Glock 26 shooting Impressions

Glock 26 shooting Impressions

This is a discussion on Glock 26 shooting Impressions within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Unless I get a new gun and want to post pics I usually do not start new threads. However, with the all of the “what ...

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Thread: Glock 26 shooting Impressions

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    Glock 26 shooting Impressions

    Unless I get a new gun and want to post pics I usually do not start new threads. However, with the all of the “what to buy” threads lately that have dealt with the both Glock 26 and 27’s and Springfield XD’s I thought I would throw my 2 cents in. Having previously owned and carried a sub compact XD9 I think I can give a pretty informed comparison of the two. Although I would love to sit here and type up a detail comparison, laying out how each gun has it’s strong points compared to the other, etc, but I can’t. IMO the Glock totally blows the XD away in all categories so all I can do here is point out a few of the more important things that I liked about the Glock.

    #1. The grip: The grip fills up my hand better than the XD, allowing me to hold the same firm grip through the whole magazine. With the XD, every couple shots I had to readjust which I wasn’t fond of.

    #2. The trigger: This Glock’s trigger is much more solid feeling and predictable than the XD’s. Couple that with a much shorter pull and it kills the XD.

    #3. Sights: More specifically the rear sight. I greatly prefer the Glock U shaped rear sight as opposed to “connect the dots” of the XD. To me it is much easier to acquire the front site in a rapid fire drill which it shows in my shot placement. I can get a tighter group with the 26 on the first day than I ever could with the XD.

    As I said I believe every part of the Glock is better than the XD, these were just the biggest things that stuck in my mind. On the range I could get better group as longer distances with the Glock and I attribute that to the trigger and sights. The bottom line is that this gun is just easier to shoot and handle than the XD. This is just my humble opinion though, I’m sure there are plenty of folks out there who have the exact opposite opinion as mine and that’s fine. I just thought I would put together some of my thoughts I have had the opportunity to shoot both.

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    Blasphemy, I say, blasphemy! I did, however, buy a trigger kid for my XD.
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    Purely subjective on all points.

    The 26 is better for you. I looked seriously at the 26 but went for the XD9sc and feel the 9sc, for me, beats the 26. I prefer the XD grib angle, trigger, sights and overall feel.

    The XD fit me better than the Glock 26. That only makes it the better choice for me. It doesn't automatically make the XD the better weapon anymore than your experience makes the 26 the superior weapon.

    This is why it is importan for folks to judge handguns by hands-on comparisions and not just what another user says.

    Glocks and XDs are both excellent weapons. Pick the one that works best for you and enjoy it!

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    Exactly, that is why I disclaimered it at the end by saying it is only my opinion. I have no hard data just feelings, one gun fit ME better than the other. If anyone has the same thoughts about the xd as I did they have something to look at now with the Glock. However, if you love your xd then this did nothing for you.

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    I liked alot of the features of the XD. But in the end, the sights and the trigger are what made me sell my XD-40.

    I know changing the sights is a cheap fix, but a trigger job was going to be more money. I couldn't see puting more money into a gun that I never fell in love with.

    None of my pistol sights are "connect the dot" All have a vertical set up like straight eights "8", I dot " i " or Glock U dot. My eyes seem to acquire this style faster than 3 dot.


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    I know we are dangerously close to a Glock Vs. XD war, but I have to agree with XD9mm and what he has learned.
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    yeah, we don't need a war
    everyone just keep weapons opinions in perspective
    some hate glocks, some hate HK, I happen to like both, I don't like the feel of a single stack 1911 but I will get one for the collection soon lol. I would like to try a double-stack 1911 sometime, but thats just me, my opinion, and my hands.

    My wife got the xd9sc since my brother had one, after shooting it 400 rounds (or so) and shooting my glock 30, she realized that it just wasn't good for her hands. She tried the 26 and has never looked back. My XD9sc is no my mom's primary defender now and she likes it.

    to each their own.........
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    Everyone has an opinion and everyone has likes, dislikes and what works for one or some, make not work for the next guy. ALL a matter of what suits you best.
    I'm happy with my Glocks. Tried the XD, but found no reason to abandon my Glocks.

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    I have shoot the XD sc, as well as the M&P c, and purchased the Glock 26 as well. Glock's compacts and subcompacts feel better in my hand, and I shoot the Glock better.

    If it feels good and you can shoot it better - buy it.
    Be Observant and Be Safe.

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