Down to two ccw choices

Down to two ccw choices

This is a discussion on Down to two ccw choices within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Choosing between the Glock 26 or the Glock 19. I plan to carry it in a holster and sometimes a fanny pack, maybe a smartcarry. ...

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Thread: Down to two ccw choices

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    Down to two ccw choices

    Choosing between the Glock 26 or the Glock 19. I plan to carry it in a holster and sometimes a fanny pack, maybe a smartcarry. I would like some input on which way to go. Theres probably some things I havent thought about or just advice you could help me with to make my mind up. Appreciate any help.

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    I think over all the 19 is a better gun and more well rounded, but the 26 carries a little easier and is almost as good.
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    I have both... They are both fantastic, reliable and accurate guns. Capacity is, for the most part, the only real big difference. Do you want 15+1 or 10+1? The 26 is of course smaller in height and length, and the same width.

    Personally, they are both very easy to conceal. Go to the a range that rents and shoot them both and find out which one YOU LIKE BEST.
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    26 or 19

    I have shot both, but do not own either. I do have two XDs a three inch sub-compact and a four inch service model. XDs are not Glocks! The Glock 19 is so close to the size of the 26 if I were doing this over I would buy the 19. Both pistols hide better than the XDs. I like the feel of the XD and enjoy shooting them more than the Glocks. It may be what you get used to. I hope I have not confused you as much as I have myself.

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    I have thought about something to throw my 9mm shells, and I have looked at both the 19, and the 26...I prefer the 26...either would be OK. Guess I haven't helped much...
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    I have both the 23 and 27, equivalent to the 19 and 26 but in .40.

    I am a small framed guy and although I could easily carry the 19, it would print too much on me. For bigger types, it may not matter as much.

    The 26 will be a bit more difficult to hold because you will not have a place to put your pinkie. You need to shoot it to see how it feels.

    The general consensus seems to be carry as big a gun with as high a capacity as you feel comfortable. I would try them both on, shoot them both and then decide.
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    I have a G19, I do not like a grip where only 2 or 3 fingers are holding the grip of the gun (G26). You can get a pinky extension for the 26 but then you have a G19 with a slightly shorter barrel.

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    The 26 will conceal a little easier in a few circumstances. Overall, I like the 19 and carry one daily. If your looking for belt carry IWB, OWB there is no practical difference. As for Smartcarry or a fanny pack, I'd go with the 26. I carried a G27 for 8 years until I switched to the 19. There really hasn't been too many times I wished I had the smaller pistol in the last couple of years.

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    Go for it and get both...
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    I have carried both and the G19 was easier for me to conceal. The G26 seemed/felt like a small block on my side where the longer barrel G19 seemed to lay up against my body better.

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    I vote 19. the longer slide/barrel will be more comfortable carrying and more ammo is better. Also the longer sight radius should make it a bit easier accuracy wise.
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    To me, the G-19 isn't that much bigger than the G-26.

    I had no problem with the size or weight when I had a G-23 and found it very easy to conceal (same size as the G-19) but I sold it rationalizing that my G-27 (same size as the G-26) would conceal better... well, not by very much! The G-26 or 27 is not a "small" gun, it just isn't! Now I wish I had sold the G-27 and kept the G-23!

    So, I vote for the G-19. I think you'll enjoy it and shoot it more.
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    If pocket carry is one of your modes of concealment, then the Glock 26 is the way to go without the magazine extension finger rest. I agree with the others that if you are going to use the finger rest extension, you might as well go with the 19 as this defeats the purpose of the 26 being easier to conceal.

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    I have the 17 and 26 I like the 17 for carrying all day.The 26 I stick in my
    coat pocket when I don't feel like carrying it on my waist.

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    The Glock 26 is smaller than the G19...even with the Pearce extension. I owned a 19. Sold it. I still own a spite of being a metal/wood kind of guy.

    O and does not really need the Pearce "pinky" entension...this baby fires very well with the pinky just tucked in underneath the pistol grip. Seems quite natural to me...and, for crying out loud, the 9mm recoil is minimal IMHO.
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