Ruger LCP Range Report

Ruger LCP Range Report

This is a discussion on Ruger LCP Range Report within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hey Guys, I went and picked up my LCP yesterday. I held both the Kel Tec and the Ruger in my hands at the same ...

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Thread: Ruger LCP Range Report

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    Ruger LCP Range Report

    Hey Guys,

    I went and picked up my LCP yesterday. I held both the Kel Tec and the Ruger in my hands at the same time and I must say that the Ruger is far more sturdy feeling and the finish seems far more superior.

    I paid $280 for it. After a good cleaning and lube at the gun shop, I decided to take it to the range and have a little go with this puppy.

    I put 100 rounds of ammo through it and only one miss-feed (which I suspect was the round and not the gun because I tried the same round all by itself a few times and it would not feed for anything, but when I tried another round and all other rounds, it fed fine).

    As far as sights go, they are very rudimentary and not meant for serious target shooting. Upon holding this gun you will realize what it is intended for; close range shooting. I was putting about 2'' groups at 7 yards and 1/2' inch groups at 3 yards.

    Trigger pull is very long. So long it was actually surprising. First shot on the thing it felt like it took forever to get to the break. But after a few shots I found two decent ways of firing it. 1. quickly pull the trigger to the point where the hammer is back and ready to fall and then allow for the break. 2. Pull the trigger all the way in one fast but smooth pull. Both were working well.

    Recoil is very very manageable. I am used to shooting 9mm Luger and this is just a little more snappy than my 9mm.

    It is true about how it ejects brass, it was going out of my stall and into the stall 3 lanes down!

    All in all this gun is pretty great, and I would highly recommend it both for the price and for the conceal-ability and reliability. I am hoping the trigger pull will break in over time as that is the only (very very small) issue I feel the gun has.

    I will be using this gun when I wear dress pants and any other type of clothing that is hard to conceal with.

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    Thanx for the report. Sounds like a good lil' gun!

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    I'm sure the trigger will break in, I'm guessing around the 500 mark.
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    Thanks for the report. I actually held one the other day. You are right, they do feel better made than a P3AT. I was going to buy it, but my wallet said, "no". I have a P3AT that may not seem as well made, but still fills the need for a pocket BUG when necessary.

    Maybe if I get a few good shots of OT over the next month or so I'll pick one up.
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    My experience has also been unequivocally positive. Got it unexpectedly last week, shot it on the way home into farm fields with five different kinds of ammo (no failures). Fired another 60 rounds or so prior to an IDPA meet on Saturday (no failures). Let a friend fire it today and burned through another six rounds fast as I could pull the trigger of GDHPs today (no failures). After two of the first generation KelTecs and one of the second gen ... this is a blooming revelation!!! My confidence level continues to grow and hang the sights because that's not what the weapon is for. It's last-ditch point and shoot. And if it doesn't go bang then, it won't matter how disappointed you'll be. So far it works.
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    I'm up to about 300 rounds through my Elsie Pea now, with no problems whatsoever. My wrist is a little achy, but it sure is fun!
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    Man I want one of those little BUGgers!!

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    My latest acquisition is a LCP, unfortunately I haven't had time to shoot it yet!

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    Quote Originally Posted by 9mm10mmamen View Post
    It's last-ditch point and shoot. And if it doesn't go bang then, it won't matter how disappointed you'll be. So far it works.
    That's funny!!
    I'm waiting on the 1000 round report, then I will pick one up.

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