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A reliable pocket semi out there that won't jam?

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Thread: A reliable pocket semi out there that won't jam?

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    Does anyone pocket-carry a G36?

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    I only Pocketcarry a snubnose.

    I do like and have both a Bersa and Makarov .380's. If you have large pockets maybe a Bersa would work (I doubt it but who knows)
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    Of all of my collection, past and present, I would consider the S&W 360 and the Glock 26 good size and weight for pocket carry, but I only tried it a couple times with the S&W - never really like how they felt or carried. Some might prefer the hammerless S&W's, but I don't.
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    I carried a Sig P232 for a long time, until I picked up my XD-9 SC. It was a great little gun. Never had a problem, no matter what ammo I threw at it, and was small enough that I could slip it easily in the front pocket of my jeans if I didn't want to mess with the IWB holster. Used, I see them in the blued for about $250-$300, and stainless is another $100 over that. I did end up changing the grips, since the factory Sig grips never seemed to fit my hands right, but other than that, I love the little Sig. For a size comparison, my buddy has the Bersa .380 and his Bersa fits perfectly in my custom leather for the Sig, so size-wise I'd say they are as close to identical as two different manufacturers could make them.

    Cons: No manual slide lock. Only stays open on empty mag. not a big deal, but its different from all my other's that have a manual slide lock.

    Mag release is on bottom of the grip, and takes some getting used to. Mag doesn't fall out, it has to be pulled from the gun which might be a concern for some.

    When cleaning, there is a spring inside the gun that likes to fly across the room much to easily. Only happened to me twice before I learned my lesson, but again, something to get used to.

    That's about it for my list of cons. The pros far outweigh them. Great little gun from a big name in firearms.
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    Quote Originally Posted by JD View Post
    Sound advice, I keep "forgetting" that Kahr is going to be releasing the P380 in June, that should be a fine pocket gun, and is probably going to be my choice to retire the Mustangs.
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    My Kel-Tec P32 goes bang every time! Never had a burp or a hiccup in around 800 rounds.

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    That Kahr MK9 seems to be nice gun, everything I have heard has been pretty positve. I vote for a J-frame though. When you start talking about pocket autos, unless you go with a small caliber, their capacity is going to be about the same as a little wheelie. Also it seems (at least for me) the smaller the auto the more fickle it gets. With a J-frame, your jamming fears can go bye bye, plus they are very light. They do however take lots of practice.

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    My Bersa Thunder380 CC replaced my Walther PPKS and I've never looked back. The Walther was picky about what I shot through it but the Bersa has shot FMJ and JHP without any problems at all. I was very surprised with it's consistancy. I've also got a couple of Kel-Tec P3AT and they have done fine as long as you don't limp wrist them. One thing I don't like about the Kel-Tec is not being able to use Corbon +P ammo and the Bersa takes it in stride. I'm not a fan of .380s but if it's all I can carry I'm going with the Bersa. I've also got a small Skyy 9mm and so far with 400 rounds through it, it's doing pretty good. I did have a problem with the safety coming on but fixed it by drilling a detent where the tip of the spring would rest. Before I did that every time I shot it my thumb would bump the safety on. Making the detent fixed that and I've had no problems since. I don't really like having safetys on my handguns and the one on the Bersa I just use as a decocker. I'd rather have a decocker then a safety.
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    Beretta .32 Tomcat. Great for front or back pocket. My wife's is exremely reliable. I won't tell you how she carrys it though.

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    NAA Guardian 380. Bought mine new in 03 and had one FTF in the first mag out if the gun.Been 100% since. Heavy for pocket carry but reliable. I must be lucky because I also have a KT P3AT and Tomcat 3032 and both are reliable. KT is 2nd Generation.Hope this helps.

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    First of all you must remember ANY semi automatic pistol is capable of jamming. It is just the nature of the beast. Some are just better than the others. I have never had any problems with my Bersa 380, but the possibliity is there.

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    The Baby Glock's have a great reputation. My wife love's her G26. Reliable, easy to shoot, and can be pocket carried.
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    I have a .32 and a .380 Keltec, never had a problem with either of them. Some of the reliability issues are probably user error in limp wristing, poor ammo, and failure to properly clean and maintain their guns. ANY gun can have a problem, as they are mechanical.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ridurall View Post
    ...One thing I don't like about the Kel-Tec is not being able to use Corbon +P ammo...
    From Kel-Tec's P-3ATmanual.. page 3, Top of Page.

    "AMMUNITION: The P-3AT is designed and chambered for the .380 auto cartridge. Do not use any other ammuntion. The P-3AT will accept +P ammuntion, however not with continuous use."

    I've searched [URL="http://www.corbon.com"] , and for the life of me... I can't find a +P .380. maybe you'll have better luck. I don't know of anyone offering +P 380 ammo. Santa Barbara offered a stought .380 20 years ago (I've got a few boxes of that left), but it's surplus and rare and not rated +P.

    I've shot over 400 rnds of 32NAA through a KT conversion, the closest thing to +P with no excessive wear or problems.
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    My slingshot fires everytime i pull it back and let her go,unless theres a mechanical problem like a rubber tube breaks it's 100% ask Dennis the Menace
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