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Warning about gun cleaners and coatings!!!

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Thread: Warning about gun cleaners and coatings!!!

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    And this site gets another victory in it's favor!

    <3 this site!
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    Wow... I've been using this product with no problems at all. I agree with the above suggestions that it just might be a slight residue. Let us know how it turns out.
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    Gideon - You are not alone! I had the same experience with "Gun Scrubber" on my G26.

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    gun scrubber does the same thing to my M&P...oil it up and its good to go again.

    When i use my High Noon holster i can see the contact points where the oil get sucked off the slide by the leather...same grey appearence as with Gun Scrubber...oil it up and good as new.

    I use Rem-Oil and have no need to heat anything up.

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    Lucky for you, a little oil returned the finish to where it was. That is what internet forums are for!

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    Red face Gun Scrubber

    Be careful on some plastics with the Gun Scrubber and similar cleaners. I partially melted a set of plastic grips that came off a Beretta 22 years a go.

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    It was good how it turned out but I probably shouldn't be so sensitive about the looks. The guns I've carried a lot do get some wear and tear on the finish. I love a perfect finish on guns but it's not going to stay that way if you shoot and carry them so I need to relax a little about that!

    I scratched one of my stainless guns one time removing the slide stop, that hurt, then, I'd just bought my 642 and dropped it, dinging the frame a bit. God knows I'm too picky so He helps me get that first mark in'em so I can relax

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    yup this forum is a wealth of knowledge, and I was going to ask if you wanted to get that light grey slided pistol off your hands.

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    Break Free Powder Blast Gun Cleaner is a good product, but it will melt some plastic grips (CZ 83) and finishes on wood rifle stocks. On those guns use Break Free CLP only. :)

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