Graduation Gift

Graduation Gift

This is a discussion on Graduation Gift within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I told my son, who will be graduating in June, that I would buy him a gun of his choice, up to $500. (Hey, he ...

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Thread: Graduation Gift

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    Graduation Gift

    I told my son, who will be graduating in June, that I would buy him a gun of his choice, up to $500. (Hey, he would get a Barrett .50 cal if dad is paying. Had to set the limit.) Looks like he is leaning toward the Beretta 92SF. (Kimbers were too expensive.) Since he can't carry until he is 21 anyways, this is not an issue.

    I don't see a lot of discussion on this forum about this gun. I know the military uses it and Beretta makes a fine weapon, but that is about it.
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    Overall a Good Gun IMO

    the Beretta is a good gun. The only problem I have ever had with it is the rising locking block located on the underside of the barrel tends to break. If you do not do extensive shooting with it 200+rds at a time it shouldnt be an issue. Other than that it is accurate and reliable. Hope that this helps.

    P.S. This is based of my experience with it in the military.

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    I'm Active Duty and have plenty of experience with the 92. Overall it's a good gun although, personally, I don't care for the safety lever where it is. I have small hands and have to ,almost, manipulate the gun to engage/disengage it. I shoot it pretty well and it does fit in my grip pretty good. It'd make a great 'house gun' and an excellent first defensive is a full sized, duty sidearm and not the easiest to conceal, although it can be done. At his age carrying it concealed isn't an issue.

    It'd be a very good first sidearm IMO.
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    I have absolutely no "tactical" shooting experience with the 92 (or M-9) but I have gotten some of my best groups with this gun while plinking at the range.

    It was commonly (and almost exclusively) used by the instructors at the range I used to work at as a "step up" gun from the .22 Browning Buckmark for new shooters. Every student I ever watched shoot it was comfortable and happy to have learned on it.

    It does provide comfort in grip and good sights, plus the sheer size of the ejection ports helps against jamming even by the most severe of limp wristers (which is why it was so popular as a starter 9mm on our range).

    The Beretta is also a good start for people who are being introduced to gun safety and maintenance as it is extremely easy to dismantle and clean.

    I think it's popularity as a concealed carry piece is hindered because it is a rather large and thick gun to be sticking in one's trousers to be concealed. And, as they say, the hardest part of a handgun to conceal is the grip. That being said the Beretta provides a pretty hard grip to conceal as it is flared toward the magazine well and bulky making it less favored among concealed carriers. I'm sure there are those who have managed but I've yet to meet anyone who carries a 92 concealed.

    I've always enjoyed shooting the 92 and would take up any offer to shoot it again, but I probably will never purchase one unless as for use as a training gun for new shooters. Only because near the top of my list of "qualifications" for purchasing a new gun is usually the question of its concealability.

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    I like the 92 when it was issued to me. I don't like the postion of the safety (slide mounted I perfer frame mounted) but it was solid and reliable.

    I purchased a Taurus PT92 (it cheaper and has a frame mounted safety) for civillian carry when I duty carried the Beretta. They are very similar except for the safety and the mags (much to my disappointment) are not interchangable.
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    I carried one for many years as a member of Uncle Sam's Misguided Children......

    I found them to be accurate and reliable, but the DA triggers were generally not very good and the grip was just too big for my relatively small hands. As others have said, I didn't care for the safety either.

    Not a bad gun at all, just wouldn't be my personal first choice.

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    Has he fit-tested anything yet? The 92 is a great pistol with the aforementioned exceptions. Suggest to him that he "trys on" other pistols - if nothing else than to rule them out. That way he is making a well informed decision.
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    My personal experiences with the M92 have been mostly positive, I have large hands so the "big" grip was never an issue but I still had a little trouble getting used to the safety, I imagine with practice that you'd grow accustomed to it.

    Very solid handgun choice, although (as mentioned above) he might want to try handling a few handguns as well, I remember the first time I held an XD I was amazed at how good it felt in my hand.
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    Take your son to the range and let him try out any and all that you might consider. You might buy the best gun in the world, but if he does not like the feel of the gun or trigger he is NOT going to like it.

    With a $500 limit I would look at any Glock. Full size, compact, or sub-compact; 9mm to .45acp; they have them all.
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    It's a great gun for your first! Unless it don't fit!
    Each gun has a unique feel. If the XD feels better, it can be had for that price. Let him hold a S&W wheel gun. Great to start,everyone carries them, Cheaper to shoot since he want just go Mel Gibson and empty some Mags.
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    Have your son add some of his own money and get a real good gun.

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    Yoo hoo! Cupsz71? Are you out there? He's got one and he'll talk your ear off if you let him!
    Let's see if he chimes in...
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    I'm one that would buy a classic quality pistol for a graduation gift, one that he will have for the rest of his life. I would stay away from the off (cheap) brands, fad guns or one that is likely to be discontinued after a short run.

    I think the Beretta 92 is a fine choice, as would be a basic 1911 from one of the American makers.
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    You may want to consider the S&W M&P, which I saw at Bud's at a delivered price of $439.

    Check them out here, along with the Beretta 92 for $479: Buds Gun Shop, Guns for Sale
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    I think that the 92FS is an excellent choice. I have had an Italian made INOX, since '94 and it has never given me any trouble what-so-ever. I have fairly large hands though and the Hogue wraparound grips with the finger grooves make it seem to fit like a glove.

    It eats any ammo you put through it and is easy to shoot accurately, especially in S/A mode.

    The only negative thing I can think of would be that it will bias his future gun purchases. It is hard to find anything as smooth or with comparable quality, unless you dump $1200 into a nice Sig or custom .45.

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