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    decisions decisions

    Well the wife felt guilty after I bought her that $600 COACH purse so she said she is going to buy me a gun for my birthday. It was a toss up on that Ruger LCP and a Smith 642 but I think I will rule out the LCP for a year or so and let them make the slide lock work with a magazine and let them work out production bugs. So I am in a quandry over the Smith models 642 and the 638. I kinda like the idea of pulling that hammer back (old SASS cowboy shooter). But I also like that fully enclosed hammer idea - just because it seems like a real good idea as I will be pocket carrying. I think it's going to be my summer gun, it can get to 120 here in Vegas sometimes. So as always I look for your opinion.
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    Between the two I'd opt for the 5 Shot Revolver every time. :)

    I have a Kahr PM9 for "Pocket Carry" but find myself carrying the Airweight J-Frame. I think I carried the Kahr three times in the past year. There is nothing wrong with the Kahr, but I do believe the "edge" in reliability goes to the Revolver in the smaller guns. Also, I have pulled my PM9 out of my pocket only to find the magazine has been released. That gives me a "One Shot Bludgeon".

    If the options were for full size "Duty Size" guns than it would be a different story, although I'm partial to the Revolver there as well.


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    Well Jarhead,
    I went with the 638 when I was tryin to decide on a J-frame, because I liked having the option of SA just in case i ever needed it. Still no hammer spur to snag, so it can draw out easy. The little slot does need to be cleaned out with a q-tip or something every once in a while with pocket carry though.
    A lot of folks have the 642 and are perfectly happy with them, they are more popular than the 638. If you have any more questions specific to the 638 lemme know.
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    638 "Bodyguard" airweight

    Not everybody knows what the S&W 638 is, so I'll post a picture below. It is the old "bodyguard" J frame with a shrouded hammer that allows thumb cocking, but won't snag. On the picture you can just see the small protruding end of the hammer that can be manually cocked.

    I'd go with the 638, because sometimes it would be convenient to be able to thumb cock. And I own a 642 with enclosed hammer.

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    i just bought the 642 from a member here and can not wait to pick it up. I love the idea of hammer less for pocket carry

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    I have a 637, and the pocket carry is not a problem if you learn to cover the hammer with your thumb...that said, I would opt for the 638 for those times you MAY want to pull the hammer back...OMO

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    Here's another happy 638 owner/user... from Las Vegas too! I also had a shrouded hammer on an old Colt Agent.

    I think shrouded hammers are the only way to go because if you do have the opportunity to cock it, you will be far more accurate with the shot. I can't think of any reason not to have one, I mean, the difference in profile is minimal.

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    Love my 638. Gets carried all the time....

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    Gee... I wish I had your dilemma!

    I'm another vote for the S&W 642.
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    I am sure you love your wife and willing to sacrifice for her, but it is sure a lot easier not having to have to trade a couch for a gun. Then again, I have no one to snuggle with on that couch.

    I would vote for the LCP, but I am not a revolver guy.
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    both are excelent revolvers but the 638 is my pic , iif you still cant decide do the old head or tails thing,lol.

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