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This is a discussion on Having some trouble..... within the Defensive Carry Guns forums, part of the Defensive Carry Discussions category; rodc13 has it right.I noticed how thick my xd9sc was after a month.XXLT shirts as he describes work great.A good belt,in my opinion,is more important ...

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Thread: Having some trouble.....

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    rodc13 has it right.I noticed how thick my xd9sc was after a month.XXLT shirts as he describes work great.A good belt,in my opinion,is more important than the holster with the xd.

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    I like some of the Glock suggestions, but I'm more of a Glock 26 person in the summer... it's my most recent addition, but it's very compact and little, and utterly reliable. You can carry it in a SmartCarry, or an easy OWB holster with jeans and a t-shirt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mrhutch View Post
    try it at about 3:00-3:15. my xd .45 compact tactical all but disappears in my m-tac. i had to adjust the cant a little, but it works great. if you can't conceal it under a t-shirt, you need a bigger t-shirt. a good belt with baggier pants helps too.
    I agree with this. I conceal my XD45 SERVICE pistol (no compactness at all) and I have to tuck my shirt!

    Only time I get a faint print is when I bend down.

    The trick is to wear at 3:15 to 3:30 position with the clips adjusted for maximum forward cant of the gun. That means the rear most clip is in the top most adjustment hole and the forward clip is set to the bottom most adjustment hole. Larger shirt and slightly baggier pants do help.

    This forward cant places the gun higher up away from your waist and the butt of the gun is more centered so it doesn't protrude to the rear.
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    I can carry a M&P 40c in a MTAC at 4:30 in tight, light weight summer T-shirts with barely a print to the trained eye. My EDC rig is a Custom Carry Concept Versaclip IWB appendix for my 40c which is just as inconspicuous in tight shirts.
    The M&Pc is just about the same dimensions as the XD sub give or take a half an inch length/height. I think if you just play around with the M-Tac some more you may find the sweet spot.
    You may just be your toughest critic and arent printing as bad as you think you are. Are you using the grip extension or the flat mag plate???

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    I have a G19 and an XD45C (w/10 rd mag) which are almost identical in size and conceal virtually the same. I think our individual builts may dictate what we have to wear or even the type of CCW might work best for each of us.

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    Yeah, I'd try it at about 3:30 and see how that works. A good belt is must as well and you may need to fiddle around with the different cant positions. I don't carry with just a t-shirt personally (if I did I'd wear one a little big) as I wear button-ups, but I have a friend who can conceal his fullsize XD with one.
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