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Today's the big day!!!

This is a discussion on Today's the big day!!! within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; happy birthday and it sounds like you got some nice presents lined up....

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    happy 21st

    happy birthday and it sounds like you got some nice presents lined up.
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    happy b-day, its going to get expensive.......

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    Yeah...I remember my 21st...oh wait. No I don't! ;) Loooong time ago.

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    Congratulations! Have fun and stay safe.
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    Happy 21 man! Lets see some pic's when ya get back!!

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    "A lie gets halfway around the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on."
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    Cograts! Stay safe!
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    Happy Birthday. 21's usually a pretty good one, although I have to admit I don't remember the whole night.

    I just turned 23 a couple weeks back, not nearly as exciting.

    Just remember to do the firearms related stuff on your 21st birthday before you have your first ever beer (that is if you choose to drink which not everyone does).
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    Happy Birth day, enjoy your new freedom and fave fun watching the cash fly out of your wallet. Next time I look at this thread there better be some pictures! the first hangun is always something to be proud of.
    I believe in gun control...... Thats why I use TWO hands.

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    Quote Originally Posted by miklcolt45 View Post
    21? Isn't that a card game?

    Can't remember, it's been so long...
    oh, what were we talking about?

    Congrats and happy birthday.
    Go get a gun.
    Go have some fun.
    I have underwear that's 21 years old...

    Congrats on several fronts...
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    Congratulations. I would comment on my 21st birthday but that was 54 years ago and I sure don't remember to much about it. I do remember that I was in Korea.
    Its a shame that youth is wasted on the young.

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    Thanks for all the birthday wishes guys!

    Well, things didn't go ENTIRELY as planned at the gun shop. I walked into Nick's Guns and headed straight for the section of the counter the XD's were behind, only to find the slot for the .40 still empty :/. I asked what had happened, and apparently they had been shorted on their order. So I was in a bit of a predicament, because I REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY wanted to buy a gun. So I started asking about the XD 45, and talking about ammo prices, extra recoil, etc., and finally the guy convinced me to just rent a glock in .40 and one in .45 (rental glocks were the closest they had to xd's for me to test fire), even let me rent both for the price of one, and I put 50 rounds through each. I LOVED the .45, and actually shot better with it. After considering that ammo was only about 20% more expensive, and noticing how much larger and heftier the 230 gr .45 was than the 180 gr .40, i decided to eat the ammo cost and go with the .45. While I was scanning the shelf examining the different XD's in the Lords caliber of choice, my eyes fell upon the new .45 compact tactical--the one with the 5" barrel of the normal tactical, but the shortened grip (a full 3/4" shorter than the service model I had been looking at). After handling it for a minute, I fell in love with it, and after being reassured the extra 1" of barrel would be no challenge to conceal with my M-TAC (fortunately I had ordered the XD "slide" and not a fitted model!), I filled out my paperwork, he called the FBI, my background check cleared before he got off the phone, and I handed over my $550.
    I put a 50 round box of the house ammo through it, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE this gun!!! My groupings tended to spread out down and to the left towards the end of the magazine, which after consulting the training target hanging on the wall I attribute to trigger jerk (hey, I was so excited I was shaking!). Something to work on for my next trip to the range on Saturday. But that life-size zombie target was dead as it could be lol.

    And this gun is SO easy to field strip. I watched a YouTube video on the process like 2 weeks ago just once, and was able to fully strip, clean, and reassemble the weapon in a matter of minutes without consulting the manual or asking for assistence, and this is my first handgun (well, other than a buckmark and ruger single-six .22lr).

    Unfortunately I forgot to grab my target off the counter on my way out the door, but here's some pics of the gun:

    wow those pics are blurry... sorry, shaky hands :)

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    Happy Birthday
    Be Observant and Be Safe.

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    Good choice, I carry the 4" compact model. welcome to the club! have fun and be safe.
    I believe in gun control...... Thats why I use TWO hands.

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    21-----Maybe in dog-years. lol Happy . Sounds like everthing one could ask for.

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