I am now the best dad in the whole world

I am now the best dad in the whole world

This is a discussion on I am now the best dad in the whole world within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; The original intention of today was to purchase my son his high school graduation gift. He decided that he wanted a Beretta 92fs. He has ...

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Thread: I am now the best dad in the whole world

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    I am now the best dad in the whole world

    The original intention of today was to purchase my son his high school graduation gift. He decided that he wanted a Beretta 92fs. He has one in an airsoft version, but has never held or fired a real one. So before we bought him a non-returnable item that he may not like, we decide to go to a gun range and fire it to see if it fits his hands and he likes the way it feels when he fires it.

    We arrived at the gun shop to look at the Beretta and maybe some other alternatives for my son. He looked at the Beretta which felt real good in his hands, Sigs, Springfields, Kimbers and an assortment of others. His first choice was still the Beretta. The sales clerk wanted to write the whole thing up right there, but I asked him if we could first go to the gun range, rent the Beretta and make sure my son wanted it before we bought it. He agreed that was a good idea. So off we went.

    This was the first time I had visited this particular indoor gun range. It was associated with the county police department and their headquarters was just across the street. They rent all sorts of guns and we had our pick…except for a Beretta. Between yesterday and today, the gun broke and they were not planning on fixing it. That of course threw a kink into our master plan. My son ended up renting a Sig p239, just to get the feel of a 9mm. After firing it, he made the decision to go ahead an buy the Beretta.

    We went back to the gun shop, bought the gun and returned to the firing range. They were really cool. They did not charge us another range fee.

    My son was a little apprehensive about not liking the Beretta but after firing his first magazine, he was in heaven. He loves the way the gun shoots. Below is his first 15 rounds at about 25 feet.

    He reluctantly consented to let me fire the next set. The gun is a dream to shoot. It feels good in my hand and the recoil is almost negligible. I just didn’t like racking of the slide to chamber the first round. The placement of the safety seems awkward and because I wasn’t expecting those protrusions (being a Glock guy), I kind of skinned my left hand a bit.

    He of course does not officially get it until June 7, but he is thrilled with his gift. This may even encourage him a bit to get a job so he can earn money to buy ammo, accessories, classes, etc.

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    AWESOME!!! I know how your son feels. My USP was my high school graduation gift!

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    You are a terrific Dad. I did the same for my son except it was a Llama .45 auto. He got one that workss perfectly. He shot the heckaroonie out of it, went 82nd Airborne, then college, then was called up after 911, made the jump on Balad, and is now in Major League baseball.
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    I very nice gift and a good group too!

    My brother got a Colt for his graduation gift from my Dad. Still has it too. There's just something about Dad buying you your first gun that makes it special.


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    Wow, that's a great graduation gift! How did you like the range?

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    Best Dad in the world.......? Oh man, now you've gone and done it! Before long he'll be having all those 'homeless' firearms following him home, he'll end up 'helping' his future girlfriends daddies 'clean' thier guns ......properly, and have all his friends wanting thier CWL's in two or three years.

    Shoot, before long he'll be joining and posting here.

    Bravo Zulu Dad!

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    The 92 is a great pistol to start up with...and keep for a long long time, always remembering when he got it and who he got it from...way to go Dad!
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    That's a cool gift, I wish my dad would get me anything that cool. Italian-made nonetheless. I like Berettas myself.
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    Nice gift, nice choice, nice grouping...I'd say that you just added another important piece to your home defense plan.

    Stay armed...encourage everyone in the family to be armed...stay safe!
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    There are great dads and then there are dads such as yourself. Great gift and great grouping. Congrats to him and you. He will enjoy himself, but more importantly be safe.
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    Carried the M-9 for many years in the Air Force. It will always hold a special place in my heart. When I finally added a 92FS to my safe last year, my 13 year old son was skeptical. Up to this point, all he had shot, besides his Ruger .22, was my SA XD9, which he loves.

    Needless to say, he loved the Beretta and now thinks I will hand it down to him when he's 18. (Obviously he'll be getting his own just as your son did.)

    Well done, Dad!

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    I'm not a real fan of 9MM but you just added something to home defense that money cant buy, and from the looks of the grouping apparently he has learned very well :)
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    great dad indeed! awesome gift. I intend to make sure my son has the neccessary tools to protect himself and family.

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    Great job I remember when my dad and I went and picked up our Springfield XD .45 Went in there to get a pair a cuffs for work and then dad walked over and asked me how I liked it and I told him I loved it and he said good. Its yours and he got one of his own and so like they say like father like son. Your son will enjoy his new addiction but warn him it can be very expensive as time goes on.
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    That is a great graduation gift. I still have the first firearm my dad bought me... a Marlin 336 30-30 lever action. and I received a Browning Gold Hunter shotgun for a graduation gift from chiro school from my father in law, who is now deceased....I cherish both of them

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