Got my 92 Back.

Got my 92 Back.

This is a discussion on Got my 92 Back. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I lent my Beretta 92 F/S to a Navy Commander who is getting deployed to Iraq for a year. He doesn't own a gun and ...

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Thread: Got my 92 Back.

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    Got my 92 Back.

    I lent my Beretta 92 F/S to a Navy Commander who is getting deployed to Iraq for a year. He doesn't own a gun and he hadn't shot a pistol in about 17 years. He had my gun for about 6 months practicing shooting with me, and on his own. Well got it back today. The gentlman had never cleaned it and it was filthy, i thought cool good oppurtunity. Took it down to the range shot about 200 rounds through it, ran flawlessly. Now being a GLOCK Shooter shooting a M9 Copy was weird for a while. I have to say was very impressed with a gun I have left sitting in my safe for about 7 years, and really doesn't get used at all. Two thumbs up for an oldy but goldy!
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    I have owned two 92's, one was stainless. Very reliable with everything I fed them except any 115 gr. ammo. The easiest guns I have ever had to break down to clean, and reassembly was just as easy. I wish I had never sold either one.
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    The M9 has been one of the most maligned weapons in use by the military recently, and I think much of it is undeserved. The weapon is reliable and accurate, and serves quite well in its intended role. The biggest problems I can see are with the mags which, often as not in .mil, are POSs through and through. This $20 piece turns a $500 gun into a complete junker...with good mags, the M9 is damned reliable.

    The other complaint isn't so much the platform, but the caliber. This, too, I believe is more hype than reality. Granted, the 9mm FMJ is not an ideal round, but neither is any round you can carry in a pistol suitable for military duty. The anecdotal evidence (and that's all it is) comes out about failures to one-shot-stop the BGs...well, guess what? This is NOT unique to the 9mm round. I've seen folks shot with 5.56N, 7.62N, 7.62S, 9mm, and the results are all over the place... One guy took an AK round through mid back at muzzle contact - he was back at work in two weeks. One took a 5.56N to the upper shoulder - fragments pierced a bunch of important stuff, and he died on the way to the hospital. I've dropped an attacking dog with three rounds to the chest/side with an M9, and had a dog sprint away after being hit in the upper chest with a 7.62N. It's been said a million times, but it bears repeating - there ain't no such thing as a magic bullet.

    OK, that went way off topic... Congrats on getting your Beretta back! If you're in the market for some mags (ones that work!) let me know.
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    I managed to catch up with a college buddy who was deployed during our senior year. I asked him about his experience with and opinion of the M9. Like OPFOR, he feels the weapon is excellent at its intended role. He mentioned that he was of the opinion that the .45 was the "magical" one-stop-shoot caliber but said his opinion has now changed and he can personally vouch for the M9.

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    I have had a 92 for years and love it. The caliber war will rage longer than the war on terror so I won't get into that. Suffice it to say the one-shot-stop does not exists unless you hit the brain or spinal column no matter what handgun caliber you carry.

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    I fell in love with the Beretta 92 the first time I saw one years ago and vowed to own one some day. That came true about four years ago when I bought a Beretta 92G-SD.

    It went off to LTT, Langdon Tactital Technology (Ernest Langdon) for a competition trigger job that is absolutely perfection. I now shoot it in IDPA and USPSA, where it functions flawlessly and performs far better than the shooter...

    Regarding magazines, the two 10-rounders that came with it have not failed. I've added five more to the collection, 18-round flush fit Mec-Gars, and they have been just as reliable.

    While I carry a sub-compact Glock daily, were I ever to be in a gunfight, if I couldn't have a long gun with me, I'd choose my Beretta.
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    I agree, they are awesome pistols, if a tad difficult to conceal.

    I bought a stainless 92FS in 1989 and it has never had a failure of any sort. Well, except one time I let a friend shoot it. He had his grip to high, somehow, and the slide came back and caught him at the base of his right thumb. It FTE'd that time and my friend was in pain for a couple of months after.

    The Berettas are very smooth shooters.

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