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Kahr P series (not PM) experiances?

This is a discussion on Kahr P series (not PM) experiances? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Will do. After pictures of the gun stripped ad of the mags we'll begin talking if he wants, but not before then....

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Thread: Kahr P series (not PM) experiances?

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    Will do.

    After pictures of the gun stripped ad of the mags we'll begin talking if he wants, but not before then.
    ~Mike F.
    "Quemadmoeum gladuis neminem occidit, occidentis telum est."

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    I sold my P45 because it was not reliable. After over 800 rounds, and many feed problems and a handful of ejection problems, I gave up. I bought the P45 as a potential CCW, not a range gun and could not trust it to work. If it had worked, (and I really wanted it to), the P45 is an ideal CCW. The plastic Kahrs have a much discussed, less than perfect reputation, much different than the steel Kahrs, which enjoy a better reputation.

    The slide rides on two embedded rails in the dust cover as well as the two rails on the rear of the frame and has the barrel to hold it down tight as well. The slide and it's method of movement is not a concern. It isn't flying off unless you make it.

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    P9 here - got it from a not-so-bright owner myself. Flipped the slide lock spring around and it has been 100%. Very accurate, very reliable, no regrets, and ITS NOT FOR SALE :-)

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    I love my CW9, it's about as accurate as any gun I've shot. I bought it new and It's been completely reliable after 75 break-in rounds. It'll be my daily carry as soon as the license gets here. I trust it with my life.
    Heavily armed.
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    Here's a link to Mythbusting the "poly only" PM Kahr rails mystery...

    Mythbusting the "poly only" PM Kahr rails mystery... - Glock Talk
    Springfield EMP 4 Lightweight Champion,
    STI Escort,
    and others....

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    I bought a P9 used and put at least 1500-2000 rounds through it so far. No problems after I read the manual about how to chamber the first round. The spare mags have a bad habit of losing rounds if not carried in a mag carrier. Flat, reliable and accurate, I just wish I had bought a Covert when they were available, would have been even easier to conceal. I usually carr Gold Dots ammo.

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    I Love My Kahr P40

    I'm very happy with my Kahr P40. It is my primary carry piece and I trust it with my life. Mine presently has about 3,500 rounds through it.


    Kahrs have a break-in period, mine was problematic for the first 500 rounds, good from 500-1000, and after 1,000 rounds became as reliable as my Glocks. As a 'proof of concept' I shot IPSC with it for half a season where I honed my speed shooting skills with it. I was very happy with the results.


    It weighs half as much as my 1911 which increases comfort, reduces movement, makes for convenience in the rest room. Even though I only wear double thick gun belts made by custom holster makers, I attest that gun weight still makes a difference.


    I shoot it accurately, I can get all my fingers on the grip, it totally disappears when I wear it IWB just jeans 'n t-shirt. It is light, concealable, accurate and reliable. It has no external safety to fumble with and it's trigger pull is consistent and smooth.


    The feedramp is indeed steep though it has not caused me problems, other than you have to learn the 'right' way of loading the first round and not do it manually. Also, the rifling at the chamber really chews up any cartridge that gets chambered so once it goes in, it comes out pretty tore up if you don't shoot it. None of these are big problems - sort of like break-in period, what gun would you buy that you would not immediately put 1,000 rounds through it?

    I hear stories that reflect either upon Kahr's shabby QA, or people that assemble the gun incorrectly or limpwrist or who knows what. All I know is me and mine, and mine has been a true love.

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    Used Kahrs

    I have an MK40 that has been fired a lot, and we have a T9, a T40, and a PM9 as rentals that have seen tons of rounds. The T40 broke a slide stop spring and would lock open early, the others have been trouble free for lots and lots of rounds.

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