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Range report with a 642

This is a discussion on Range report with a 642 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I own rifles, revolvers and pistols...and I own my 642 for one simple reason ...close in, last resort, self-defense. Which is a good thing because ...

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Thread: Range report with a 642

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    I own rifles, revolvers and pistols...and I own my 642 for one simple reason...close in, last resort, self-defense. Which is a good thing because I can hardly hit the target past 25 feet. I carry the 110 grain Corbon DPX + P and if it hurts the BG half as much as my hand, I'll be satisfied. It is not a target gun. I do not care to spend the time or money to make it a target gun...period. It is not a fun gun to fire. The only saving grace is that it slides so easily into your front pocket and presents so quickly out of a Mika pocket holster.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Warren View Post
    I didn't think that this fit in the Super Snub thread.
    No, but a picture would!

    Like the others have said, a J frame is a tough gun to shoot at a distance. Non existant sights, short sight radius, short barrel, light weight all play a role in this.
    I do know a few shooters that are outstanding with a snub, and will put most other shooters shooting whatever to shame; so there is potential in the little guns, you just have to learn how to bring it out.
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    I usually practice "up close n' personal" shooting with my snubby. And fast, as in terrified fast, dumping all five shots into the silhouette as I lean to run away! It works well for me, and that's how it will come into use if it ever does.

    While they may be accurate, with that little revo I won't be trying any long-distance head shots, it's just not the tool for that...maybe others see it differently, but I know my limitations (Clint Eastwood warned me about that!).
    "It's a big gun when I carry it, it is also a big gun when I take it out” – Clint Smith

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    I also just recently started shooting a snubbie (model 37-2) and have had some adjustments to make but overall I am quite happy with my initial shooting. I had low expectations so maybe thats why I am happy. A couple of great tips already mentioned here: Once I learned to not try and ''sqeeze" the trigger as Gideon mentioned but be smooth and quick that helped dramatically. Also as David mentioned leaving an empty chamber lurking gives you a great idea of what your doing right or wrong.

    Also my S&W came with Uncle Mikes (from the factory) grips and I am very satisfied with them. I shot 150 rounds on saturday with no problems whatsoever (well, ok, maybe my wrist hurt a little later on sunday and monday) but it was a "good" pain.

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    Purchase some 110 gr ammo and practice with that. It will kick less and allow you to practice without being beat to death with heavier ammo. That's what I do w/ my 642. I also use DPX 110 as my defensive ammo. JMO
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    Don't be discouraged with your range trip. The first time I shot my 642 I was shocked as I thought the Crimson Tracer would make me a great shooter.
    I was all over the place .. even hit the clip that held the cardboard backing that the targets attach to. Everyone at the range laughed as they had to stop shooting so it could be replaced. I even asked if my laser needed adjustment.
    If a jackass shows up at the range on any given night... that was my turn.
    However I persisted w/follow up range visits and I started to see a big improvement and once this happened I started to appreciate the gun for what it was intended for.

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    Thanks everybody, in the next day or so I'll get back to the range. Maybe with some 110s if I can get them shipped fast enough.

    And instead of waiting for a T-grip I'm going to throw some Houge Monos on it and see if that helps.

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    It really is embarrassing watching that little red dot dance all over the place, especially since everyone else can see it too!
    Treat me good, I'll treat you better. Treat me bad, I'll treat you worse.

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