama gets his way.

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    I carry an XD 45 Compact, but I doubt I'll ever part with the old Ruger GP100.
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    The good ol' j frames are hard to beat. I carry one everyday. I wish I had more capacity at times. But the j frame is perfect for summer carry.
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    I own a couple of revos. I keep feeling tempted to purchase one specifically for carry but I always change my mind.

    I'm an absolutely horrible shot with double action revos. The long trigger pull doesn't make for great accuracy. Cock it and fire in single action mode then it's great but in a SHTF scenario you are going to be sqeezing off double action shots in a hurry - speaking for myself I know that degrades my accuracy.

    Then there's the deal that I only have six shots. Maybe that's five more than I'll need but it's still less than what I want. A speed loader seems impossible to conceal and loose rounds in the pocket aren't as fast as popping in a fresh mag.

    The revo is classy, elegant, beautiful, and able to do it's job. It conceals well and when it prints it doesn't seem so obvious that it's a firearm. Totally reliable and simple to use, but not without it's own drawbacks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by lance22 View Post

    ...Then there's the deal that I only have six shots. Maybe that's five more than I'll need but it's still less than what I want. A speed loader seems impossible to conceal and loose rounds in the pocket aren't as fast as popping in a fresh mag.
    speed strips are a nice alternative, not as fast as a speed loader, but very easy to conceal, and you don't just have loose rounds.

    I heard somewhere that S&W j-frames are the most popular carry gun in the US, and I wouldn't be surprised to find that to be true.

    Despite limitations they are solid, and reliable pistols that can get the job done, and are really easy to conceal.
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    I honestly dont see me going back to revolvers for carry . Part of it is because for a period of years it was mandated that i had to carry revolvers , and part of it is because of the newer compact and micro autos that are or can be made reliable at an affordable price . Ill stay with my autos and take the lumps of more preventive maintenance .
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    I dont know I like the dependabliity of a revolver I carry SW 66 but i also carry autos I like carrying my tokarev I have had it worked on and is a perfect size and the round is powerful ,My wife on the other hand is purely an auto girl and wants that new 380 Ruger there coming out with.

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