Need advice on a New CCW- Want 3"-1911

Need advice on a New CCW- Want 3"-1911

This is a discussion on Need advice on a New CCW- Want 3"-1911 within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hello all I am in the market for a new/used CCW I am looking for a 1911 with a 3" barrel. Any advice.As far as ...

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Thread: Need advice on a New CCW- Want 3"-1911

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    Need advice on a New CCW- Want 3"-1911

    Hello all
    I am in the market for a new/used CCW I am looking for a 1911 with a 3" barrel. Any advice.As far as price somewhere around 600.00

    Thanks to all who repley
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    In what price range are you looking? I like my Kimber Ultra CDP II a lot. Have you thought about maybe going with a 4"? It shouldn't be much harder to conceal. I got mine used for a good deal but if I were going new, I'd go with something like a Compact CDP II.

    Edit: Thanks for putting the price range in there. Try to find a used Kimber Ultra or maybe a Colt Defender. You may have to bump it up a $100 or so. I actually found my low round count Ultra CDP II for a hair over $700 used.
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    4 inch would buy you a much higher chance of success (happiness) with the weapon, but if it's 3 inch you want, it can be done. Just realize that the 3 inch in the 1911 platform is the most prone to be finicky. Something about reducing the operating system below 4 inch that just tends to screw things up.

    I have a 3 inch Springfield Armory Loaded light weight model. Bought it NOS a few years ago for $700. Runs okay now after a trip back to S/A. You might find one of those used in your range. Might also find a Colt.

    Worst case you might have to save and add another $100/$200. Keep your eyes open, but beware also.... many guys when they get one that won't run, put it up for sale in frustration. You don't want to buy someone else's headache.
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    Price limit?

    Your price limit of $600 for a 3 inch 1911 is a little tight, in that most of them go for more than that. If you could go up to $800 it would open up many more possibilities.

    I have a 3 inch Colt Defender 1911, and it has run very well for two years. I bought it slightly used for $700. The Kimber Ultra models also have a loyal following, and the basic blue or stainless are probably available for under $800.

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    I agree with pogo2.

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    I'd go with a steel framed 3 inch 1911. The muzzle clip is reduced (in my opinion) with a slight weight increase.
    IF this is your 1st 1911...I'd suggest going with a 4inch. The 1in size difference doesn't hurt concealment, and the 1 inch additional size does seem to help with reliability.
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    Check out gunbroker, there are a few listed now (including a Colt) that are (currently) under $600

    If you are looking for new, and are willing to go with a 3.5 as opposed to a 3, you could get a High Standard Crusader or a RIA for between $400-$500
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