Which sight to get ???

Which sight to get ???

This is a discussion on Which sight to get ??? within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; Hey gang, I'm asking opinions again !!! I got a XD 9mm sc with lousy stock sights I been leaning towards the XS big dot ...

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Thread: Which sight to get ???

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    Which sight to get ???

    Hey gang,
    I'm asking opinions again !!!
    I got a XD 9mm sc with lousy stock sights
    I been leaning towards the XS big dot express sites
    I got Straight Eights on my Kahr and they work real well for my crumy eyes !! And I got old man eyes !!!
    I like hitting the 10 ring, just like all of you, but I do know that this is my carry gun for now( I dont know if it will be in the future, more on that later) and I want This gun set up for defensive use.
    Hitting bulls is secondary.
    I will also tell you that this is one of the best natural pointing guns I have ever had !!
    I have had one person (in the know) who indicated to me that XS sights dont work real well with short barrel XD sc guns.
    Most of the reviews I have read have been real positive on the Big Dot sights
    Anybody got them on a small barrel gun ??
    How do they work for you ??
    What other sights do you think might work ? ( Heine, etc )
    I am thinking no lasers But haven't made a final decison .
    So gang Talk sights to me !!!!
    Take care

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    Have you looked at TruGlo TFO's?
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    On my USP Compact I have Big Dot front sight and for now I have decided to keep my adjustable MMC Combat Night Sight rear, on the USP compact I don’t like the fact the line on the XS Express rear is hidden below the slides dovetail to the point where I really could not see it well enough, the sight just sits to low on the HK compacts for me make work. I just had my gunsmith widen the center notch on the MMC rear to give more space to handle the larger big dot front. It seems to be working well for me if I was to change the rear to anything else in the future I was thinking of trying a ghost ring rear with the big dot front.
    In your case I would think you could get Heinie to widen one of their Straight Eights rear to work with the big dot front and fit them to your slide that way you would have a 2 dot 8 configuration night sight with the bigger easier too see front.

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    From what I've learned the XS Big Dots are not ideal for target shooting but are intended for quick access sighting in a combat situation.
    I just had them installed on my XD45C. They may take a little getting used as they are not the typical 3 dot sights. I also have TFOs on my G19 and Mepros on a XD9 and like both of them also.
    Everyone here will have their favorites.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tally XD View Post
    Have you looked at TruGlo TFO's?
    DITTO ! I have them on my XD 45 compact...they are good to go in no light to bright light.....They work for me

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    Another vote for Tru-Glo TFOs here...have them on my G-26 and love them.
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    All of the sights that you have listed are of good quality. This fiber optic ones are a little to fragile for a fighting gun IMHO. The real issue here is that you have the straight eights on one gun and like them. All of your guns should be set up the same. Stick with the straight eights.
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    I've shot a Glock 26 equipped with Big-Dots and it worked great (just like my 19 and 17 with big-dots). I have no idea why they wouldn't work on a sub-compact...

    Go with the Big Dots. They're plenty accurate, and easy to pick up (therefore, very fast).
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    I just had a very long conversation with the fine folks at XS. Here is the bottom line:

    If you are going to do target shooting, get a three dot system of some sort.

    If you are going to do combat shooting, get the XS big dots.

    I am going to be installing the XS big dots on all my Glocks. I do not target shoot with them. If I ever had to use them, it would be in a combat situation. I even started doing the IDPA type of shooting and it is more a matter of quick target acquisition versus hitting 5s all the time. IPSC is a slightly different animal.
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