EAA witness opinions?

EAA witness opinions?

This is a discussion on EAA witness opinions? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; For those of you who own a full size eaa witness pistols what do think of these guns? would you say they are a high ...

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Thread: EAA witness opinions?

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    EAA witness opinions?

    For those of you who own a full size eaa witness pistols what do think of these guns? would you say they are a high quality firearm? Also are these guns cz clones or their own design? I like their wonder finish allot but want feed back before I take the plunge. Also does anyone where a good leather iwb rig can be found for these guns,or what holsters for other guns will fit it? Last thing is could anyone with a witness pistol please post some pics? thanks

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    I borrowed a friend's EA Witness 9mm for a few weeks, it wasn't the wonder finish though.
    My impressions were pretty positive, it wouldn't be my first choice for a CCW but as a home SD gun it'd be fine.
    Good, solid gun, a little heavy, nice capacity. Probably one of the smoothest triggers I've ever shot but it was a bit long.
    I liked the cocked and locked option too. Nice sights..
    More affordable version of a CZ I guess you could say.
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    I have 2, and they are keepers. Accurate, built like a tank, easy to take apart, and you can change barrels and mags and have another caliber! Oh yea, and reliable!
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    Truthfully, my 10mm Witness has a superior trigger pull than my old 75B, but not my CZ-USA tuned 75B Stainless.

    Tanfoglio offers a great gun at a good price, but I'd prefer a CZ in 9mm or .40 before the Witness.

    That said. Because of all the fervor about the 10mm on my forum's
    CZF Clone Club. I bought the Witness 10 for the platform (CZ75-my favorite)
    and the awesome cartridge.

    That was 8 years ago. I've been very happy since day one.

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    My friend shoots competitively and his quote is "people in the know consider them sweet shooters". He is a SUPER shooter and has won lots of $$$ and competitions. He has a full size witness in 9mm for "stock shooting" ( I think thats what he calls it). If he shoots one they are good guns!!!
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    I've heard all good things about them

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    great guns

    ive shot a witness 9mm that my neighbor owns next to my dreaded ,sigma sw9ve and its a sweet shooter ,nicely made ,feels great in the hand and i hate to say it but my sigma puts its shots dont laugh ,within a 12 inch circle at 15-20 yards once it settles in ,his witness easily halves that 4-6 inches with a few flyers my sigmas getting better i could barely get it on paper when new,its tightening up slowly or im figuring out the trigger.his witness was 349.00 i paid 299.00 minus the 50.00 rebate and 2 free mags,were both happy.

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    I owned a Witness .40 for 5 years and loved it. Solid, tight fit and highly accurate. I shot over 5000 rounds without a hiccup. I recently sold it to buy another 1911 - to stay with one platform, one pistol, one caliber. Otherwise, I'd still have it. I can't speak to the CZ, but I am a Witness fan!
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    The EAA Witness is a CZ clone. I've held them before but never had a chance to examine one closely or shoot it. You might check full size CZ 75 holsters for fit.

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    Don't let the low price fool you. These are nicely finished, accurate, reliable guns.
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    Have a 45 Witness for about 5 years. No problems. Doesn't like SWC handloads or Wolf but does fine w/ all other fmj or jhps I 've used. It is as accurate as any handgun I've ever owned(over 40). Little big for cc but a great bedside pistol.

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    [QUOTE=swiftyjuan;715110]I have 2, and they are keepers. Accurate, built like a tank, easy to take apart, and you can change barrels and mags and have another caliber! Oh yea, and reliable

    Easy to take apart? I can't remember the last time you even cleaned a gun let alone take one apart thats why you want me to come home isn't it
    Really the EAA are very nice and very reliable.
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