Need a Pocket Rocket !.

This is a discussion on Need a Pocket Rocket !. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hi all, I`m in need of a small size everyday carry weapon. I do carry a S&W9ve as my main carry now but the weather ...

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Thread: Need a Pocket Rocket !.

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    Question Need a Pocket Rocket !.

    Hi all, I`m in need of a small size everyday carry weapon. I do carry a S&W9ve as my main carry now but the weather is getting too hot here in Florida to wear an extra cover shirt. I need something I can put in my pocket or wear with an inside the pants type. I`m Kinda small at 5'6-140lbs and the Smith does sticks out a bit even with a large shirt with my shoulder carry rig. I`ve been looking at the .380 Bersa and Kel-Tec stuff. I`m open to any ideas but I`d like either a .380 or 9mm as far as caliber. Thanks in advance for any help!!!!.

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    I'm getting on the back-order list for the Ruger LCP, but I doubt it will be here for the summer. I plan to use it for a BUG. I did get to handle one. Nice fit and finish. A little more heft than the Kel-Tec. Trigger a little problematic.
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    I recently purchased a Kahr CW9. It is not a pocket carry for me, but I can do it with pleated pants and have a pocket holster a friend made for me. It is perfect for IWB carry because it is so thin, .90" wide. It is more expensive than the Bersa or Kel-Tec, but is really finished well and I put the 1st 170 rounds through it with no failures at all, mixture of FMJ and HPs. It is fast becoming my favorite carry weapon with a IWB holster from Don Hume that I ordered from Kahr. I also have a Kel-Tec P3AT that goes with me everywhere and a Kel-Tec P11 that is my truck gun and doubles as a sometimes carry weapon. I have had no problems with either of the KTs and you don't know the P3AT is there. I also have a Bersa .380, std. size. I don't carry it much anymore, but it is a great pistol, especially for the $ it cost. I have never had a problem with it after the first couple of magazines with American Eagle ammo and I now trust it completely. If a revolver is of interest, the S&W 442 & 642 are good and can be pocket carried fairly easy. My 642 was my main carry until I got the Kahr. Hope this helps some.

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    The P-3AT is so light to carry in a pocket you may forget it's there, a very easy carry. What it's not is a sturdy workhorse to take to the range every weekend. Buy one, learn to shoot it well, then carry it and clean it. They estimate the barrel to be good for 6000 rounds. That ain't much. Onthe other hand, the warranty is good for life if you buy it new.

    A Kahr PM9 is smaller than the Kel-Tec 9s and better made, but about the biggest auto I'd like to pocket carry. On the other hand, the PM9 is a workhorse; you could probably put 6000 rounds per year through it and keep it a lifetime.

    The finish on each is different, but neither seems to mind sweat. The PM9 recoil spring will rust if you happen to swim with it. (sometimes you do things with a pocket carry that would be unthinkable with a paddle) Haven't tried that with a P3AT yet.

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    I have a Kel-Tec P32 and really like it, Here is a good thread that discusses the differences between the P32 and the P3AT

    KTOG Forum - P-32 - Bad choice over a P3-AT ??????
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    I have several KelTec's...but the P-3AT is a very concealable firearm for when I choose not to take my Kimber with me. When short trips to visit a friend's house and summer weather dictate a T-shirt (although I could conceal my Kimber)...the KelTec just disappears in my front pocket.

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    Kahr PM9 in the pocket works for me!

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    We just picked up a Bersa .380. Did a review of it. Nice little gun over all. Pretty impressed with the fit and finish. Seems there is a break in period before it is reliable carry. But over all we are very pleased with it. Especially for the price, don't see how you can go wrong. Not exactly a pocket carry for me but pretty dang small maybe in baggy shorts but surely an easy IWB even with a light T-shirt. That again I IWB a XD.45 compact with a loose T-shirt no problem. Must be another advantage of not reaching my full growth potential, the other being sports cars are as roomy for me as luxury cars are to full grown folks
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    Bersa .380 Concealed Carry. You can bet your life on this gun.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andersmg View Post
    Kahr PM9 in the pocket works for me!
    Works great for me too.
    Tough to beat 7rds 9mm out of such a small package.
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    Kel-tecs great, I had a p3at. After a while it made me lazy (so easy to carry,I made that my EDC and stopped carrying my XD.) and I kept thinking how I want something more accurate,and powerful than a .380ACP. I had a hard time at the range setting up shots being accurate, I couldn't imagine having to pull that thing out in a life-or-death and trying to shoot defensively for your life.

    Thats my .02

    I think its a fine weapon,and I enjoyed shooting it and owning it.

    I now daily carry my Kahr CW9 in an IWB, its incredibly easy to conceal,and very comfortable.

    Money was the only reason that stopped me from a PM9,but when I sat my p3at next to them at the gunshop, it didn't seem too much larger than the p3at.

    I like the pf9 and p11 Keltecs too

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    I was in the same boat as you a few years ago......To make a long story short I had an MK9 for pocket carry and its just a little to "boxy" and heavy for me to carry in that fashion. I now have a S&W 637 snubbie for my main carry in the summer and couldn't be happier.......(thats an overstatment, I could be happier S&W M&P 340 ) My advise is go with a little J frame, yes you lack capacity but you make up for it in size and weight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by slimjim View Post
    Works great for me too.
    Tough to beat 7rds 9mm out of such a small package.
    Yes, get the PM9. Don't trust your life to the stopping power of a .380.
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    While I don't have any problem with the .380s, anytime you can get a pistol that is the same size and in 9mm, that should be your choice. Cost can be a factor and certainly an LCP is cheaper than the PM9 from Kahr, so I can see a move in that direction. But if money is not a problem go with the Kahr, I think you would be a lot happier in the long run.
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    For what it is worth i am happy with both my Kahr pm9 and my Kel-tec P3AT. In the past i have been pleased with various J frame smiths in the pocket role . A " pocket rocket " is a fine firearm to own , but i suggest you think a bit more about the mission of yours in order to select one that will fill the bill . For instance a Kahr p or k 9 is about the size of a walther ppk which many find fine for pocket duty . My pockets are not that big . Neither my walther nor my p9 are " pocketable " for me . my pm 9 is ( but would be at max size for me ) and so is my p3at . For iwb there is not a lot of difference in the concealibality between my p9 kahr and my 5" 1911 Both are thin tho i carry the kahr more due to weight . In summation its not so much about your handgun , rather it is about adapting your dress to your gun , or your gun to your dress . You can easily do either , you just have to factor in the trade offs .
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