Need some advice on high end guns.

Need some advice on high end guns.

This is a discussion on Need some advice on high end guns. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Okay, here's the situation: After two spinal surgeries (L4-L5 lumbar fusion) and years of fighting with it, I had to quit work back in January ...

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Thread: Need some advice on high end guns.

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    Need some advice on high end guns.

    Okay, here's the situation:
    After two spinal surgeries (L4-L5 lumbar fusion) and years of fighting with it, I had to quit work back in January of 2005. In December of 2006 I had a third surgery, a cervical fusion, this time at C5 thru C7. Anyway, I've been getting by on a very small disability pension from work while fighting for my Social Security disability benefits. On March 28th I had a hearing in front of an Administrative Law Judge and he approved my claim (it took him all of two minutes to decide). This past Thursday I finally received the check for my back benefits - three years' worth!

    I took my wife shopping and out to dinner Thursday night - we had a GREAT time! Friday I spent all day on the phone paying off old bills (the last two will be paid off tomorrow morning), then we repaid the money we'd borrowed from our folks - and gave each a little extra for being there when we needed them most. It's a mighty good feeling getting back above water after all this time and I'll NEVER own another credit card! Oh yeah, I also paid off the S&W M&P-15 I had in layaway.

    Now to where I need some advice:
    There's still a sizable chunk of money left so I'm considering my first high end pistol, likely the only one I'll ever own. What I'm interested in right now is:

    Rohrbaugh R9s Stealth - priced locally at $1300.

    Nighthawk Custom:
    Talon III MSRP: $2524
    Talon IV MSRP: $2494

    Les Baer:
    TRS Commanche MSRP: $2310
    Stinger MSRP: $1970 (ss) $1890 (blue)

    Ed Brown:
    Executive Carry MSRP: $2495 (ss)

    Wilson Combat:
    CQB Compact MSRP: $2395 (Armor tuff)

    There's always the chance I'll find a nice used one of the above models at the shop I'm going to see Tuesday - that'd be just fine by me!

    Any input on the guns I'm interested in? Fit and finish, customer service, that sort of thing? Thanks for any advice.
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    Glad that things finally worked out for you.

    There is not a bad one in the bunch up there.

    Write the names on slips of paper & drop them in a hat.

    Seriously...that's a large purchase and I can understand why you would want some thoughtful & knowledgeable feedback.
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    I'd go with the Nighthawk but then again I'm a sucker for beautiful barrel crowns.

    I've always wanted a Nighthawk Talon III but a IV would do nicely too.

    Second I'd take the Les Baer, but I'm biased.

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    Glad to hear you finally got what was coming to you. I have a Brown Kobra carry, and the fit and finish are flawless, the gun has not had one problem since I got it. I think Ed Brown pistols are a great choice for someone that wants to get a high end 1911.
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    Personally, I go with the Ed Brown Kobra Carry in Stainless, but your choice of the Ed Brown in Executive Carry SS is almost the same thing minus the Snakeskin...

    I'm presently looking at two new pieces: a Glock-26, and an Ed Brown Kobra Carry...(just trying to 'grow' the collection)

    Good luck with your decision...

    Stay armed...with quality...stay safe!
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    It's gotta be a great feeling to be all paid up. I don't think you can go wrong with a list like that -- as long as you get a 1911 to go with that AR. Everyone should have one of each.

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    I had a Baer...way too tight, it's gone.
    I have a Wilson Protector, beautiful, smooth gun.
    I have two stainless Ed Browns...a Kobra and a Kobra Carry.

    No doubt in my mind...get the Brown.
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    I would go with the Wilson Combat. Give them a call and tell them what you want and have them give you a quote, they also will BOB some of them for you.

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    That must be a great feeling. With 4 kids, between braces, saving for college and feeding the garbage disposals, it'll be a long time before I can even dream of that. I think I'd be happy as all hell to have your dilema. Ya know, if it's a once in a lifetime thing, have you ever thought about a custom from one of the guys at Louderthanwords? Like Chuck Rodgers, Stan Chen, Don Williams or... you know what I mean.

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    Either the Nighthawk Talon III or the Ed Brown Executive Carry. Both are excellent guns.

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    I have a Nighthawk 5" Enforcer and am glad about it, but I think it's more about pride of ownership and appreciation of quality craftsmanship than anything related to pure function. I also have a CZ 75 Compact that might be my favorite gun at less than 1/4 the cost. Nothing wrong with expensive guns. As a matter of fact there's more that's right about them, but they're by no means a magic bullet.
    Of course, the Talon III might be the best carry gun of all recorded history.
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    Bear Thunder Ranch Commanche in hard chrome would be my choice of a gun. My first choice for the money would be to throw it into savings for awhile and think about it before jumping into a high end purchase. I have 2 Baers, but they were both thought out.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kpw View Post
    Ya know, if it's a once in a lifetime thing, have you ever thought about a custom from one of the guys at Louderthanwords? Like Chuck Rodgers, Stan Chen, Don Williams or... you know what I mean.
    That's what I was thinking. A custom built for you!!
    Here is something to look at
    1911 Custom Match Grade Pistols and Conversions by Clark Custom Guns, Inc.

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    Congratulations maclean3! In spite of being 100% service-connected disabled by VA, it took SS forever to approve my claim. Immediately, and with a loving nudge from my wife I then bought my Beretta 92G-SD; not terribly high-end, but by the time I had the Ernest Langdon trigger job and all the holsters and other competition gear it added up to a worthy reward. It just ain't right to spend all that money (and it is YOUR money, my friend!) on meat and taters....heh.

    Good luck with your selection; you can't go wrong!
    "It's a big gun when I carry it, it is also a big gun when I take it out” – Clint Smith

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    Congratulations on your blank slate!

    Don't get me wrong, I love my Rohrbaugh R9S, but it wouldn't be my choice for an "only" high end pistol. It's (IMO) the best 9mm for pocket carry, but it makes a lousy range gun. If you want a gun you can carry all the time and shoot occasionally, the R9S is a great choice. If you want a gun to shoot all the time and occasionally carry, any of the custom 1911s would make a better choice.

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