Extended range report on Ruger's SR9

Extended range report on Ruger's SR9

This is a discussion on Extended range report on Ruger's SR9 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; After purchasing my SR9 back in December, it has had approximately 1,500 rounds run through it, and it has seen a couple of IDPA shoots. ...

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Thread: Extended range report on Ruger's SR9

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    Extended range report on Ruger's SR9

    After purchasing my SR9 back in December, it has had approximately 1,500 rounds run through it, and it has seen a couple of IDPA shoots. May I begin by stating that the pistol has functioned perfectly, outside of one stovepipe jam (no failure to feeds or failure to fires in 1500 rounds). It has had several lines of ammunition through it though mostly my hand loads. It has fed FMJ and more importantly the conical hollow points without issue.

    When originally purchasing the SR9, I was also strongly considering the M&P and XD line of pistols. It was important to me that I find a defensive pistol that had only one trigger pull; I did not was a DA/SA style mechanism. In fact, I intended on buying the XD in 9mm when I went to the gun shop (for the final time) to buy. However, I ended up with the SR9 for the simple fact that it fit me perfectly. It pointed naturally in my hands and was the most comfortable platform that I could find in my price range.

    My initial hesitation with going with the pistol was the fact that it was a new design and would have the potential for "issues". Also, I felt that the trigger left something to be desired. However, I went along with my instincts (and the hope that Ruger would be sure to make a reliable pistol, as thats what they have going for them, even if i'm not a fan of their previous pistol platforms overall).

    The issue of reliablity has been resolved, in my opinion, after its flawless functioning after such extensive use. Given that there is a factory recall, I still trust the pistol (given i have the safety "on", as that is the issue with the recall).
    Secondly, the trigger has broken in surprisingly well. I'm familiar with CZ triggers, and I have had the pleasure of shooting a 1911. Though the SR9 trigger is not of the same quality as these pistols, we must realize that we are comparing apples to oranges. The trigger, which was a bit gritty, has smoothed out nicely and the percieved poundage of pull has also dropped considerably. It now breaks cleanly without felt travel at the breaking point (i'm referring to the actual resistance after the inital take-up).

    I have loved the slim profile of the gun and the sights as well. It has proven to be a very comfortable gun to carry and shoot. Other perks that i have appreciated are the sharp serations for racking the slide (some would call this a lack of 'fit and finish' but I have NEVER had a problem racking the slide with sweaty hands or when in a rush). Some have also complained about the safety on the gun, saying its not easily accessible. Most of these complaints that i have seen have been cast by 1911 shooters. True, your thumb does not rest on the safety, but i have not had trouble taking off the safety mid draw and it rests in the pit of my thumb, staying out of the way during firing but remaining easily accessible when consciously wanting to manipulate it. With some practice, i feel that most people would have little trouble deactivating the safety.

    Hopefully this has provided some insight into the new SR9. If anyone has any questions i'll be glad to answer them. I've grown quite familiar with my baby over the past few months, so hopefully i'll be able to provide some meaningful answers.

    Cheers Gents!
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    I'm really hoping Ruger has a winner here.
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    Nice report. Do you have the magazine disconnect unhooked, or is it just the way it came from the factory???

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    Mag disconnect comes out in about 30 seconds...amazingly easy to remove.

    I've never had a problem deactivating the safety on the SR9, and after minor adjustment, engaging the safety is not an issue either.

    My trigger was never gritty, but it was rather heavy until a few hundred rounds went through it. The break was always crisp for me, as well as the reset. Maybe not '1911 crisp', but no sponginess at all.

    The slide serrations and edges of the ejection port are sharp enough to cause light shaving on my Crossbreed Supertuck, but eventually that went away. It was a bit disconcerting to see the shavings...before I realized where they came from, I was afraid something was happening the the SR9 frame.

    I'm very happy I bought mine, despite the recall. A problem was identified, the company is fixing it for free, with a goal of a sub-week turnaround, and I get a free mag as well.


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    The SR9 comes with the magazine safety installed. It has been the culprit of many a gritty trigger pull for people handling the gun in the store and has, in my opinion, hurt sales as a result. The safety is remarkably simple and was very easy to take out. I did this as soon as I broke down the gun for its initial cleaning since I do my best to practice safe firearm handling and didn't want to deactivate my weapon during the potential reload.

    Hopefully you can see in the pictures how the safety is no more than a U-shaped peice that rides the striker body. All it does is engage an edge on the striker body that prevents the striker from moving forward enough to strike the primer. when the magazine is in place it, the U-shaped peice is pushed further into the slide, where it can't engage the striker. Thus, if you pull the trigger the striker pulls back and rubs against the magazine safety unless there is a magazine to push the safety away form the striker body.

    the first picture shows the magazine safety in place. second pic shows how the magazine catch rides the striker (without them in the slide of course). and the third shows the slide and striker free of the magazine catch.
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