What kind of sights do you use?

What kind of sights do you use?

This is a discussion on What kind of sights do you use? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; What kind of sites are on your guns? Do you use the stock sights or have up upgraded them for something different? If so, why?...

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Thread: What kind of sights do you use?

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    What kind of sights do you use?

    What kind of sites are on your guns? Do you use the stock sights or have up upgraded them for something different? If so, why?
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    I have night sights on all of mine except one. My G19 currently sports the factory plastic sights as it's pretty much a carry only (daytime) pistol. My house guns/part time carry pieces all sport the night sights/tac-light/laser options accordingly. If I'm doing night time recon, something other than the G19 accompanies me.

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    Trijicon's on my Carry, TFO and surefire on my nightstand and I think I'm going to put Big dots on my Kimber(JD and Janq gave some good reports).

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    Stock sights on my kimber 1911, work good kind of wish they the front was a different color thought. On my SP 101 I have a fiber optic front sight, very easy to see, although a bit dark indoors but no worse then the original sights.
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    I use Warren Tactical sights, Trijicon, or Meps. The GLOCK factory sights are barely better than nothing and usually come off the gun during the first cleaning. For the USPSA Limited gun I use Warren Sevigny sights. I prefer a wide rear notch and a narrow front sight, so the Warrens are fantastic (and really helpd my scores). The GLOCK factory sights are like having Rosie O'Donnel sitting on your slide. ;)

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    I have Dawson Percision on my G34's and G35 - narrow red fiber in front and black adj in the rear. My 26,19 & 17 have TFO's. My bedroom guns G27, G23 have glock night sights. My G30 has a big Dot. The 1911's and the HP's have Novak night sights. The rest have std sights.

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    XS 24/7 Big Dots and Crimson Trace Laser grips. Glock 17, 19, 26.
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    I have trijicons on my G19, Mepros on my Kimber, factory 3 dot on my XD45, and factory straight eights on my PT111 I might add night sights to my XD, and definetly plan on upgrading the PT111 sometime soon.

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    I have pretty much left all of my guns with the stock sights, preferring to use a separate flashlight to illuminate the whole scene including the sights. I don't have very good night vision anyway and while night sights would be a lot more visible, I still would not make out the target very well hence, the need to illuminate the entire area with a flashlight. I would consider the various laser/light combos but at this time I do not own a gun with an accessory rail.

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    Mostly stock, my 1911 has straight eights and I'm trying to make up my mind on sights for my carry gun (XD45).
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    I have AmeriGlo/BTC Operators (SW-805) on my M&Ps. My other guns still have the original factory sights, except for my Kel-Tec P32 which I added a JPoint Red Dot sight..... Just kidding!

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    Stock sights all around.
    Hand held flashlight for after dark.
    Crimson Trace to make absolutely sure in low light.
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    Many different kinds:

    Colt XSE: standard 3 dot sights with orange paint on the front.
    Springfield 1911A1: Adjustable Novaks, standard black front and rear (no dots, not tritium)
    Led Baer TRS: Heinie Straight Eights
    FN Hi-Power Heinie Straight Eights
    HK P7 PSP: Factory 3dot(white) sights, need to paint the front.
    S&W 360PD: Big Dot 24/7 front sight, trough rear.

    Over all I like the Heinie and the Big Dots best. I like the sight picture I get from the Heinie and the straight eight config. works well for me.

    I like the big dots as they are not your traditional partridge style sights relying on "light bars" for consistent alignment. and IMHO are the perfect "combat" sights, they do take a little getting use to, but I think they offer the fastest front sight acquisition.

    If I didn't all ready have Heinie sighs on my two carry guns, I'd probably go with the XS Big Dots again.

    I really want to also try out some of the above mentioned Warren Tactical Sights, I think I may add them to my Springer and replace the adjustable rear / staked front.

    My Colt Mustangs still have the original so called sights, but I use the term loosely, but that's all part of them being pocket pistols nor are there a lot of alternatives that wouldn't alter what collector appeal they have.

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    I carry a S&W model 10 so I guess you could say factory sights.

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    Standard Novak nightsights. Yuck. Rears way too obtrusive.

    Here's a 10-8 U notch with novak tritium front.

    Les Baer/Champion plain rear with tritium front.

    And my all time favorite? Gold bead front, HD-001 Bomar replacement rear with .135 notch.

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