What's up with MK9's?

What's up with MK9's?

This is a discussion on What's up with MK9's? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have been saving for an MK9 Elite and now that I am close all of the places like Buds Guns and other dealers that ...

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Thread: What's up with MK9's?

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    What's up with MK9's?

    I have been saving for an MK9 Elite and now that I am close all of the places like Buds Guns and other dealers that had them listed at the $700 range can't find suppliers with any in stock. The pawn broker that I took my CHL class with showed me his suppliers list for Kahr and the MK9's are all quantity 0. Is there an issue at the factory, or is it an issue with my choice of dealers? The price for an MK9 Elite at the local gun shop that is used mostly by LEO's is $867 but the pawn broker will sell the same one for $690, if his supplier can get any in stock! Any input will be greatly appreciated.


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    Can't answer specifically about the Kahr, but its not uncommon for distributors to be out of a certain model. I assume gun manufacturers make them in runs. I would also assume the polymer Kahrs are more popular these days than the all steel versions. Is it the elite trigger you are wanting? kahr is able to retrofit the elite, (shorter pull), trigger on a regular MK9. Good luck on finding one, I've had the MK9 on my wanted list for a while, too.

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    Cool What's up with MK9 Elite?

    The price.

    I flipped out when I saw the list price on the Kahr website for the MK9 Elite '03. I bought one with night sights a couple years ago for I believe around $600. (not sure but it was a v. good price) which was a price for military.
    It's now listed as $1050. or so at Kahr. Crazy!

    Very nice pistol though. I'd like to see their new .380 mini.
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    Kahr is proud of the Elite line, I'd buy the regular MK and shoot it for a bit... if you still feel the elite trigger is a needed item, add one.
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    I don't know if your heart is set on the MK9 Elite, but the PM9 is also a very good gun that is carried by quite a few folks on DC and by LEOs. Very easy to pocket carry and with a dao trigger pull of around 6 - 7lbs. You would probably have an easier time of finding one of these. In fact, the Cabelas store near where I live has 2, one stainless and one black diamond coat. If you live within driving distance of a Cabelas, they will transfer from store to store at no charge. P.S. There is a Cabelas in Buda, TX.. Hope that this is helpful to you.

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    Are regular MK9s available?

    I have a "regular" MK9 of fairly recent manufacture. I went to the Kahr website and saw both guns - the regular model 9093 and the "Elite" model 9098. Here is what the text said about the Elite:

    Elite 2003
    The polished stainless steel finish and laser etching on the frame are available on all Kahr Elite 2003 pistols - the K9, MK9, K40 and the MK40. The lustrous finish complements our innovative designs and solid construction. The magazine well is beveled for easier magazine reloading. The feed ramp on the barrel is polished to a high luster to insure reliable feeding with all types of ammo. Laser engraving on the frame provides the finishing touch to the polished stainless steel - for an appearance as impressive as its capabilities.
    It would appear from this description that the Elite has some cosmetic "improvements" that are lacking in the regular gun. Functionally they are the same. Perhaps the regular model 9093 would serve your purposes, and you might have an easier time finding it. I bought mine used for $500 last summer from a LEO who bought it and needed to sell for some reason. But the gun was virtually new in the box, and has functioned perfectly through 500 rounds.

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    Not to start a caliber debate but wouldn't stepping up to a MK40 be a better option in the MK series? Since both are probably too heavy for pocket carry and the extra weight may help with recoil, isn't the more potent .40 a better choice outside of cheaper ammo? FWIW, I went with the black diamond PM9 since pocket carry was important to me.

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