my newest purchase

my newest purchase

This is a discussion on my newest purchase within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; over the weekend I paid $420 OTD for this model 66-2 with 2 sets of grips and a speedloader. Do you think I got a ...

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Thread: my newest purchase

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    my newest purchase

    over the weekend I paid $420 OTD for this model 66-2 with 2 sets of grips and a speedloader. Do you think I got a good deal?

    It doesnt matter how small or big your gun is if you dont know how to shoot it accurately.

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    new gun

    dont know about the price, but it sure looks nice
    to me. heres to happy and safe shooting. enjoy
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    Ahhh...a friend from the S&W forum! Love those 66 snubbies!

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    Somone posted in another thread "It just followed me home". In all honesty, whatever gun purchase you made is a "good deal". Now hear me out. I feel ( now this is speculation and my own opinion) that you purchase a certain gun for a reason. It felt right in your hand, the sights felt right etc.. Therefore you purchased it. I have paid more for a gun then I could've gotten on let's say Gunbroker for the simple reason "it just felt right". I own the same model and would bet my life if I had to use it.

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    Gunbroker says you paid a fair price...a + with the wooden grips?Niiiiiice!

    Stay armed...stay safe!
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    I'd say you did well. Not great but well. Very nice looking roundgun.

    Stay safe and enjoy.


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    I had a 66-5 for several years, they're excellent guns. The K-frame guns are recommended for only occasional magnum load shooting so try to do most of your practice sessions with .38spl and maybe a cylinder or two of .357 magnum, then use whichever caliber you wish for carry.

    One thing to watch for on the K-frame is flame cutting, if the previous owner fired excessive magnum rounds. Open the cylinder and inspect the sharp corner where the top strap meets the front of the frame. I had my 66 for several years and went through maybe 50 to 75 rounds of full house magnums, the rest was factory .38spl loads and I never had a problem with flame cutting, end shake or timing issues. It's not really a major issue, just something you should be aware of.

    Congratulations on a beautiful revolver.

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    Very nice! Congrats!

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    Fair price

    I'd say that you paid a fair price for the S&W 66 snubby. I have two of these, both bought directly from prior owners. The 2.5 inch barrel model shown below was $300 about 3 years ago. And I am currently buying one for $500 with the 3 inch barrel, in excellent condition. These model 66 snubbies have really gone up in price recently, especially the prelock models. If you look on Gunbroker you see that dealers are pricing them at $500 to $600 now. The 4 and 6 inch barrel versions aren't quite as high as the snubbies.

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    Seems like a decent deal. I would have bought it. I'm currently looking for something similar. I sold my 642 about a year back. I couldn't shoot it to save my life. I have a 586 and I shoot it very well. I'm looking for a small wheel gun to complement my G27 as an IWB daily carry. I need something heavier than the 642 and preferably .357 mag. Any chance you'd consider selling it? Just kidding....hang on to it. You've got a nice handgun there.

    Oh yea...I paid $323 out the door for my 4" 586 but I got one of those "right place right time" kinda deals. The shop I bought it from had it mismarked and I bought it off the owner's wife who didn't have a clue about what it was worth. He later told me that had I not bought it he'd have raised the price $100.

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    I like it. It makes a much better concealed carry .357 Magnum than do the shrunken J-Frame .357s.

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