BUG/secondary carry

BUG/secondary carry

This is a discussion on BUG/secondary carry within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; i'm saving up for a BUG/secondary deep concealment gun. i'm torn between two choices though: .38 special snubby and sub-compact 9mm. it will be for ...

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Thread: BUG/secondary carry

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    BUG/secondary carry

    i'm saving up for a BUG/secondary deep concealment gun. i'm torn between two choices though: .38 special snubby and sub-compact 9mm. it will be for pocket carry. i like the snubby, and i like the 9. but from a defensive point of view, which will have the best terminal ballistics out of a tiny barrel? which would ya'll recommend, and in which weapons? my local gun store has new s&w 642's, hammerless, for about $400, but i was also thinking about the charter arms off-duty. or i could go with a small kel-tec or kahr for around the same price range. capacity is only a difference of 1 or 2 rounds. help me decide!

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    my choice would be either the J-frame or a Glock 26.

    If you're trying to decide between the J-frame or a Kahr or smell-tec, I'd get the J-frame.
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    I have a Kahr PM9 that I seldom carry in my pocket.

    I prefer the S&W J-Frame for pocket carry as I have activated the magazine release on my PM9 before, while it was in my right front pocket, thereby giving me a one shot uberwonder pistol.

    In the reliability department the Revolver still maintains an "edge" over the smaller autoloaders. Between the S&W and Charter Arms I would toss the Charter and keep the Smith.


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    Maybe I wear my paints to tight, but I don't think that I could carry a revolver in my pockets. They just look to thick. They are kinda cool, and agreed, a bit more reliable, but I could not pocket carry anything bigger than a P3at or simmilar sized gun. I would wait and try to find a LCP or the new Kahr comming out later this summer. I have a PF-9, and while it is flat, it is to big for me to pocket carry.


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    Buy a J-frame, you wont regret it. Tons of options for carry, uber reliable, and it will last two life times.

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    i love the 642. want one badly!

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    My opinion (obviously!) - YMMV...

    I plan on carrying both a PM9 and a S&W revolver as pocket guns. Not both a the same time, of course...

    My thought process goes like this - the revolver will be my BUG in cold weather, as I'd likely carry it in an outer jacket pocket, and since it is hammerless, I could if necessary fire from inside the pocket. I'll also carry it as a BUG to my G19 / G26 when one of them is my primary carry, and assuming my pants aren't too tight to hide the cylinder. In either case, I'm not super worried about ammo capacity, as I'd either use the revolver 1st (if my hands are already in my pockets) to give me time to clear my cover to get to the Glock, or I'd use it last as my way to cover myself as I 'get outta Dodge'. And of course, it does have the edge for reliability.

    The PM9 will be my BUG to the Glocks when I have on tighter pants (its easier to hide in a pocket), and can also be carried in a holster if I must dress in a way that will prevent me from carrying either Glock. The PM9 allows for much easier re-loads, and I'm more comfortable with that on a potentially-primary carry gun.

    None of this is to say what will be best for you. I've thought out what I believe will be my best options based on both how I know I dress & prefer to carry, and on my budget. I only wrote all of this out as it may help you to determine what will work best for you. In the end, I'm not sure you can go wrong with either a S&W revolver or a PM9. I'm obviously biased toward those two weapons, and would choose either (both!) of them over your other stated options.

    Pick one, practice with it, and be safe!
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    I love my 642 J frame wheelie, and often find I carry it as the primary because it's so darn comfortable in a Mika roundcut holster in the pocket. I throw a loaded speed strip in the other pocket, and I'm good to go.
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    I really like my Walther PPS. I can carry in my pocket no problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MilitaryPower View Post
    I really like my Walther PPS. I can carry in my pocket no problem.
    i really like the looks/feel of the pps too. but i don't like the $650+ price tag. i'm leaning more and more toward the s&w with a few speed strips in my other pocket. what ammo would ya'll recommend? after reading a few tests, i was thinking corbon dpx. any better options?

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    Seecamp .32. I have seen them used for $400.00.

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    A used 351PD (22MAG) I found for $350......
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    I'm planning to buy this summer a J frame for my dad simply because he is a big S&W fan. I wouldn't mind having a J frame myself, but I'm likely going to settle for the price of a Taurus.

    I've been sometimes carrying an NAA LR (paternal grandfather's). Dad got his permission slip a few days ago so I pulled it and holster out of my boot at dinner yesterday and laid it next to his fork. He picked it up and put it IWB at 4:00. I was kind of sad to see it go, but he has little other carry option for the time.
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    SW 642/442. Get either a speedloader or speed strips. Or better yet, both.

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    A KelTec .380 can conceal quickly...light and easy to carry as a BUG...I also have taken my wife's S&W 637 in my front pocket...it works...
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