Well I just got back from the range. I took my brand new S&W 642 out to wring it out and my old CZ52. I started out with the old 1953 CZ-52 as it has been givng me trouble since I slicked it up a bit. I put in the competition firing pin and spring along with the ghost ring rear sight with a green fiber optic up front and the Slide release. All from Makarov.com. I also added the rubber slip on's and changed out the mag springs. Ever since the over haul it has given me nothing but trouble. Firing pin shooting out the back end and magazines exploding out the bottom. Now this is a gun that sat in my truck as an anti- road rage gun and never missed a beat before. After sending it off to the guy that makes the firing pins it came back in great shape. Along with changing out the mag floor plates it was time to take her out and try again. Surplus ammo is packed in 72 round packs, its what there 7.62 submachine gun carries in its drum. The gun performed flawwlessly through the whole pack of 72. Although the ghost rings make it more of a defensive rather than a precision piece. If you folks are not familiar with the 7.62X25 round you should check it out. First time I fired my sons I felt it all the way down to my feet. Thats a .30 cal bullet traveling at 1600 fps. mighty impressive for a $109 dollar gun.

Now that little 642 got its turn. I have been carrying it as a BUG for my Taurus .45 LC snubbie for the last 2 weeks. I just wanted to get used to carrying it in my pocket. What everyone says is true. It just disappears and you forget you are carrying it. Well I take it out , load up some remington .38 specials and fire away. VERY impressive accuracy for a small gun. Better than I had hoped. I put on a death grip on that little gun and it still hops around a bit. This is not a comfortable gun to shoot but that in and of itself is comforting. People have a tendency to boo-hoo the .38 but I tell you as a big bore fan that I would not want to get hit with one in the chest wearing a T-shirt. That is what I intend this gun for. Its my BUG and my summer sunday-go-to-meeting gun. Just slip it in the Uncle Mikes pocket holster and away I go. I highly recommend this little hammerless pocket piece. I would normally carry nothing that does not have a .45 in its name. But I think this little Smith and I are going to be good buddies. A word on speed strips. There differant than speed loaders, I need alot more practice with them. I tried that carry 4 , load 2 on either end. I dont like it. I may just carry 6 as when I practiced stress loading I had a tendency to drop 1 off the strip. I am sure I will load 6 in the strip for this little 5 shooter.

Stay safe - concealed means concealed.