Smith & Wesson the Lemon-Maker???

Smith & Wesson the Lemon-Maker???

This is a discussion on Smith & Wesson the Lemon-Maker??? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Recently I have read quite a few articles/posts about the lack of quality control in Smith & Wesson firearms production. I was about to purchase ...

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Thread: Smith & Wesson the Lemon-Maker???

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    Smith & Wesson the Lemon-Maker???

    Recently I have read quite a few articles/posts about the lack of quality control in Smith & Wesson firearms production. I was about to purchase a new M&P 340 CT Revolver BUT now I hesitate. Can anyone comment on the quality of S&W --- good and bad please! Please tell me about personal experiences and/or solid information about the quality of the firearms. (Especially their light weight J-Frames --- cause that is what I want to buy next

    Thanks so much, I really value everyone’s opinion – there are so many knowledgeable people on this forum!!!!

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    I am too in the market for a J-Frame. Smith & Wesson sells a heck of a lot of these little revolvers. Personally I have never heard anything bad about them, except maybe hard to control w/o a proper grip.

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    Granted, I don't know a lot about snubbies, but what is there to screw up on a revolver. I have a model 908 9mm and love it. I have never had any problems out of it and carry it as often as possible. My family has several other S&W's and there has not been any problems that I know of. Granted all of our S&W's are several years old, so I don't know if there quality control is not as good now with their newer stuff.

    Theres no such thing as owning to many guns.

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    I have a S&W 4506 and absolutely love it. It has never failed to feed, fire or eject anything I've put in it, and I've put at least 25 different kinds of ammo through it.

    S&W has a long proud history of making great firearms. You hear horror stories, but you get those with any gun manufacturer. People will complain pretty loudly when something doesn't work, but not as many will sing praises when it works fine.

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    My S&W 642 goes BANG everytime I pull the trigger. Guess that is all I should want....
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    I have my 340 with crimson trace in my pocket now. No quality issues here - looks and works great. It's light, easy to conceal and shoots just fine for a concealed carry gun.

    Only reason to qualify it at all - it's not quite as fun to shoot as my larger 9mm pistols - pain is too strong of a word, but, the light weight combined with .357 magnum cartridge doesn't give you that fun and comfortable feel to shoot.

    That's fine with me though, if I need it, "fun" and "comfortable" won't be important attributes.

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    I have a 642 that is less than 6 months old, and it seems perfectly fine to me. I can't tell the quality has diminished vs. my older revolvers. They are great for pocket carry.
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    I stop by a number of shooting forums, and haven't seen any trend like that about S&W. In fact, from what I see on ranges and in the media, the M&P product line is getting strong reviews. And, regarding their revolvers, I've always held them as the "gold standard".

    On another note, I do continue to see regular postings about performance problems with Kahrs.
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    I'll share my opinion based on buying and owning S&W products for over 20 years. Prior to the introduction of rifles and a few other sidelines, S&W primarily focused on handguns for the past 20 years. Those fell into 3 groups mostly: stock service handguns; custom shop handguns; distributor spec handguns.

    The customer shop handguns I can't speak to, never having owned any. The distributor spec guns are quite good and often have special features normally found on custom guns, and are quite excellent. The other handguns are all stock handguns. In all that time of buying dozens of S&W handguns (in my pre-marriage/pre family days), I only had one that did not work. A 686 seized up on the first cylinder due to metal shavings in the the trigger & lock works. Stuff happens.

    Most of my purchases were revolvers, with just a few semi autos. The products that S&W put out in the late 1980's and early 1990's had excellent fit and finish, better I personally believe, than what they put out today.

    Now having said all that, I still believe S&W makes a really good product, just not an excellent product anymore. But S&W's good product is up there with other manufactures excellent products. I would not hesitate to buy a j frame, and I would bet my life on it once I had removed the internal lock mechanism.

    So go ahead and buy one, they are still some of the best revolvers on the market, bar none. Just not as smooth as they used to be.
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    I have an M&P9c that just started dropping the magazine after about 8000 rounds. The problem is the mag release. I switched it from right handed to left handed mode and the mag stopped dropping. I think the soft-ish plastic used on the mag release just gets worn out after a while. I just picked up an M&P 340 last night and the craftsmanship on the revolver seems 100x better than on my 9mm. I would still recommend either gun to anyone interested.

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    I would not hesitate to buy a S&W revolver.

    I have had several, and prefer them to other brands.

    I simply have never been without at least one S&W firearm in my home. My current S&W is an M&P9c. Shoots good.

    But I'm well aware of the mag catch issues, and did ask S&W to give me another, knowing they had replacements available. S&W agreed that based on the date my pistol was manufactured, it may have had one of the improperly hardened catches. They sent me a free one, no problem. In about two minutes flat, I had it installed. I also found a thread on another board about how to swap out the catch spring for a stiffer one. I did that too. Now it needs a more purposeful push to drop the mag. The stock spring was said to be too easy to just bump, and have the mag drop. It never happened to me, but I did the swap anyway.

    My 9c shoots great. I shoot some UMC yellow box stuff, WWB stuff, and Gold Dot 124+p. Never a failure of any kind.

    I did have a Model 60 in 357 last. It had a 2 1/8 barrel. It was damn hard to shoot well with full house 357 loads. About 10 or 15, and I was all done! Hands shaking, and groups went to crap. Now decent 38 Specials? I'd shoot those all day, and love it.

    I'm not a wealthy person by any degree, so I'm pretty much a one pistol at a time guy (lucky right now with two), but I would not swap my 9c for pretty much anything else on the market.


    Factually, I'm very tempted to sell my Springfield XD-45 and get another S&W 44. I sold one about 10 or 12 years ago, and regretted it. I like the 6.5 inch barrel with the Power Port. At least I think that's what they call it.
    Last edited by FHBrumb; April 9th, 2008 at 02:16 PM. Reason: Added comment on 44...

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    I've put more lead downrange with my 6" S&W .38 Special than any other gun I own. It's probably seen between 7,500 and 10,000 rounds. In that time I've had two failures to fire and I'm 99.999% sure they were due to bad primers. Never had it fail to index or lock up, even once. It's never required any repair, just cleaning and a replacement of the springs once. Now, mine is a good 15 years old, and things may have changed a bit since then. But I'd have no problem recommending either a S&W or Ruger revolver. They're tanks. Buy one, shoot the heck out of it, and don't look back.

    Pete Zaria.
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    My first pistol was a K 38 and it still shoots just fine. I later added a Model 10, which still shoots well. I never had a problem of any kind with either. I like to stop by our local store and look at new (and older model) handguns. S&W remains the gold standard for revolvers, I am told.

    I have little experience with their semi autos, though.

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    very quality built and reliable...S&W makes good revolvers...period.

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    Never had a problem with a Smith, but anybody can make a lemon now and then.

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