Kahr P9?

Kahr P9?

This is a discussion on Kahr P9? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; anyone here own a kahr p9? If so what have been your experiences with these guns? I've heard/read that kahr has had a lot of ...

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Thread: Kahr P9?

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    Kahr P9?

    anyone here own a kahr p9? If so what have been your experiences with these guns? I've heard/read that kahr has had a lot of problems with their polymer framed guns like feeding issues and cracked frames and broken frame rails is this true? I ask as my local shop has a LNIB P9 with 2 mags and night sites for $450. I was debating ordering a new stainless K9 w/night sites but thats gonna run me about $650 give or take. So whats the verdict guys are the polymer kahrs bad guns?

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    They are good guns! They are not beginner friendly though, be sure to inspect everything before you purchase a used pistol.
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    I have a CW40 I bought new about 2 weeks ago. I ran 200 Rds of SW 165 FMJ through it. Not one hiccup what so ever. Very accurate for a compact. I can tell it is loosening up a bit. Everything seems to be smoother than when I first starting shooting it. I bought a couple boxes of hydro-shocks but haven't had a chance to run a couple mags yet. I'm very impressed with it so far. I paid $399 + tax for it new. Hope tis helps.

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    A p9 is my main carry gun, its hard to say more about a pistol than that you trust your life to it .
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    My EDC will be the CW9, budget version of the P9. The CW9 comes with 1 mag, fixed front sight and a few minor differences from the P9, but It's a great gun. Most Kahr's I hear are tight at first (I could barely rack the slide on mine - probably not very beginner friendly), so you'll definitely need the break in period that Kahr recommends and it'll loosen right up, but I trust it to go bang every time. I paid $425. +$40 for extra magazine. $450 LNIB sounds like a pretty darn good deal for a P9.

    Where are you in FL btw? I'm in Gainesville.
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    That's a great price for a P9 w/ NS. Is it the stainless or DLC slide version?

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    I carry a P9 daily. It has worked flawlessly. I have never had a FTF in approximately 1500 rounds. I like it because it conceals easily as it is very thin. That by the way, is an excellent price for a P9 with night sites.

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    Quickdraw it is the stainless slide version. Well I may have to put some money on her after reading this I was leaning towards a steel k9 but being basicly the same gun I guess I p9 will do.

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