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I just bought my first gun ever.

This is a discussion on I just bought my first gun ever. within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Glock makes a fine handgun. Visit a gun range weekly, and practice! Get a good holster, cheap is tempting, but don't put your life line ...

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Thread: I just bought my first gun ever.

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    Glock makes a fine handgun. Visit a gun range weekly, and practice!

    Get a good holster, cheap is tempting, but don't put your life line in a cheap holster.
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    Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside a dog, it's too dark to read. -Groucho Marx

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    Congratulations! It should serve you well.

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    You know its not right to have a gun stored by itself; you must purchase another one to keep it company. Maybe a 1911 for a big brother.
    Psalms 144:1
    Blessed be the Lord my strength, which teacheth my hands to war, and my fingers to fight.
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    Quote Originally Posted by AZGlock13 View Post
    Welcome and congrats on the G23! The G23 was my first Glock and I still have it to this day. Matter of fact it is my bedroom nightstand gun (I sleep very well at night knowing it is there).
    Same here it was my first Glock and nightstand pistol.

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    Welcome to the club brother. Always remember with any right, power or authority comes an equal mesure of reponsibility. I can not agree more with the above coments regarding training. Learning is a life long endever and no less so with firearms. If you cannot perfectly quote at any time the 4 cardinal rules of firearms safety then get there fast.

    1. all guns are always loaded

    2. never point a gun at anything you are not prepared to shoot

    3. keep your finger off the trigger, outside the trigger guard untill your sights are aligned on target and the decision to fire has ben made

    4. be aware of your target and what is beyond.

    No one of these is any more important than any of the others. You MUST now dedicate your life to living every moment with these rules foremost in your mind.-Jay

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    Congratulations on a great purchase! I'd like to own a glock myself when more funds are available.

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    Now you've gone and done it!!!
    Those peskey Glocks reproduce like dust bunnies! Worse yet, you picked up one of the best platforms.....my prayers go with you.

    My G23 'reproduced ' another G23 within the first year I had it. It's only gotten worse since.

    BTW, Welcome Aboard!
    "Just getting a concealed carry permit means you haven't commited a crime yet. CCP holders commit crimes." Daniel Vice, senior attorney for the Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, quoted on Fox & Friends, 8 Jul, 2008

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    Welcome to the lifestyle, the lifestyle of those who are more alert and much more aware of their situations than the sheeple.

    As already stated, practice and keep learning.
    "Don't hit a man if you can possibly avoid it; but if you do hit him, put him to sleep." - Theodore Roosevelt


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    Quote Originally Posted by exactlymypoint View Post
    Just a word to the wise. Glocks are like rabbits. Before you know it, your one Glock multiplies into 5 or more. NOT that I would know from experience.
    Well, the problem is they don't eat a $10/50# bag of rabbit pellets, they want these little pieces of paper with U.S. Grant on them. I tried leaving rabbit pellets out for my 19, but it didn't work...

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    You could just also get a 9mm barrell for it from lone wolf and a 22 lr. kit from Advantage Arms. Because sooner or later your probably going to want to shoot 9mm because of cost of ammo, and then 22 since you can shoot your gun much more often with 22.
    Its not about guns...Its about Freedom!

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    Thanks for all the responses guys. I can see why you guys have a bunch of guns, I can already see the addiction side of it. I'll be heading to the range tomorrow, and out camping this weekend, so I'm sure it'll see a few rounds.

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    I miss mine :( Had to sell it.
    For some reason the glocks have a major problem with the 'limp wrist' test. Keep a good grip on it :P

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    Awsome. Congrats!! And welcome!

    “They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security” Benjamin Franklin
    I'm not pro gun, I'm pro rights. What are you?


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    It is utterly illogical to believe that passing laws to reduce gun violence will be successful when those who are commiting the gun violence do not obey the law.

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    Congrads, you big super Glocker!!!!

    Understand it well, and train with it and it should make you a fine carry weapon.

    An ounce of lead is worth 200lbs of cop.

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