Glock 27 vs. Glock 22 concealed comparison

Glock 27 vs. Glock 22 concealed comparison

This is a discussion on Glock 27 vs. Glock 22 concealed comparison within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; With regard to weight & width of the two Glocks, and the size of kydex holster - will the 27 be significantly better when it ...

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Thread: Glock 27 vs. Glock 22 concealed comparison

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    Glock 27 vs. Glock 22 concealed comparison

    With regard to weight & width of the two Glocks, and the size of kydex holster - will the 27 be significantly better when it comes to concealability? Is it much easier to avoid printing?

    On paper the dimensions of the 27 (excluding handgrip of course) make me wonder if the kydex holster will be about the same size, bulk out in my pants just as much, and have virtually just as much weight. (3-4 o'clock carry)

    Does anyone here conceal both and find that the 27 is much better? Also does anyone pocket carry with this model? I love this convenience with the Kel-tec .380 but I suspect that this option isn't as viable with the Glock 27.

    Thank you.

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    Both are the same width, so there is no issue there. The only difference is the barrel and grip length, and the 27 is much easier to conceal, mainly due to grip length.

    When we are talking about carry gun weight, a few ounces makes a huge difference.

    The 23 and 27 are a little more comparable as far as these issue are concerned, and if you are a new shooter, I suggest you get the 23 over the 27, and the 19 or 26 over both of those.
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    I carry the 27 and it is extremely concealable. I have worn some fairly tight shirts and it is hardly noticeable.

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    I carried a G22 for about 6 years and a G27 for 8 years. The grip is the biggest difference between the two. I had to have a more radical cant to conceal the G22 without printing.

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    I have the Glock 26 which is identical to the 27 save for the caliber. I can pocket carry it no problem in a loose fitting jeans pocket. The full size Glock would of course be better in a belt carry holster and a jacket or sweater to cover it. Remember if a gun is too difficult to conceal then it often gets left at home. Yes I know the 22 would be the more accurate of the two, have more firepower and less recoil, but those advantages don't mean squat if it is sitting in a safe or drawer and you are 20 miles from home needing your gun in a hurry!

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    I have a 23 and a 27. The 27 is easier to CC with the shorter grip the length in the barrel, for me, makes little difference until SOB carry.

    I personally would not pocket carry the 27, it is too bulky and would require clothes more loose then I like, but I am sure it can be done.

    I carry both IWB and OWB at 3-4 o'clock as well as ankle. The grip on the 23 makes ankle carry hard but doable. I have carried the 27 in a pocket holster for coat carry but found that I had to counter weight the other side to be comfortable, I just used extra mags.

    I like the P3at my wife has for pocket carry but would rather have the punch of the .40 over the .380.

    If all else fails buy both and be twice as happy.

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    I carry a Glock 26 almost every day, (same exact size and weight of the G27). I can easily conceal it in the winter with an OWB Fobus holster. I have an OWB Kramer holster on order for the G26 in effort to keep it tighter to my body for summer carry. I do have a Desantis pocket holster for the G26 and have carried it that way, but it’s the absolute largest gun I would want to pocket carry. I also own a Kel-Tec PF9 and the P-3AT and carry them in a pocket holster and they are really comfortable. I wear pants that have large pockets and are loose fitting. Some pants will not allow the G26 to be drawn effectively or at all.

    Shooting Impressions: I have owned, carried and shot the Kahr pm9, Kel-Tec PF9, Kel-Tec P-3AT and SW 642 CT. When I take everything in consideration I choose the G26, G27. I would say with out a doubt that G26 is more accurate, more dependable, (except the 642), carries more rounds and has less recoil. I'm not a "Glock only guy", but I have looked and tried several guns and holster combinations and I cannot find anything any better for carry than the G26, G27.

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    I am using the 22 as a CCW and the length of the grip is my only issue. Deep carry in a SmartCarry is great and it disappears. Anything else and I have issues. Winter won't be a problem with a coat, but I have the feeling that my SmartCarry will be used almost all of the time in the summer months. Regardless of cant I still get a good print with the grip without the coat or a sweater.

    Still I plan to use it exclusively for my primary carry gun. I just love my 22 too much!

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