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Thread: .45 Recommendations

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    Quote Originally Posted by cdwolf View Post
    I Think the XD is what I would get if budget was a factor!
    For the money the XD is the best platform out there+capacity!!
    My first choice would be HK45c , there is that price thing.

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    d. Sig P220 Compact. Handled one at local dealer. Felt very comfortable. Has decocker only on left side (right-hand bias), but seemed like it might be usable by lefty with a little practice. I know Sigs are considered to be top quality, but the price is way higher than I wanted to pay.
    I would go for the Sig, if you do not want the 220 then they have the 245, in .45acp. I have longed to have one of these for awhile. I have the 220, I couldn't be more happy with it, I have several options for carrying it, shoulder holster, in the waist band, and on the belt. I changed the Sig Grips for a hogue grips. My pistol has seen some hard times and shows it's age, I would love to send it back to have it refinished and fully detailed but can't afford it now. My baby needs to eat!
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    Thanks again for all your advice.

    I agree that quality wise the SIG is the best gun on the list, but I can't get past the price tag. I'm retired and have to budget my toys carefully.

    I was leaning very heavily toward the EAA. I like everything about it except the lack of a decocker. I finally decided I just don't want to risk my thumb slipping off the hammer at the wrong moment.

    To sum up, I have decided on the Bersa. It is fully ambidextrous, safety/decocker, slide release and mag release (one screw changeover). After reading reviews, it is a reliable gun that is easy to carry and fun to shoot. It is half the price of the SIG. Its only shortcoming appears to be a shortage of magazines. However, I can get the gun in Stainless with two magazines for $400, and I will immediately place two more magazines on order.

    As soon as I get the gun and a good holster, I will post pictures.
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    While you seem set on your decision and it is your money to spend, for only a hundred dollars more I would suggest you take a second look at the XD Compact.

    Bud's Gun Shop has these listed at $499.00 delivered (you'd still have FFL fees on your end). The XD is only 1/2" longer, 1/10" taller and 2oz. heavier than the Bersa but offers 10 rounds in the magazine compared to 7 for the Bersa. The XDs are very popular pistols so accessories are numerous. It has an ambidextrous mag release but you'd be stuck with the left side slide release. There is no safety. Since I've never owned a Bersa, I can't say anything bad about them but I have owned a XD in 40 S&W and had so much faith in it, I turned it over to my daughter when she got her CCH license. The XDs are outstanding pistols for the money.

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    Quote Originally Posted by cvhoss View Post
    While you seem set on your decision and it is your money to spend, for only a hundred dollars more I would suggest you take a second look at the XD Compact.
    I have the XD.45 compact, for my EDC. Excellent quality gun for the money. In terms of performance it functions as well as guns at twice the price. It does double duty as a full size by simply using the included 13 round magazine. We picked up ours at East County Guns for $425 out the door if I recall correctly.
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    Some years ago, I was in a situation similar to yours, and I went through a similar selection process, with many of the same pistols on your list.

    I chose the 4513. As a lefty, the ambi safety was a must have. I'm not a 1911 fan, and prefer the DA/SA platform for CCW.

    The 4513 met my requirements and proved to be 100% reliable, and remarkably accurate. It's light weight made it a joy to carry, and it's size and slimness, enabled it to conceal easily.

    After carrying the 4513 for several years, I decided that the 3913 with Ranger 9mm 124 grain bonded ammo, did everything my 4513 did, with one more round on tap, and fit my hand even better. I've been carrying it since.

    Good luck with your decision. Regards 18DAI.

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    Look at the SIG P-220 Compact!
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