Getting Rid of my Kimber?

Getting Rid of my Kimber?

This is a discussion on Getting Rid of my Kimber? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I have two Kimbers, one is my Ultra CDP II (internal extractor). It's a great pistol and has never given me problems. My other ...

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Thread: Getting Rid of my Kimber?

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    Getting Rid of my Kimber?

    I have two Kimbers, one is my Ultra CDP II (internal extractor). It's a great pistol and has never given me problems.

    My other Kimber is the Pro CDP II (external extractor). It, too has been flawless!

    Thinking about the advice I have shared with a few on this forum...I'm trading in my Pro CDP II, for a new Compact CDP II. My dealer is a gunshop in Leesburg, about a two-hour Harley ride away.

    Basically, the Ultra has the shorter barrel and shorter grip...a super CCW pistol. The Pro has the 4" inch barrel and a longer grip, it's just a bit more difficult to conceal (because of the longer grip), but it works for me when I carry it.

    The Compact CDP II has the longer barrel and the shorter grip...the best of both the Ultra and the Pro.

    I guess I feel like I'm giving away a good friend..., but my dealer is pretty good to me, so the trade on the new Compact is not a 'hard hit', and I'm not spending a lot to maintain a two Kimber 'stock pile'...both these Kimbers make great CCW pistola's.

    I almost feel guilty about making the trade?/upgrade?..., but I'll get over it.

    Just sharing my thoughts...any comments are welcomed!

    Stay armed...stay safe!
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    I've got an Ultra CDP II (internal extractor) and I agree with your comments. It's a great pistol. I only bought it because I got a super deal on it used though. If I had bought new and had my choice out of the Ultra, Compact and Pro, I'd easily go with the Compact. It's the most versatile. I don't think you'll notice the extra barrel length for CCW and as you stated, the grip is the same size. I like 4" 1911s. It seems like the perfect size for everything.

    I'd bet after you get the Compact, you probably won't need the Ultra anymore either.

    Good move. If he would trade me a Compact for my Ultra, I'd do it.

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    A mans gotta do what a mans gotta do...


    Most firearms that I have traded over the years at some point in time left me with a feeling of regret.
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    Like you I have a 4 inch Kimber Pro CDP and a 3 inch 1911 with Officer's length grip - a Colt Defender. And I have noticed the same thing you mention - the 1/2 inch longer grip on the Pro size gun seems to make a big difference in concealability compared to the shorter Officer's grip. I think it is the fact that the grip comes to such a point in back that it tends to stick out and print on your cover garment when you bend forward or move the wrong way.

    You choice of the Compact Kimber is probably a good one, and should alleviate the grip printing problem, I think. Here are my two guns side by side, showing comparative grip size:

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    Exclamation Don't Do It !

    You're gonna wish you kept it !
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    Trade it for the Compact or consider a C&S Adventurer (about 3/8" shorter in height at the grip that the Ultra) and ask for a 4" barrel lenght instead of the standard 3" one.

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