Opinions needed on non-1911 .45s

Opinions needed on non-1911 .45s

This is a discussion on Opinions needed on non-1911 .45s within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Considering getting a new .45. Candidates: S&W M&P .45 Springfield XD Tactical HK USP Sig P220 Glock 21SF Who has experience with these, and what ...

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Thread: Opinions needed on non-1911 .45s

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    Opinions needed on non-1911 .45s

    Considering getting a new .45.


    S&W M&P .45
    Springfield XD Tactical
    HK USP
    Sig P220
    Glock 21SF

    Who has experience with these, and what praises or curses can you direct at them?

    Help me out here.

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    I have the USP in .40. It runs flawlessly. The DA pull is heavy and the SA mode has some take up before engagement , but it shoots well for me. Had mine since 93'
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    I have an XD .45 and love it. The trigger pull is a bit odd, so I much prefer my Kimber Pro Carry II though.

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    The SIG P-220 is a great .45! I carry a 1911 but have two P-220's and if I couldn't have my 1911's the P-220 would be my EDC! Did I mention that they're a GREAT .45?

    If I were back one the job the P-220 would definitely be my duty weapon too!
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    Owned a Glock 21 (not SF) for quite a while - fine shooting pistol, very reliable except that it hated CCI Blazer (the aluminum cased stuff) - jam-o-matic with that stuff.

    H&K USP - owned and carried a .40 cal USP, great gun. Can't imagine the .45 is any less reliable (mine ran like a sewing machine - utterly reliable).

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    The SIG P220 was born quite some time ago. It began life as the Sig Sauer System SIG/Browning BDA in .45acp.
    The gun features an incredibly long history of inherent accuracy, feed & function reliability, and overall durability.
    It has a fairly flawless track record as being one of the finest handguns ever designed and constructed.
    Great "in hand" ergonomics and natural point-ability. It field strips easily.
    There is really nothing that you need to do to it in the way of modifications or adding aftermarket parts.
    There is really nothing much bad that can be said about it.
    The trigger reach might be a tad bit long for folks with really small hands.
    Also the first DA pull of the trigger is usually modestly stiff but, not really a super big problem.
    In short the P220 is probably one of THE best "out of the box" guns on the market.
    It has been exactly that for many years.

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    I had to make this choice 3 or four years ago myself for a duty gun. I could choose anything I wanted to replace my beloved 1911 within reason. I knew I wanted to stick with a 45 and as always quality, reliability and a rock solid proven design are my requirements;

    Only two on your list made mine, and I chose the 220. I carry one both on my day to day road patrol duty belt, and also one in my call out "raid belt". They have never failed me once (I shoot a lot!) and they will outshoot my abilities everytime.

    The only downside is the capacity... I carry eight round mags. I think that its more of a mental issue than it is a reality issue, because I had no issues with the 1911, it only become a "problem" when I switched to a "modern" designed pistol. I've also never not completed any drill thrown my way or been slowed down at all due to the low capacity, and I shoot among 226 or some other belt fed pistol operators.

    IMO, the 220 is one of the finest combat pistols ever made, and easily out classes the others on your list. What makes that more impressive to me is that there is not one bad gun on that list.

    Dont fall for the foolish marketing and gimmicks, buy a world class combat pistol if you want professional results.
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    Gosh, what a choice! As Sixto said, not a bad gun on that list! I would go with the SIG first, XD second, Glock third. Better yet, just buy one of each!
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    H&K USP45 or Sig P220

    Of the five guns on your list, I own the H&K USP45. I've had it for about 8 years and have fired maybe 2000 rounds through it. Most of my .45s are 1911s, so the USP is my one polymer, higher capacity .45.

    The gun has a different feel than a 1911, with a unique trigger feel and weight distribution, and it took me some practice time before I could shoot it well. But it is a very accurate gun once you master it.

    The strong points of the USP45 are absolute reliability, high capacity (12+1), light weight and durable, well made parts.

    The weak points are a large grip, heavy DA trigger and a large profile that make it more suitable for open carry than concealed carry.

    I would also advocate the Sig P220, as I have 3 Sigs and think highly of that brand in general.

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    I have a Sig P220 Carry w/ 4" barrel. It's been 100% reliable. Nothing to add that others haven't already stated. The Sig would be my first pick.

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    All of them are exellent guns, and all of them have their disadvantages as well as advantages over other makes.

    My dept issue is a Glock 21 with a Lasermax laser in it. After going through exactly the same issue as you, I chose the Sig 220 over all others.

    But the best thing that I did was to handle and fire all of them, other than the MP which wasnt alive back then. I have shot it though and would have no reservations about carrying it.

    Only you can decide what you want,and that is best done with trial and error of all of them. Even if you cant shoot each one, at least pick them up and manipulate them. For some reason or another you will like the way one feels more so than the others.

    We are very fortunate to have it better now than at any time in the past. You have a much broader field to choose from than previously, and all of the guns on that list will serve you well.

    With that being said, since I chose my first Sig 220 many moons ago, I have aquired 6 more in .380,2 9mms,.357 Sig,.40,and 45. Can ya tell that I like them?
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    I wouldn't rule out a CZ 97 either.

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    I haven't had it long, but my G21 has been dead reliable for the 600 or so rounds I've put through it. It shoots any brand of ammo without issues. I also shoot it well, but that's more of a matter of personal preference.

    My XD45, on the other hand, was just the opposite, and I was glad to see it go.
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    I don't know if you have seen the thread on the M&P stainless yet, but it concerns the M&P 45. You may want to look at that one before you decide.

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    I'd carry any .45 on your list without hesitation, except the M&P. I had 2 M&P 40 compacts that were nothing but trouble. I've never owned one of the full size ones, but hey, they all come from the same factory, so I'm kind of leery of them. However, if it was going to be a range/fun gun, then I might take a chance on one. They certainly do have good ergonomics.

    I just bought a 21 SF. The trigger out of the box felt a little heavier than the standard 5.5 on other Glocks, but 10 minutes and a 3.5 connector solved that. I must say that the 21 SF is the best feeling Glock I've ever held, to date. It shoots great with the new connector in it. I've got to get night sights for it.

    The only thing that annoys me is the Gaston Finger Grooves, but I've got a friend locally that can fix that. I'm having the grooves removed, having the trigger guard rounded out, and will probably get a match barrel for it eventually. The best part about it is the cost. LE price here is $464.00 with 3 mags. I got it with regular sights, standard mag release (not ambi), and standard Glock rail.

    I don't have an XD 45 Tactical, but I do have the Compact. The trigger seems a bit crisper than my new 21 SF, as far as a striker-fired gun can have a "crisp" trigger. I'm ambivalent about the grip safety....it's ok, I guess. I've got to tell you that I'm seriously considering swapping my XD 45 Compact for a new Glock 30 SF when they come out. As nice as the XD is, it doesn't have the balance of the Glock.

    No experience with the HK or Sigs, so I can't really comment on them, other than to say I'd love to have a Sig one day. I'm waiting for the P250 to come out in .45 ACP, because I generally prefer to carry polymer frame pistols due to the lighter weight. I've handled the P250 9mm compact, and it is nice! VERY smooth and light DA trigger.

    Stay safe out there.....
    Slow is smooth.....smooth is fast.

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