My new baby

My new baby

This is a discussion on My new baby within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; I got a new baby today. It's a Colt Pony in .380 acp, sold as an FI model D. Here's a link to explain. Star ...

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Thread: My new baby

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    My new baby

    I got a new baby today. It's a Colt Pony in .380 acp, sold as an FI model D. Here's a link to explain. Star Firearms : D-Series Pistols (It has the CPA designation at the beginning of the serial number.)

    Even though it's 30 years old, it looks brand new and it's still in the box. Still has the warrenty card and owners manuel. There is no wear on it inside or out. It's built very well and it's small enough to conceal in even my flimsiest, smallest girlie pockets. Can't wait to get to the range to try it out.

    With my Firestar m43.

    The whole family.

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    Nice pocket rocket!

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    That's a nice Pony and a good find! Congrats!

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    Nice score!

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    That is nice just like a mini 1911

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    Sweeeeeet collection!

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    The Colt Pony. Nice Classic.

    Take a little bit of linseed oil and very lightly scrub it into the checkering on the faces of your grips with an artists brush or a toothbrush. Apply it sparingly - don't use too much.

    Light Tung Oil is also really good.

    Then wipe off all the excess linseed oil with a rag and then dry the toothbrush on the rag and brush the grips again with the dry brush.

    Let the grips stay on the gun while that dries in for a few days.

    You might want repeat the process again in a week or so.

    That will help keep your walnut grips from spotting up from gun oil and sweat.
    It also enhances the grain of the wood.

    It will also toughen up your checkering a little bit after it fully dries and your nice checkered diamonds will be less prone to denting and chipping.
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    very nice !
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    He's a cute little 'guy'...

    Congrats...on the adoption...brings a tear to my eye!

    Stay armed...shelter the homeless...stay safe!
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    A friend of mine has a S/S version, and uses that to carry when he "isn't" carrying. Great shooter too. Congrats on your purchase.
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    Star, when imported by Interarms,
    made some good stuff. I have a Star PD (45).
    It chambers anything, even the old CCI 200 JHP.
    The only problem I ever had was, and seeing your gun,
    you'll probably have the same problem,
    is the grips are real soft wood.
    They work themselves loose and when you tighten the screws,
    they go deeper into the wood and my screw tips
    wound up in the magazine well. Not good.
    I replaced the wood grips with Pachmayr Signature grips.
    One piece covers both sides and the front
    and they came with another piece that covered the back strap
    that was held in place by the 2 side panels.
    One of the nice features is you can thumb up the safety
    with the hammer either up or down.
    The 45 was the lightest 45 for its time
    and never failed to feed or eject.
    Enjoy your new addition.

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    Congratulations. I bought a very used one about 18 months ago and really like it. After solving a couple of little problems it has become very reliable. It is too used and worn to be a carry gun, but I enjoy shooting it. I carry a Colt Mustang as a pocket pistol instead.

    Here are two threads that I stared about my Pony. There may be some info of interest to you in them.

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    The trip to the range didn't go as well as I had hoped. It needs a new thumb safety. The safety kept engaging after each shot. I would have to hold it in and down with my thumb to get the gun to fire. When I got home, I took it all apart to see what the problem was. There is a tiny retaining pin on the safety that is defective. Luckily, the gun shop owner is a great guy. I'm sure he'll be willing to replace the part for me. The rest of the gun is perfect.

    When it was working right, it shot great! Very little recoil and, at self defense distances of 15-20 feet, nice tight groupings. I didn't try it at longer distances because of the safety issue. Once I get that fixed, I'll go back and give it a proper test and give you all a more thorough range report.

    Over all, I'm very happy with my Pony.

    QKshooter and Coach, thanks for the info on caring for the grips.

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    Very nice piece. A nice collectable gun. envious.
    Facts are negotiable, perceptions are not.

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    Thanks, guys. dr_cmg, a lot of good info in the links you posted.

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