Instant Break-In of your Kahr

Instant Break-In of your Kahr

This is a discussion on Instant Break-In of your Kahr within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Want to save the 200 rounds that Kahr recommends for break-in? When I got my PM9, I took my Dremel and put a polishing head ...

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Thread: Instant Break-In of your Kahr

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    Instant Break-In of your Kahr

    Want to save the 200 rounds that Kahr recommends for break-in?
    When I got my PM9, I took my Dremel and put a polishing head on it that looks like a bullet. The shank screws right into it and holds it tight. Then I took some dried up rubbing compound, ran the tip in it then proceded to work it into the feed ramp and chamber. It made a mirror finish and after cleaning it out, I ran a few boxes of all types of HP and regular ammo through it without one malfunction.

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    The procedure you're talking about is commonly called a "fluff and buff", to polish the feed ramp and other critical friction surfaces, usually with a dremel tool.

    It sounds like you've done a pretty good job, but most of us are scared to do it to our own guns. If you take too much metal off somewhere, or create a rough edge somewhere, (etc....) you can really foul up the weapon. It can also void the warranty if not done perfectly.

    Glad yours came out OK!

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    Interesting pet project...glad it worked out well for you. As other have said, most of us will usually have a pro do this job. However, maybe since your HG works so well, you now qualify.
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    It's a polishing head, not a grinder. It was easy and I'm not a gunsmith. Just polish it.

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    I've done the same to some P3AT's; another way I've done it is with rolled up 600 grit and simply push it back and forth in the same direction the shell champers. It's just one of those things where less is more.

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    Why not just shoot a couple hundred rounds? First off it's FUN! Second you are learning about your new gun as you do so. I'd just rather shoot the darn thing. But I'm glad it worked out for you!

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    Quote Originally Posted by agksimon View Post
    Want to save the 200 rounds that Kahr recommends for break-in?
    I ran a few boxes of all types of HP and regular ammo through it without one malfunction.
    yeah that would help...but sounds like you just run 100 rounds thru the gun and the extra hundred rounds would help on your aim and familiarzation of the new gun...
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    I would not have the nerve to do that to my gun. However, I have often wondered about polishing the feed ramp.
    When I finish shooting my 1911 some days with 150-300 rounds the feed ramp is caked with carbon, and is anything but smooth. So if the polishing of the feed ramp is so critical, why is my gun not malfunctioning when the ramp is so caked up?


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    All three of my Kahrs came with a pretty smooth and polished feed ramp from the factory. The break-in shooting is more to seat the frame and slide together, as Kahrs are produced to tight tolerances. I'm not much of an advocate of break-in practice since I believe the gun should work from the start. What you did can't hurt, but it probably didn't help much either IMO.

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    Dremels are OK for fine mirror polishing, but it's best to initially start with fine grade sandpaper (800+) and sand IN THE DIRECTION of movement of the part to get rid of any ridges. With ramps/chambers, the dremel is polishing laterally, which "could" theoretically make the ridges worse if don wrong.

    For chamber polishing, I've always used a well sized wooden dowel with VERY fine sandpaper (1,000 coarsest, 1500 or 2000 is best) or polishing compound on it, then use straight in/out motions.

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    Guys, its really easy, did the same thing along with the .25 trigger job to my G19 a few years ago... Was very nervous at first, and it doesnt take alot of pressure to polish it. Very noticible results.

    $0.25 trigger job
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    It hardly is a break in, but I do it to my guns to improve things a little.
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    Breaking on a new gun can only be done by firing it. I am no gunsmith but I am a bit of a mechanic. As with a new notor, you can prep all you want with seating valves, polising heads, and seating ringsan but the only thing that will give a true break in is running the motor. This allows all of the moving components to break-in in conjunction with each other.

    But, I have performed fluff and buffs on every handgun I own only after the initial break in period.

    Also, in response to the fella with the 1911, they are such a bulletproof and tried design that there is not much that can foul the mechanical workings of that particular gun. Just my two cents.
    I'm married to my Kahr.

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    This allows all of the moving components to break-in in conjunction with each other.
    No wiser words have been posted here . Bearing surfaces must wear in and seat . Nothing wrong with shining things up a bit , however many get the " too much of a good thing " going . IMHO you will never see this more than with the 1911 partly due to the vast amount of " cheap " aftermaket parts , partly due to the sheer numbers of 1911s out there , and partly due to the design of the 1911 and the lack of understanding just how the action acts is dependent on the interaction of multiple parts .
    I submit a blog post as an illustration and you can find it here Xavier Thoughts: The 1911 Gap

    Now no one sets out to say i am going to ruin a pistol today , however home smiths produce ruined pistols every day , and not thro the inability to run a rotary tool , rather thro a lack of understanding the steps they need to take to accomplish the desired result .

    If you are confident you understand the recoil system of a P35 FN ( Browning HP) or a ramped barrel 1911 you understand a Kahr enough to go ahead and play assuming you keep in mind that less is more , and power tools were invented by Satan. The main difference in Kahrs feed system than a HP is that the feed ramp is off center on a Kahr . DO NOT attempt to taper or correct in any way the feed chute . Kahrs are spendy pistols and upside a 1911 too light to even make a good trout line sinker if you screw it up lol . Justin Moone spent a lot of $$ to get it right enough to feed ammo with the basic design . He also built pistols to close tollerances , and took some libertys on plastic frames by not paying someone to trim the " spurs and over runs " rather to say " break it in " and save that money ( while also assuring that the consumer shot the pistol at least 200 rounds thusly gaining experiance ) because 200 rounds will allow parts to " seat " and also cut off any dangling plastic pieces that may have been left over from assembly .
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