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This is a discussion on Weekend getaway carry within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; 2" Ruger SP101 .357 in my Thunderwear rig. No problems, no worries....

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Thread: Weekend getaway carry

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    2" Ruger SP101 .357 in my Thunderwear rig. No problems, no worries.
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    Time of the year does mean a lot up here in Minnesota, where it is just starting to get nice, but I can still wear a sweatshirt today. But given all of your stipulations I would probably choose my Glock 26 with a couple extra magazines. It's very light, reliable and easy to conceal no matter what you wear. The hard part would be figuring out what to carry it in, but no matter what I wear I could carry it in a Smart Carry.
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    I carry my Glock 26 everywhere when off duty and have been able to conceal it on every occasion so far. So I'd got with the 26 and a spare mag on person and a few more in the luggage.

    I also have a 21SF for duty use, but don't yet have an off duty holster. I will likely only be able to conceal it during the winter months though. We shall see.
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    That'd be my EDC HK P7 or my Kahr MK9 Elite.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Metro 40 View Post
    Depends on the weather, just like at home.....

    Why the restriction to only one gun? When I go on vacation, I always take 2. A carry gun and a more fullsize gun for the car/hotel room. That way, if I leave the hotel room or car to grab something at a store, get some food, etc., my wife still has access to a pistola. (Usually a Ruger GP-100 or Rossi M971)

    I always take a full box of ammo for each gun, too.
    I agree with Metro40..

    Depends on the weather, and why only one gun. Unless I’m flying I always carry a full or medium size and a bug.

    We towed the boat to Florida's Key’s for a week in April and I brought along a Glock 26 9mm and Kel-Tek P3AT 380.

    However, the little Kel-Tek was not used because I stated carrying the G26 in a tourist type pouch.

    Always carry an extra 30 shot G18 magazine for the G26 in the car.

    When we fly, that’s when the dilemma of only carrying one firearm comes in play. Again, I think it will depend on the weather. If it’s cooler and I can ware a jacket I’ll take the Glock 26, if it’s shorts and T-shirts, then the P3AT will get to go.

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    um...don't really understand the question.

    I'd carry exactly what I always carry (G19 or 17).
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    my only option is my cw9 and a iwb holster. it easily hides under a t-shirt. i carry 1 spare mag.

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    hot summer Kahr pm9, moderate temps hkp7. mid alaskan winter 1911 gvt. The town next door the same kahr p9 i wear everyday . Best answer i can give for you as you did not specify location and temp . Wife and kids ( or in my case now grandkids ) present or not would have no bearing on the choice .
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    Sorry, but I don't go where I can't have more than one gun.

    If I were to "play" in this scenario I'd probably select my 3" Ruger GP100 and two Speedloaders. It hides well in a Milt Sparks Summer Special II and I can change the Belt Loops to accomodate my "Casual" and "Dress" Belts, (1.50" and 1.25")


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    I think you will find- most of us will carry our EDC because that is our rig and what we train with. My EDC went out of state with me this weekend. The only difference was that I wore casual clothes instead of work clothes.

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    Having retired from LE after 28 long years, I'd carry my everyday pocket snubbie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shizzlemah View Post
    Given that scenario, I'd take my EDC. Why not ?!
    Same here. Why change up?

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    Exclamation Post motivations

    I started this thread for a number of reasons that I'm sure some people on this site care little about.

    First, I was interested in seeing how many people would pick an auto and how many would choose a revolver. Autos are faster to reload and generally have greater ammo capacity, but are less concealable because of their shape. At the time I'm writing this, 22 of you chose an auto (78.6%), 4 revolver (I go into this group) (14.3%), and 2 do not mention what their EDC is (7.1%). (If you named more than one gun and one of them was not a revolver, you go in the auto category.)

    Also, I'm currently very limited in what I choose to carry. The only handgun I own is a revolver. I have a Beretta .380 auto in my possession, but it belongs to my father and he's not very comfortable allowing me to carry it (even if he was, I probably wouldn't; its somewhat bulky and considerably heavier than my .38 snub). So, this information will assist me when I purchase my next handgun.

    For those of you who wonder what's with the one gun restriction, I'm sure there are plenty of reasons that I can't think of right now and the restriction is mostly for those reasons. But I thought of this scenario while on a weekend getaway this past weekend at my gf's parent's place. They were on a cruise and we were "little-sister-sitting." They don't own any guns I am aware of, and my gf is unsure how they would react to the knowledge that I carry, so we choose to keep them in the dark on the matter. I'm also very comfortable knowing that the little sister will never be able to get her hands on a gun that is on my person or otherwise under my exclusive control 24 hours a day -- hence the solitary gun. This is also the reasoning behind the two reloads only (which was not considered by a couple of posters). Two reloads are much easier to maintain control over, keep out of sight, etc. than more mags/box(es) of ammo/whatever.

    I think I should have mentioned in my first post, two guns for a couple would meet my restrictions, since each member of the couple would have control of only one gun at a time -- Metro 40. My gf doesn't carry, yet.

    Thank you all for your comments so far. I hadn't thought much about weather considerations; that could go a long way toward comfort and concealability.

    My own response to my post:
    my edc is my only choice -- S&W 642 in smartcarry (smartcarry isn't my only holster option, thank god, but it is a great one.) I carried the majority of this past weekend in an IWB and I hated it. I was constantly concerned about whether anyone would notice I was strapped. Next time, its smartcarry for sure, at least when in public and the future in-laws place. Hopefully I'll be able to afford a nicer IWB or better option soon.

    Quote Originally Posted by tns0038 View Post
    However, the little Kel-Tek was not used because I stated carrying the G26 in a tourist type pouch.
    A personal note because of this guy -- I would never choose to carry using a "tourist type pouch" or other fanny-pack style in the Keys or other known tourist-centric location. This type of device only attracts attention from the kind of people one does not want the attention of. As I'm sure those who have little to no desire to be involved in an armed confrontation will agree, a large part of surviving such an encounter is to not be involved in one. Just ask anyone who has never had to fire or display his/her weapon in self-defense. Not carrying such a "pouch" is a great way of avoiding unwanted criminal attention.
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